How Could BFF Want This

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My name is Sarah. Me and BFF Cindy lived together, sharing an apartment. It was no problem because I work as nurse and had a night shift and she was a waitress during day.

She'd often stay over late on some days and come home drunk having hopped bars. And she'd go lock herself in the bathroom puking which got me mad. Both because I cared about her and because I needed the bath to get cleaned up before going on shift.

When I came home earlier I saw her browsing internet looking at female models in all kind of poses but many in weird fetishes. I didn't say anything because I was dead tired and needed the bed to sleep.

When I woke up at midnight she was still out drinking somewhere, so out of curiosity I looked at the computer and hit the history to see what she looking at. I mean I honestly thought we were both hetero, but she was looking at these women. Strangely a lot were wearing diapers and sucking on pacifiers. A weird thing, though some were done artistically. I had been in the neonatal and baby wards. But those were babies and up to 2 years old. Sure they wore diapers and pull-ups and the youngest sucked pacifiers, but not women.

I figured she just hit that in some sort of fetish searches but still, all women? I was confused. I didn't say anything but next day, as I came out of the bathroom after getting on my nurse clothes and was fixing my hair, she'd come home late again but was flopped down in front of the computer with many more lesbian porn and when she flipped to a baby-woman video she undid the front of her pants and slipped her fingers under her panties. I couldn't believe it. I stepped back into the bathroom and loudly opened the door and stepped out so she knew I was approaching. She was totally drunk, maybe that was why she didn't even refasten her pants or look embarrassed. I hurried out. But when I got home, I looked on the computer again and sure enough more images, but this time it was all diaper women.

I was really suspicious. Since I had friends in the neonatal and development branches, I brought home some diapers. Just as I thought, Cindy was home and passed out on the bed drunk. She was half undressed, likely falling over while changing into the pajama bottoms she wore at night. Still, this was my BFF, I felt really weird but I was giddy and curious. I mean I never knew about her, and all this interneting seemed new to her. It's been a week or more that this has happened. It really awoke curiosity in me and at least one video gave me ideas where a woman was put into diapers. I really wouldn't have ever thought of it before but this video.. so many hits and comments. It can't be too weird, just something I never knew about.

She was dead to the world but I wondered what would happen when she woke up. It was like I had just done it without thinking, bringing home diapers? I didn't remember taking them. I looked at Cindy and was so nervous, but so curious. Just like a cat drawn in without totally planning ahead how it could go wrong. My hands were shaking but I bent over Cindy, my BFF that I'd known as far as I could remember. Sure we'd teases each other and pranked them, but this time it was much different. I reached down. Her pants where half off after all and she was sprawled. I was just helping so far, right? But why was I sliding off her panties too? She barely noticed but flipped over, showing her bare ass. I swear she was awake, just drunk but she sure looked like she was still passed out.

I've diapered babies a hundred times. I was fast at it. How the hell I got my roommate in diapers so fast, I don't even know. They were pinned on by the time the cat got caught. She woke up and opened bloodshot eyes, staring at me, then looking down at the diapers. I was still bent over finally fastening them. She didn't say a word. I didn't say a word. I was frozen in place, like a deer in headlights. I thought for sure she would murder me or hate me or throw me out of the apartment. But no, she looked back and forth to the diapers and my frozen body then sat up and wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled herself up, kissing me firmly on my lips. She was so aroused and so happy that I'd done what she'd fantasied, putting her in baby clothes. It got worse that night and somehow ended her topless only in diapers and Cindy suckling on a pacifier.

Don't ask me any more. It's just become the normal at our place. A very strange one but we're a couple now, lovers and mom and baby at night.
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