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Quickie very well means Quick Sex, but I am not sure if that is exactly what happens here.

Instead, by using the said Title, I have intended to publish a Short Story, narrated at a Fast Pace, that can serve as a Quick Read.

Though this is the Third Installment in this Series, it is still very much an Independent Tale, and the idea is to continue the same as an Anthology of Random Unconnected Sexual Encounters, with young Neil featuring as the Protagonist.

This is also my First Submission in this particular Category, and I hope that all of you will like the attempt.

Happy Reading!!

Neil was all set to accept the bashing, after getting caught in the act with his girlfriend, at her home, by none other than the lass's elder sister, Katrina.

Fortunately for him, the understanding sibling chose not to make a scene, well aware of the fact that it could ultimately come back to hurt her own family, and instead, decided to sit down with the boy, and talk him out of the love affair.

With the shaken girlfriend asked to lock herself in her room, it was only the horrified lover and the unpleasant sister discussing the matter, in the living room of the latter's residence - This was a rude awakening for the young lad, who had been used to having uninterrupted fun with his girl, and he knew he wasn't liking the lecture.

But, the tables completely turned, when Katrina found out Neil was actually the cousin brother of her superior at work, and the 26 year old automatically lightened her tone!!

A few more moments later, they were amusingly sharing all their thoughts on sports, politics, cinema, relationships, and even sex!!

The provocative topic soon paved way for them to open up on their dirtiest secrets & fantasies, and at one point, Neil admitted to her that he had a thing for footjobs, and thinks about the same when he masturbates.

He further explained that he really found smelly feet irresistible, and also confessed he has often jerked off with his own sister's used socks stuffed in his mouth, and in the process, managing to turn Katrina on, in the most unusual manner!!

It was the first time she was subjected to a very serious fetish story, and it was exciting her in ways she never thought was possible.

Everything was however still perfectly alright, but only until, she blurted that she had been wearing high heels at the office, that day, and her feet would be moist and stinky!!

Katrina did not know if it was the regretful realization that she had made her sister's attractive boyfriend feel a little down, with her dominating confrontation, or whether she was falling for something exceedingly carnal, but what she could surely confirm was that she just had to push her sexy feet onto his face!!

And she did exactly that, the very next second, fully unaware of the reality that she would not be having any control over how this strangely erotic encounter was going to move forward.

To be precise, it was never a case of Neil forcing himself on the 26 year old that the above statement expressed, but the concern was regarding the actuality that Katrina was totally overtaken by lust, in very unforeseen fashion, and there was no denying that this was the normally reserved single woman's raunchiest deed, ever!!

She gladly got herself onto the glass table, in the living room, conveniently adjusting her posture, as the 19 year old licked & sucked her red painted toes.

The filthy aroma of her icky feet, along with the salty taste of her sweat, greatly satisfied Neil's manic obsession, but for the mostly neglected Katrina, the effects were unbelievably extremely venereal!!

She was thoroughly aroused, feeling her special mate's wet tongue feeding on her tiny toes, and she found herself being compelled to direct her free foot towards the teenager's crotch - Without any hesitation, she gleefully rubbed his erect manhood, over his pants, using the rigidness of her heel bone.

The trigger was pulled, and there was no turning back now - The signal was clear, and they both wanted to take the chance!!

In the 10 minutes that followed, Neil licked the bottom of Katrina's feet, bit every inch of flesh on either of her thick long legs, and ate his way up to the sensitive areas of her inner thighs, before luring the working woman into fondling his just freed hard naked cock, with her bare feet, massaging the head of his **** with her toes, and finally giving him a proper footjob!!

The scene rightly ended with the youngster ejaculating on top of her feet, much to her delight, and fulfilling his foot fetish, but what also deserved to be mentioned was that a lot more had happened, in between the time the young man initially pulled his throbbing cock out, and later gloriously jizzed!!

As soon as Katrina had let out a moan, in response to Neil's display of oral affection on her lusty legs, the boy was confident it was not just her sweaty lower limbs that his tongue was going to taste, and proving himself right, he gleefully feasted on the hairy dripping cunt of his possibly future sister-in-law, without having to battle any of her resistance!!

Her grey colored formal skirt easily came down, thanks to the handsome hunk's timely intervention, and she herself pulled down her black cotton panties, even quicker, exposing her hungry love-hole for the youngster to eat.

Katrina groaned loudly, as she felt Neil biting the folds of her pussy, but only proceeded to push his head deeper against her muff, forcing him to greedily clean up her leaking honeypot!!

The highly excited woman happily unbuttoned her tight white shirt, and hastily waving goodbye to her black strapless bra, gladly guided the firm hands of her unexpected partner onto her surprisingly busty melons.

Neil knew he had to change his attention to the upper body of his girlfriend's alluring sister, and he was smart enough to not waste time, as he swiftly groped her milky pair of boobs, sucking her erect nipples, in tandem!!

The office lady was now completely naked, with her 34-26-34 sized curvy body oozing hotness, and her stud too had very comfortably stripped out of his casuals - After all, he was at the location ready to be in his bare form, but never had he imagined it would be anybody other than his lover who would witness him in the nude!!

Katrina bawdily checked out Neil's naked physique, and she knew straightaway why her sister allowed the 19 year old inside their house - She knew what her sister was getting, and she knew she wanted it, as well!!

Grabbing the drenched pair of panties, that still remained on top of the glass table, she had positioned herself on, she hurriedly wrapped the thin soaked material over the teenager's neck, and pulling him closer towards her, she whispered in his ears, to do exactly what he had come there for.

"Fuck Me!! Fuck My Slutty Pussy!!" she almost begged, pushing her tongue out to kiss her younger mate, very well aware of the truth that she was replacing her own sister!!

Neil was more than willing to obey, and satisfy the classical hourglass figured damsel's needs, and he smooched Katrina with a lot of passion, greatly pleasing her, until he abruptly broke the act - But only to proceed to lift her, and carry her to the couch, less than a meter away, and dropping her onto the leathered surface, he swiftly turned her out!!

The starving spinster blissfully pushed her ass out in the air, and just as anticipated, the young dude used his strong palms to spread her shiny butt cheeks wide apart, before slurping the slimy fluids her virgin backdoor offered!!

He instantly felt sexually intoxicated, and he slapped her very fair rear extremely hard, turning her booty red, and almost simultaneously, rammed the entire length of his throbbing 9 inch long chopper inside her rarely touched vagina, from the back, drilling her in the Turtle variant of the Doggy Style!!

Katrina screamed & shouted, with pleasure & pain, but Neil only kept increasing the speed of his thrusts.

She had cum thrice, in under a minute, and she was all set for her fourth orgasm, as she sensed her partner's tool heavily pulsating!!

"You Know What To Do!! Right?!" she questioned, in her regular authoritative workplace accent, and withdrawing his meat out of the stretched hole, he turned her around, one more time, and with a gratified face, stroked his pole, and shot all of his load on the waiting feet of his girlfriend's sister!!

Neil quickly dressed up, and left without uttering another word, half-stunned at his immoral accomplishment, as a stimulated Katrina put her acrobatic skills to test, bending her legs, and licking the fresh white seeds off her own toes, desperately hoping she was taken in many more ways, even as her worried younger sister came asking for forgiveness, perfectly uninformed about what her darling boyfriend had done to her elder sibling!!

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