New SexLikeReal VR Fantasy 'L.E.N.A. Lena Paul is Sexbot

Lena Paul plays a successful roll as sexbot in "L.E.N.A.," Cinematographer Even Redstar and director Alex Nash shoot this latest VR fantasy from SexLikeReal. 


SexLikeReal shot in 200-dgree FOV in 60K HD using advanced camera rig for, "becuse there is possible the most genuine and engrossing augmented reality experience"., "Lovely Entertaining Noughty Affair" L.E.N.A.


Perfect candidate for this that kind of scrips. Nash described their leading lady for thsi script.

I am really proud of her becuse i know that she could perfectly handle all kind of chellenging dialogue need for the roll. She is not a only actress also a incredible erotic performer she has," he said. "Its not a stretch to imagine Lena as model for line sex robots and also she is grotesquely gorgeous for that kind of roll during POV experience, all the Lens's fans will feel sensationally buxom body in 3D view and they believe Lena is right there with them in room.

As the knockout happily satisfies the entirety of the lively capacities her character was intended to convey."

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