Losing Virginity After Joining Got Work - First Time Erotic Stories

Sian got her job while working in a pub after interviewing with manager Jon she goes in-room or starts rubbing her pussy


Sian is a 19-year-old girl who has long wavy purple hair that goes down to her shoulders, she has lovely blue eyes, red cherry lips with a lovely natural tan on her face and arms. Sian is 5ft 6 inches very slim body with a nice flat stomach, long slender legs.

Sian has just got a new job working at a pub, when she had her interview, she was interviewed by one of the duty managers Jon, and they went through all the necessary questions. In the interview, Jon could not help but look at her nice petite boobs which were held in place by what he could tell was a red lacy bra that was pushing them up.

Jon is very tall at the height of 6ft 6inches, short brown hair that is jelled up, he is very skinny but has quite big muscles that show through his tight-fitting shirt.

He finally gets his head back in the game and finishes the interview. At the end of the interview, he tells her that she has the job and that she needed to come into the pub the next day to do her induction training on the office computer.

When Sain has been at home she has not been able to get Jon out of her head and always gets hot and flustered at the sight or thought of him. She goes up to her room and lays on her bed fantasizing about how hot it would be to have Jon make love to her and how good it will feel to have him inside of her. She slowly reaches into her underwear and slowly starts to rub her slit and clit, she then pulls her skirt and underwear off and looks at her pussy in the mirror wither her little bit of pubic hair nicely trimmed into a triangle.

She slowly inserts one of her fingers thinking it is one of Jon's long fingers, she starts to finger herself faster and faster rubbing her clit with the other hand, as her hips buck up and down uncontrollably and she keeps on mouthing Jon's name. as she has cummed so hard she lays on the bed panting heavily, she then goes to the bathroom and cleans herself up.

As Sian has progressed through her career after her first year at the pub, she gets promoted up to duty manager the same as Jon, before she can open the pub or close the pub, she must do a few shifts with Jon or other managers, Sian askes to do all her training shifts with Jon as she really likes him, and he is particularly good at explaining how to do things.

Sian has a hidden agender as to why she only wants to work with Jon, as she is trying to come up with a plan on how to get Jon to have sex with her as she can tell that He has a thing for her the way he flirts with her and keeps on giving her a hug when she starts her shifts.

She came up with a plan that she will put into action when she opens the pub in the morning with Jon, she is going to wait for him to do a toilet check to wither her and she is going to kiss him and see what happens, so that night she has a shower and shaves her legs and shaves her pussy so it's nice and freshly shaven for Jon to give it to her.

Morning came around and she got to the pub before Jon and was waiting for him to open the pub, she had butterfly's in her stomach as she was getting a bit nervous when they get in the pub at 6 AM he locks the doors behind them and they are locked in, they put their bags in the office and do the pub check and when they go into the male toilets she asks him a Question about opining the Pub and when he turns to her she kisses him catching him off guard.

To her surprise he starts to kiss her back and they are making out in the toilets, he then asks her if she is a virgin and she nods his eyes go wide and he then kisses her with an open mouth and their tongues dancing in her mouth, he asks her if she wants him and she nods really quickly, he lifts her up and sits her on the side of the sinks and pulls her top off reviling the red lacy bra that holds her 32B boobs in which is the same one as she wore in her interview, he then unclips her bra reviling her nice rounded tits with pointy light pink nipples.

Sian takes off Jon's shirt and he pulls her tight black jeans off to his surprise she was wearing a red lacy thong that goes with her bra. Jon's eyes burn with lust and cannot believe what he is seeing she then pulls his black jeans down reviling black boxes which have been made into a big tent shape, he then pulls her red Thong down and sees her naked glory.

He slowly opens up her legs revealing a wet light pink slit he then gets 2 fingers and slowly spreads her lips apart and it is the most beautiful view he has ever seen, he brings his finger up to her small exposed clit and starts to rub it slowly and she jumps at his touch, and she tells him that it feels nice and to keep doing it but instead Jon removes his finger and replaces it with his tongue and licks and lightly sucks her clit into his mouth and she starts moaning loudly and bucking her hips up and down and she cums quicker than she has ever done before.

As she tries to get her breath back Jon gets up and says that she is ready and he removes his boxers and her eyes go wide as she did not realize how big he was and she was worried it would split her in two she asks him how big he is and her reply's 8 ½ inches, he reassures her and says that it will fit, and she will be fine and that he will go slowly. He brings his fat head of his cock up to the opening of her pussy and he slowly but with some force pops the head in and she winces in a little pain.

He then stops at just the tip letting her get used to his girth, he then pushes in further and when he reaches her hymen he stops and lets her get used to his cock and he leans in and kisses her and as he kisses her he pulls out and slow but with some force pushes in breaking her hymen and stopping when he is balls deep in her he can feel some tears running down her cheeks from her eyes and he just rests there so she can get used to him.

When she is ready he pulls out and then pushes back in and Sian is moaning in a little pain but mostly pleasure, and he starts to pick up the pace moving faster and deeper on every thrust and she is bucking her hips up and down and trying to open her legs wider to allow him more depth in his thrusts, as she is about to cum Jon cums really hard and fast that it sends Sian over the edge and he can feel her pussy contract and try and push him out as she tries to squirt.

They then kiss passionately with his cock still in her and he can feel her contracting around his cock. He then removes his cock and they both look at the pool of a mixture of them cum and the blood from her hymen, they clean up and put their clothes back on and finish opening the pub.


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