Jane Wilde Talks with Captain Jack

Jane has really become a star in the adult industry over the past couple of years. I interviewed her in 2018 when she was new to the industry then had a chance to talk to her almost exactly a year later, last August.


Now, she has her biggest release to date coming out and there are some pretty big firsts for her in this one! Through her meteoric rise through the adult industry, Jane has remained a humble and kind woman. She is a great person to talk to and I am so happy for her success!

Captain Jack: We’ve talked a couple of times now but now you have your showcase coming out, Jane’s Anal Addiction!

Jane: I do have the big showcase coming up on March 2. It’s coming up so fast and it doesn’t feel real fully. I think once everybody sees all of these scenes and people can digest it is when I can be ‘ok, this is real and awesome’ but for now, I’m just going through life.

CJ: How did the collaboration with Jonni Darkko come about?

Jane: We started talking about it in September. Around August, I started having ideas that I wanted to do like my first blowbang. And I was thinking about what scenario or who I wanted to shoot it for and I just thought of Jonni because we have such a good synergy when we work together. We just really click; he as the director just makes me the best performer that I can be. It was a no brainer for me to do my first blowbang for him. Then I had been thinking about it and I really wanted to try doing double anal as well. It was just something I was thinking about because I really love DPs so I wanted to see if double anal was something that I’d enjoy. I presented the idea to him but I was the one who came up with the idea of making it a feature and include two other scenes and make it really nasty and crazy. He was, ‘Yeah, let’s do that. You’re ready!’ So, hearing that, it motivated me. I thought of the cast; I already had ideas. We solidified it and then we started shooting, came up with the name and it all came together perfectly!

CJ: Yeah, I really love the title!

Jane: Jane’s Addiction was a band that I’m a fan of. I came up with a bunch of different titles and all of them either sounded cool or were a play on words. I came up with this one because it’s funny and it grabs people’s attention. It’s interesting. I gave him a list and he picked this one. This is it.

CJ: What makes Jonni different than other directors?

Jane: For me, I really enjoy nasty, gonzo porn, the real filth factor and being able to show off what I can do and my skills as an anal performer. I feel the way he captures it…the makeup artists that he uses are so good, the lighting and the outfits that he picks and the teases, the way they’re shot and the music which he writes himself. It’s incredible. All of that combined creates a product which is my personal way to be captured. I love so many directors and they’re work but there’s just something about working with him that makes me feel unstoppable.


CJ: You did your first blowbang in that. How was that?

Jane: I did my first blowbang with 7 guys. It was very intense. I loved it! At first, it was kind of hard because I’m not going to lie, I’m not the best deep throat in the world, but I think the guys which Jonni picked for it were really good and capable. And they all had really big dicks which is why I struggled. (laughs) Not that there’s anything wrong with that because I really wanted to challenge myself and take them all the way. It’s about trying and being that nasty to suck 7 dicks at once and suck off 7 guys. It was a great experience.

CJ: What is it about the blowbang that you loved so much? Was it the submissive part? Was it having 7 guys’ attention all on you?

Jane: It was all of those things combined. It was getting to be really nasty in front of the camera and do something that I’ve been watching and thinking about for a while that was really fulfilling. Yeah, being submissive and serving 7 guys at once. I’ve never done anywhere near that. The most guys I’ve ever worked with at once is two. It was definitely a great experience to have those guys’ attention on me and just make me a really filthy whore.

CJ: I love how you get sloppy in it too. That’s awesome!

Jane: Yeah, it’s really sloppy! Jonni likes to use Spunk Lube and he poured it down my throat and made me deep throat with it. It basically explodes from my mouth when I’m sucking the cocks. That was fun, it’s something unique. I actually forgot about this story until right now but the first time I ever saw a Jonni Darkko scene it was with Adriana Chechik who is one of my favorites. Every time the guy would take his dick out of her ass, this white goo would come out of her ass. I was so fascinated because I never saw that before. For some reason, I thought that she was cumming from her ass. It sounds so stupid when I’m saying it right now but I thought it was a unique thing that only she could do. I thought, ‘Oh my God! How does she make that white stuff come out of her ass!’ And then I realized it was Spunk Lube. But for a while, I really thought that she was special. She is special but she doesn’t come from her ass.

CJ: She is special, she’s like a force of nature. You had a scene with Adriana in the showcase, was it hard to keep up with her?

Jane: I would say, yes, definitely because, as you said, she’s an amazing performer and she’s so good at so many things like deep throating, dirty talking, being nasty, being sexy, taking the dick in all of her holes, squirting… I wasn’t trying to keep up with her per se’ but I did want to not be in awe of her the entire time, even though I was. I wanted to show off my skills as well and challenge each other. I feel like I succeeded in that but it was hard because I wanted to watch her the entire time.

CJ: Who was the guy in the scene with you?

Jane: We had Jessy Jones in the scene. He’s my friend and he has a huge dick. And he can get really nasty like that as well. I thought it would be a good idea to have him in the scene. It paid off a lot because we wanted the scene to be not so much about the theatrics but an experience for the viewer could actually be in the room with us. It wasn’t POV but it was more than just watching three people fuck. It was like we were talking to the viewer and I think we did a pretty good job with that.

CJ: Then there’s also a scene with one of your best friends Paige Owens.

Jane: That scene was great. She’s a great performer. She gets super nasty like me so it was a no-brainer to include her in the showcase. At first, I just thought that it was going to be a lesbian anal scene because I wanted to have a variety of scenes but it was Jonni’s idea to bring Rob Piper into the mix. I’m so glad he did because all three of us together had such great chemistry and a great connection. And it turned out to be one of the best scenes I’ve ever done.

CJ: Finally, the big news, you do your first double anal! How was that?

Jane: It was amazing, I’m not going to lie. I was pretty nervous and I haven’t been nervous about a scene ever! I’ve been nervous for a handful of scenes this year because I’m starting to take it to the next level in terms of hardcore content that I’m doing. Certain scenes you get nervous because it’s a big deal for a big company or you’re doing a big sex act. I was nervous because it was the last scene and it was the most challenging physically. Everybody is going to see this but we did double anal in the first fifteen minutes of the scene. There’s a pretty long solo scene at the beginning. That being said, once the guys are on the screen, we’re doing double anal within the first five minutes. The double anal was with Markus Dupree and John Strong. Markus told me before the scene, ‘Baby, if you want to do the best type of scene, I promise, skip all the bullshit and we’ll go into double anal as quick as possible.’ I trust him because he’s given me some of my best scenes. I literally say in the scene, ‘Oh my pussy is not going to be empty anymore! Put it in my pussy!’  And John said, ‘No, baby, I want to put it in your ass!’ and Markus was already in my ass. I felt like it was such a genuine reaction and then I ended up loving it so much throughout the scene. I can’t wait for everybody to see it. I feel like it’s definitely the best scene that I’ve ever done.

CJ: Did you have to prepare differently for double anal than for regular anal?

Jane: No. (laughs) I didn’t have to prepare differently. I stretch my ass with a toy. Jonni usually has some really good toys in his bathroom so I used those. Then I usually end up fisting myself. For some reason, my own hand feels so comfortable in my ass. It just fits naturally. You either can physically do it or you can’t. I find the best way to prepare for it is to fist yourself. I didn’t really prepare for it. I just wanted to try it. And if I could do it, then we’re going to do an amazing scene. And if I couldn’t, then we’d cut. I did it and it worked and it was perfect.

CJ: Which felt better, the double anal or the double vag?

Jane: I only did a double vag for 2 minutes. I never thought that I would ever even do it because my pussy is really tight to the point where if I take really big dicks, it gets uncomfortable or sore really fast. So I wasn’t planning on doing it at all but after doing double anal for 10 minutes something just came over me where I felt like such a slut that I just wanted to try double vag. I wanted to see what it would feel like. I guess it was an experiment and I knew the guys would get really turned on from seeing me do all these nasty things. I have Jonni to thank for that because I definitely wouldn’t have been inspired to push myself to that level had I had not known that it would be this amazing movie that people would want to see so badly. It wasn’t the most comfortable because, as I said, my pussy’s really tight so I did it for 2 minutes and then I’d rather just get DP’d.

CJ: Do you think you’ll ever do double anal again?

Jane: I wouldn’t say it was a one-time thing but I also don’t have any plans to do it again any time soon. I would say it’s mostly up in the air. If I find a situation or a scene or a director that I feel like I want to do it for, then I will do it. But I don’t have any plans right now.

CJ: You still have to do a gangbang, are there any plans for that in the future?

Jane: Again, I wouldn’t say one or the other. I definitely have plans. I want to do it. I just don’t know when I don’t know who I want to be in it, I don’t know what company; I don’t have any specific idea in my head yet. For all I know, I might want to shoot that for my own content. If I did that, I would hire a director and cameraperson and hire all my favorite male performers and just have them fuck the shit out of me but I don’t have any plans right now.

CJ: You are an anal queen, do you prefer anal to vag?

Jane: On-camera I do, in my personal life I prefer vag just because the whole prepping process especially not eating is kind of annoying on my body. But if it’s for a scene and it’s on-camera and I know people are going to watch it and enjoy it, then I don’t mind the process. And I love the act myself. I do it sometimes off-camera but mostly on-camera because it’s more convenient.


CJ: I also just saw you and Paige in Oil For Days directed by Pat Myne. How was it being covered in oil like that?

Jane: I love oil scenes! I think I’ve only done oil scenes directed by Pat and I’m ok with that because I think he’s the best director who shoots those types of scenes. He loves those types of scenes so his enthusiasm makes me enjoy it more and makes me more excited to do it. And I just shot another scene for him with Rob Piper for Bang. It’s really crazy. It’s not as much oil as usual but the content itself is crazy. Getting back to Oil For Days, being covered in oil was amazing and it just got so filthy I couldn’t believe it. I deep conditioned my hair before the scene and after it, my hair was really soft.

CJ: In the BTS, I think he said he used 49 bottles of oil.

Jane: It’s so many! But we don’t keep track. He just has so many and Ramon, who was the male performer, he and Markus are so good at using a ton of oil and just constantly pouring oil during the entire scene. It never really gets dry per se’. You’re always constantly dripping and spraying oil everywhere.

CJ: I talked to you after the nominations came out in November and you were humbled by your Performer of the Year nomination. Has it finally set in that you’re one of the top porn stars in the world?

Jane: Thank you. No. (laughs) I don’t think it will actually ever set in for me. If I reach the level that I’m at and I still don’t feel any different, I challenge myself to think about when will I feel different and hopefully I won’t because I like being grounded. I am a person outside of the porn industry and anything can happen. Maybe one day I won’t be able to shoot anymore and I’m still valid no matter what I did in this industry, with or without it. But it feels good to get the recognition and I don’t have any plans to stop. I have bigger things planned this year so we’ll see what happens.

CJ: You are also on the cover of another Evil Angel release, Ass Wide Open. That is one of the sexiest shots I’ve ever seen!

Jane: Thank you so much. I love working for Aiden. We haven’t shot together since November 2018 when I was way newer so to shoot with him again was awesome. He said I was getting the cover spot and I was honored. He actually asked me out of the series of photos which one I liked the best. There was just something about that one that I knew people would like. The eyes are very seductive.

CJ: A month ago, you were signing for Evil Angel in Vegas. How was it seeing all your fans? You had lines all week long!

Jane: Oh, I don’t think I had a line for all 4 days but thank you so much. It was amazing. It was probably, to be honest, the only part of AVN I really enjoyed. Obviously, the awards were fun but as far as the convention days go, I’m not really a party person and I only like mingling to a certain extent. I would rather just meet fans and take pictures with people because it’s more fun to meet the people who think my work is valid. There’s a lot of people in the world who jerk off to porn and enjoy it but there’s not a lot of people who care enough to go to AVN and take a picture with me or have me sign a photo. And there’s even less people who do that and know who I am because a lot of guys just come up and ask for a signed photo and then, ‘By the way, what’s your name?’ (laughs) The people who came up and were actually a fan and had DVD covers, those people make it worth it for me. I really enjoy performing directly for them. When I talk to the camera in my scenes, those are the people I’m talking to.

CJ: And how can the fans follow you on social media?

Jane: On Twitter, I’m @JaneWildeXXX. Instagram is @WildeSexual_ and my backup account is PrincessJaneWilde and I have a video as proof. I post the names of the account because people can’t be trusted nowadays. If it has 2000 followers, then it’s not my account and I won’t ask you for money! Also, if you sign up on the Evil Angel website and put in the discount code Jane, you get a 50% discount!



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