Yang Meets Mr. Samson

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*This is the first drift. Any mistakes or formatting error will be fixed. Once the whole story is written, I'll be breaking it up into chapters. Any and all feedback is welcomed.*

He grabbed the back of her head, bunching her beauty raven coloured hair in his strong fist. How did she get into this situation she thought as he forced his cock down her throat. She wasn't this, she never even thought about it before last month, now she's in a ripped up lingerie deep throating this BWC. She closed her eyes and drifted into a new part of her mind and remembered how it all started.

The day started badly enough with the storm knocking out all the power causing her to be late for an important meeting, the hotel wake up service never called and she also forgot the USB with the presentation on it for the new clients. She just had to hope they would be willing to meet 35 mins after the appointment time.

She rushed into the office as fast as her heels and skirt would allow. She hoped a little sex appeal would go a long way today. She always knew she was good looking, long slim legs, doublely so in the 4 in heels. Hips, waistline, bust forming the definition of an hourglass figure, her mixed heritage of Chinese and Japanese sure helped that and the outfit to be the cherry on top. The thing she really loved/hated about her appearance was she was short, she cursed and thanks her mother for that. At 5' 3'' most children towered over her but it did have its advantages too.

She saunted to the desk knowing that the eyes of everyone was on her. She wasn't a very sexual activity woman but knew how to use it.

She bent just enough to get the man behind the desk attention, while pushing her ass out to the max. She noticed a small coffee shop in the lobby but unfortunately there wasn't time for that right now.

"Hi, Yang Chen here for a meeting with your accounting department, I know I'm a little late but I was hoping they could still meet today?" She said with enough sweetness to give a candy factory a decent fight.

A man, probably one of the men watching her said, "Ah Mrs Chen, we have very different definitions of a little late."

"It's Ms and mayhaps but I would really like a chance to prove our company's software is better then the one you are currently using. So would that be possible Mr... I'm sure I didn't catch your name."

The man chuckled softly, "My apologies, I'm Mr. Samson, head of the accounting department. You're lucky, my meeting after yours had to cancel and I have a few minutes free. Please come to my office, I've heard great things about your system." As they turned he looked back at the receptionist and gave him a little wink, they both knew what that meant as he picked up the phone.

Yang was jumping for joy inside her own head for several reasons, none as much as she was able to get the meeting but the fact it was with a man, will she knew the deal was done. She was just happy the man was good looking, her last few meetings were all with older men and that made charming them hard in her head. Mr Samson walked just ahead of her, maybe 2-3 steps but that couldn't be helped when he walked like a giant. When they got to the elevator, she barely had to duck to underneath his arm holding the door. She started to get a feel for his height, guess he was about 6'5" maybe 6'6", tall for a White man. The height difference was more apparent once he was in the small elevator. She felt like a child next to him.

He broke the silence first. "So Ms. Chen, did the storm knock your power out too?"

"Oh yes, that's why I'm so late today. Thank you so much for seeing me still." She said with just as much sweetness as before. "You're just lucky my next appointment was cancelled. I'm looking forward to your presentation." Mr. Samson said as his phone vibrated.

"Ah, yes about that" Yang said sounding kinda defeated "I might not have that".

"Mmmh, so late and not prepared, you better be really good with that mouth of your it you're going to convince me to switch to your system." He said with just enough of a tone to be hinting at something but not enough to directly imply anything.

Yang was a little taken aback by that statement, was he implying... no, she was just misinterpreting it, that all, right? "Oh I'm an excellent speaker, I'm sure I can convince you." She said with as much confidence as she could muster.

When they got back to his office, he walked to his chair and gestured for her to have a seat. "I'm okay standing, I feel like a better speaking doing so." She said smiling at the man he would be deciding her fate, just not in the way she expects. He had no issue with this as she started her little improv speech.

"So Mr Samson, how much time do you think the employees actually log into their computer compared to what time they are claiming on their time sheets?" Yang asked the tower that sat in front of her. "Far less then we would like, probably 60% of the time." He said. "So your company is over paying employees for time they are not working, if they even are in the office at all. So our system tracks then your employees sign in to their computer but not in the same way as you might think." Mr. Samson raises an eyebrow. "Go on" he says, his attention on her words and not her body. Yang continues "So our system is two fold, one the new software that determines when an employee logs in and out and the system key card. They are the real key to the whole thing, pun intended. They are made using a patent application. They programmed to send out a unique one time password for that one employee to use along with adding extra security to your company."

Mr. Samson sat there for a minute, thinking. "I can see why your system is in high demand. I'm very impressed. How much would this run us to get installed?"

"Well it depends on how many employees, elevators and floors it would need to be installed in. Most companies similar to this one about 100k" Yang said knowing this was the real make it or break it moment.

"That's a higher price than expected but I definitely can see the benefits of a system like it. I'll have to talk it over with the president, board of directors and head of security. Once that happens we'll be in contact. Would you like me to show you the way out?" Mr. Samson said as he started to get up.

"No, no, that 's quite alright. I look forward to hearing from you. You have my contact information?" Yang said, already screaming, knowing she sealed the deal. 'Yes, I do. Thank you for your time." He said as he sat back down "No thank you for your time" Yang said, giving a little bow before turning around. Yang could just make out the handsome man say as the office door shut "Cute girl". Great now she's almost too embarrassed to think but too excited not to think of the big bonus heading her way. Not to mention Mr. Handsome, she couldn't wait to hear from him soon.

A couple days later she heard back from Mr Samson. He wanted to set up another meeting, to set up the go ahead with the installation. It just so happens that he was flying into her city that evening and was wondering if she was available for a late dinner to discuss this project. While this wasn't uncommon as a method men would use to ask her out, she was extra happy because it was with Mr. Samson. She "checked her schedule" and just so happened to be free, she said as she was wearing a cute little onesie and eating a bag of popcorn. "Great I'll meet you at the Stanley Hotel restaurant in a couple hours." Mr. Samson said as he hung up the phone.

A couple hours? More than enough time to shave legs, shave, do hair, makeup and get dressed. As she started shaving, she thought about shaving somewhere else. While it wasn't a bush it was not as neat as she likes, even if nothing happens. She decided it was worth the time lost and shaved her pussy carefully as not to create any razor burn. Next the shower, lucky she just showered that morning but didn't bother after her evening run. The warm water felt good running down her body, almost as good as the touch of a tone man's hands. Her tiny hands almost automatically started towards her pussy. While never having been with a White Man, let alone dated one, she often found them attractive, more so the tall ones, like Mr. Samson. She broke from her little day dream for a second and quickly reached for her phone, still lots of time for a little private time. As she drifted back to private place, so did her hands. God the things she'd do with a man like Mr. Samson or better yet he would do to her. She heard the stories of White Men and some of her girlfriends confirmed it more than a couple times. She could only picture what he was packing. It didn't take long for her to start orgasming, at least it didn't seem to take long. As the end of the wave run through her, she checked the time again, FUCK, has she been masturbating for 30 mins. She quickly washed and blow dried her hair.

Makeup time, did she go professional or maybe just touch unprofessional? She thought for a minute. The latter it is. She picked just the right shades and colours, she wanted to make her look sexy but not a wanton slut. Underwear was a non thinker, she already did her make for appearance might as well go the whole 10 yards, sheer stockings, black lacy thong with match bra and grater, finishing off with heels to kill, 6 inches should do. Enough to make her legs pop but still nothing compared to Mr. Samson. NO, no time for more of that. Dress was a little problem, the sexy black one they hugged her curves like an over affectionate aunt or the little red one that was a little shorter but showed some of her impressive cleavage?
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