Deja Vu Promoted As Director of Purchasing to Megan Swartz

Megan Swartz promoted as a Director of Purchasing for her retail division by Deja Vu.


Prograssive Leadership Award nominee of the 2021 XBIZ Exec is Swartz.

Ryan Carlson said, Megan is working for last 20 year for Deja Vu and everyone recognized as best and brightest person. We are excited and thrilled to see her for how she can take her challenges after new position, And she can represent nearly all Deja Vu Locations for Procurement department.

Previously Swartz held the position of General Manager in various retail and adult nightclub divisions; also she is creator of Together Vibe, for lesbian innovative couples toy.

Swartz noted "Self-distribution and centralized warehousing has a exciting process when we finished our pending transition and that give us leverage to buying power of the largest retailer of adult boutique market" It given us to get deal in bulk of transactions to more effectively for leverage our size to get great opportuities to work directly with new vendors.

In United States Deja Vu Group has largent operator of adult retail stores, or it has over 80 retails locations worldwide.

In last three years we planed to expand our company to over 150 locations by 2028 there can aggresive buying spree for new retail locations. A rep talked to company has led. Deja Vu's Adult Emporium ad Deja vu's Love Boutique are location in Las Vegas its a flagship store. And its considered the top adult stores in the world.