Met A Stranger In The Mall - Erotic Short Stories

Today I met with a stranger in the mall - Jon? I thought you were that. God, I haven't seen you forever. How are you doing? You look fit, have you worked out again? Marge says you go on cycles with that. I couldn't, in no time I'd be ballooning out.


Faces or Names

I'm forgetful. Not everything, just names, and faces. I've always been this way.

My wife, Marge, swears I'd forget her if I didn't see her several times a day.

She might be right - even though we've been married 21 years.


One day I was at the mall looking at Henley shirts (I particularly liked the Forest Green) when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned, and this beautiful brunette with hazel eyes said; "Jon? I thought that was you. God, I haven't seen you in forever. How are you doing? You look fit, have you been working out again? Marge says you go on cycles with that. I couldn't, I'd balloon out in no time."

She finally took a breath, so I held her at arm's length and did a quick up-down scan.

"I don't know what you're doing, but what I can see looks pretty good."

She slapped me on the chest and gave me one of those 'don't stop now' smiles.

She slipped an arm through mine and we wandered around - with her chattering the whole time - until we came upon a bar and grill.

"Oh, let's get a drink, shopping makes me thirsty."

I started to beg off, but she insisted, sure that Marge wouldn't mind.

Well, one drink led to two more, and the next thing I know she's insisting I come up to her hotel room for another drink.

I started ... but she cut me off; "It's okay, Marge won't mind."


Her hotel was in the same complex as the mall, so it was just a short walk and a quick elevator to the sixth floor and down a hall.

Inside she offered me another drink and then said she was going to get comfortable'.

I sat and sipped my drink and looked around. It was really a suite, with a separate bedroom and bath. I waited for about fifteen minutes when I heard the bedroom door click open, and turned. "Jesus!"

She was in the thinnest piece of material I had ever seen (and Marge has worn some pretty sheer things). It threw just the pinkest cast to her almost flawless skin - she had a small mole just below her left breast.

Her breasts were perfect cones culminating in pink nipples that were poking the material as hard as my cock was suddenly poking my pants.

Her waist tapered in and then flared to her hips in an hourglass shape that I've only seen once before.

I had to force my eyes up to her face, I wasn't sure what was going on, but pretty sure I wasn't going to complain.

She had touched up her makeup, applied some kind of wonderful scent, and fluffed her hair.

Believe me, she was beautiful.

"Do you like what you see now?"

My eyes scanned her again. This time she stood with parted legs, and I could see her vagina, a small trip of hair pointing the way.

I looked farther, her legs were the things a man's dreams are made of. "Jesus."

She laughed; "What's the matter, pussy got your tongue?"

She slipped onto my lap, tilted my head up, and laid a gentle, exploratory kiss on my lips.

My hands quickly found those cones of desire, even as our kisses got hotter and more frantic. Soon she'd shed the cover and had me sucking on first one tit then the other. Meanwhile, she was bucking and grinding on my trapped cock. It was truly getting painful.

Suddenly she jumped up, pulled my shirt off, then my shoes, socks, pants, and underwear, almost in one move.

She gave my cock a quick lick and kiss, and then she pulled me up into another long hug and then led me to the bedroom.

She sprawled out on the bed; "Show me how much you like what you see."

I didn't need a second invite. I spread her legs wider and kissed both thighs just above the knees. That brought her first moan.

I continued up, alternating side to side until I reached their junction.

It was highlighted by a thin strip of soft hair. It hadn't been trimmed but was naturally thin and fluffy.

What a beautiful pussy! Just a perfect rose pink on the lips, but as those opened, deeper shades, altering even as I watched as she got more excited. Instinctively my tongue took long sweeps all the way from her taint to her clitoris, stopping just shy of it. Again she moaned, this time adding; "Oh yes, so right ..."

God, that pussy was sweet, like honey-covered strawberries. I was in heaven and didn't want to leave. Eventually, I was licking and sucking everything and everywhere, from her cute clit down to her perfect (of course) pink asshole.

She jumped when my tongue hit it the first time, but was pushing me hard against it by the third.

I redirected myself to her clit once again, but she pulled me up; "God no. I can't take more of that. I want to feel your cock now."

But I hadn't finished yet. Instead of just ramming in, I teased my cockhead all up and down her cleft. I even poked her butt hole a couple of times (Just a little nudge. Testing so to speak.) This time she moaned; "Jesus!" So I knew she was at least open to some anal penetration.

But right now it was her pussy calling me. I dropped back down for one quick taste, and while she was still shivering slid my cock home.

Damn! That was the tightest tunnel I've been in twenty years!

She clamped down on my dick so hard that if she wasn't so juicy I wouldn't have been able to move. So I gave her a deep sloppy kiss, delivering a huge taste of her own pussy. Her arms tightened around me and her legs lifted to clamp against my sides. Her heels dug into my ass, urging me on like a rider on a horse.

I pushed in until I could feel her cervix, then pushed a tad more. She arched up urging me deeper, at the same time whispering in my ear; "God she was right, you are good."

"More," she whispered; "give me more, this is sooo good. Fuck me, Jon, show me how good you really are."

Hell, a challenge like that? You bet I did. I don't know how long we went, but we fucked almost every way possible.

I was in a zone: my cock hard as a rock, a beautiful woman to fuck, and I couldn't cum.

It was like my body had willed I was going to make the most of this opportunity.

We started with me on top, fucking her deep and slow. Then she rolled us over and sat up, riding my cock like a crazy woman. She looked like one by now, her hair flying everywhere, makeup smudged, and a wild look in her eyes matched by the feral groans and moans she made.

After a while, I flipped her off, tuned her to her knees, and slid back into her still silky, but just a little looser cunt. I had her by the hips and now I pounded into her at a steady pace, the sound of Santana'sDevil Woman' setting the timing.

She was scrabbling against the sheets, her hands gripping and releasing to the beat I was setting. No longer was she speaking, just mumbling and drooling, quivering and shaking.

Suddenly she just froze - not moving, maybe not even breathing, until she screamed and came. It the most primeval sound I've ever heard.

Suddenly one leg shot straight back and began shaking, almost immediately she jerked it back, crushing it to her chest.

She arched her back until she was up against me (so naturally I grabbed her tits and squeezed), and she quivered against me.

She finally took a breath and slumped forward, my cock slipping out of her flowing, gaping, cunt.

"That is some way to spend an afternoon." She finally muttered. "We're going to have to do this again when I'm in town."

"I wouldn't mind, but right now I should get going. Do you mind if I use your shower?"

"Not at all, in fact, I'll join you."

We ended up with me fucking her against the shower wall, her tits in my hand, and me biting her gently on the neck. I pushed my thumb into her ass and that set her off in another groaning orgasm, and damn if I didn't shoot a load as well.

If her knees hadn't buckled as mine did, I'd have popped out, instead, we knelt to the floor and I finished with a slow stoke.

"Thank you," I said; "this was a perfect afternoon."

"I'll agree, this was perfect."


That evening at dinner Marge said; "My sister Georgina called, She's in town for a couple of days on business. She said she ran into you at the mall and that she had a very nice afternoon with you."

I just smiled and nodded and thought to myself;

"Oh, that's who that was."