'Blue Eyes White Dragon': Amber Luke Talks Tattoos, AltErotic

The 24-year-old Amber Luke, who was born and raised in New South Wales, tells AVN she connected with AltErotic—the blossoming counter-culture brand from veteran adult performer/entrepreneur Sascha Koch—through Instagram.


LOS ANGELES—The brand ambassador works as a body piercer in her home city of Brisbane, Australia, and is known for her tattooed blue eyes.

“Sascha hit me up probably about six months ago or something and we’ve just been chatting ever since,” Luke says. “And he was like, ‘Look, I want to fly you out here. I want to do shoots with you. I want you to be a brand ambassador for AltErotic. And I was like, ‘OK, why not.’ So, here I am.”

Luke collaborated with AltErotic production ace Ivan in LA in April, shooting various promotional content that is being rolled out now on the company’s brand new YouTube channel “Tattoo Addiction” and their official Instagram page The trip marked Luke’s first time in LA.

“I absolutely love it,” Luke says. “It’s quite different to Australia in terms of scenery obviously, the people, the culture. It’s crazy.”

Luke, who plans to return to LA in July, has been modeling off and on for the past eight years but only recently started appearing on video.

“I did a few nude photoshoots and stuff back home over the years, but mainly on-camera stuff here,” she says.

Ivan, the 2016 AVN Award-winning Best Web Director, captured Luke in a series of teases, getting tattooed and also masturbating during her first round of AltErotic shoots.

“For now we’re just doing solos and possibly light girl/girl stuff that’s softcore,” Ivan tells AVN. “Almost every day she’s been tattooed. She’s been running around from tattoo artist to tattoo artist.”

Ivan notes that Koch recently became a certified tattoo artist and has a tattoo parlor in the AltErotic studio; the company also works with North Hollywood-based artist

Luke says her mission is “to get the brand name out there and spread the word about AltErotic.”

“Let them know that it’s a great company, especially to work for. But it’s also a great company in general to get good content,” she adds.

She says she’ll be the AltErotic brand ambassador “for as long as they’ll have me.”

“When she comes back Mario offered for her to do body piercing at his shop,” Ivan says. “So I’m like, fuck it I’ll let her pierce something that’s not going to hurt on me. Maybe like another earring or something. And I’ll get a first tattoo from Mario.”


Luke says she’s been doing body piercing for about a year, working on referrals and through connections on social media such as instagram and Faecbook, where she has more than 9000 followers.

She helped customers with issues with their Apple products before that as a technical support specialist.

“I was providing technical support over the phones for MacBooks, iPods, iPads, iPhones—you name it,” Luke says, noting that she went through a “grueling” three weeks of Apple training.

Now that AltErotic has raised her profile, she says she’s now being contacted by other photographers in Australia to do paid photoshoots.

“And it’s awesome because the photoshoots I did before were free,” she adds. “This has brought on new opportunities already.”

While there are plenty of male performers inquiring about shooting with Luke, for now she is not interested in boy/girl content.

“The first day we shot we were like, ‘Oh my god, look at these pictures,’” Ivan says. “We couldn’t wait to post them because they looked so amazing. Her face, the tattoos, the eyes, everything.”

Speaking of Luke’s eyes, she has gotten used to the questions about how she achieved the look two years ago in what was a delicate and risky procedure.

“I get that all the time,” Luke says. “When I got them in the first place it was a last-minute decision. I wanted black eyes, but my body modification artist convinced me to go blue. Essentially, it’s a vegan ink that’s injected into your eyes. You get four syringe injections per eye.

“The syringe is about that big—nail to nail. It stays in your eyeball for about 10 seconds per injection. If you move, blink or flinch while that syringe is in your eye, you instantly go blind.”

She continues, “I was blind for three weeks after the surgery. My procedure wasn’t done correctly. He went too deep into the eyeball and put too much ink into my eyes.

“So for two days my eyes were leaking ink. So I was crying blue. Everyone else who I’ve spoken to in Australia who’ve had their eyeballs done only had two to three days worth of healing. And that’s how I know my procedure wasn’t done correctly because mine took three weeks of being blind.

“So I know for a fact that he didn’t do it correctly. But I’m just lucky that nothing’s affected me yet.”


She estimates her body is about 90 percent covered with various ink.

“I’ve tried to make it personal, my own personal style—what I am I trying to project on my body,” Luke explains. “The mandalas and the pretty flowers and the patterns and stuff are all sacred geometry. Like the flower of life patterns I have on me. I have that pretty much all over my body.s

“I think it’s just a beautiful thing, the flower of life pattern. It’s just gorgeous. And then I also have a combination of that with satanic tattoos because I’m a satanist.

“And don’t get scared. I don’t do animal sacrifices and I don’t do blood sacrifices or anything like that. I’m a LaVeyan Satanist, which means there’s 11 satanic rules of the earth, which I follow. It’s simple things like do not disrespect your elders, give respect to those who deserve it. Give it back… And I have put satanic tattoos all over my body because it’s a part of me and I think it’s important not to lose that, especially in today’s society.

“A lot of people are very judgmental and they’ll say exactly what is on their mind and sometimes you’ve just got to take a step back [and say], ‘Well, that’s your opinion. But this is me. And you can’t dissuade me from me.’”

“I have a couple videos on there of me discussing general questions and answers—and questions about my eyeballs,” she says, adding that her friends call her “Blue Eyes White Dragon” because she also has a split tongue.

Luke calls her split tongue “very gnarly.”

“I can eat spicier foods now because I’ve lost a little bit of sensation in my tongue, just the tiniest bit,” she says. “But I can actually stand hot food now instead of my mouth going on fire.

“Because I like the taste of spicy food but I just could never handle it. So when I got my tongue split, obviously it fucks around with your tastebuds a little bit.

“I still have a little bit of a lisp, but that’s because I have vampire teeth now and I’m only getting used to them. I got them yesterday. They’re retractable so you can put them in and out.  … Sometimes I stab my bottom lip because they’re quite sharp…They’re dental acrylic.”