Generally, the diet of a normal adult chooses various types of food to supplement the nutrition in your body according to your own age, work characteristics, season, and other circumstances. People in the north need to focus on positive food, people in the south need to focus on negative f


In the spring, the earth is full of livelihood, the body's qi and blood are smooth, and the functions of the organs of the whole body are easy to restore. It is advisable to help the body's righteousness and remove excess substances that the body has included in the winter. Spring is susceptible to wind evil, five elements are wood, weeping in the wind, hurt eyes, sour taste, irritability, liver and gallbladder, so in the spring should be used to clean up liver and gallbladder health products. In the spring, yang rises, and patients with high blood pressure are prone to disease. At this time, it is not advisable to eat hot and hot food to prevent blood pressure from rising and dry stools. You can use light green vegetables and fruits such as water chestnuts and duck pears. .