A Young Man & His Maid

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Part 1

"I'll carry it in myself, thank you," Maxwell, the young master of the Moore estate, asserted to one of the household butlers. He had just arrived home from his first academic year away at college. Having grown up surrounded by private tutors, maids, cooks and butlers, his two semesters away had him feeling like a real independent adult. Duffel bag tossed casually over his shoulder, he strode confidently up the steps and into his family's sprawling country home.

Upon his entry Maxwell was greeted by Evannia-- or Eva, as her full Slavic name had been too difficult for him to pronounce as a child. Eva, a maid hired by the family when Maxwell was four years old, had attended to the young master's needs when his mother and father were busy with the family business (which was quite often). As a result, the two had grown very close.

"Max, my boy, welcome home!" Eva exclaimed with open arms.

"Eva!" Dropping his duffel on the floor, Max rushed in for a hug. "I missed you."

"I missed you too, dear," said Eva, rubbing Max's back with one hand and his head with the other. At 6'2" she towered over the young man, whose entire family, including him, was petite and slight of frame. Eva on the other hand was built like a linebacker.

"How was your time at camp?"

As a star member of the college golf club, Max had elected to stay an extra two weeks after classes had ended to attend a spring training camp at a nearby golf & country club.

"It was great! Coach helped me improve my swing, and X Country Club is always nice this time of year," Max beamed.

"Good! No troubles?" Asked the maid.

"No. Well, I guess it would've been nice if everyone from the club could've come." Max answered awkwardly.

"Is that all?" Eva inquired knowingly, eyeing the young master's bloated lower abdomen, visible to her even beneath his collegiate sweatshirt.

A red flush crept up Maxwell's neck and spread across his face. "I, uh... I guess the food could've been better," he admitted. The food had been delicious, but lacking in variety outside of rich dishes that seemed to mostly have been breaded, fried, or wrapped in bacon. As a result, his system had become quite backed up. Eva was well aware of Maxwell's chronically slow bowels. She had the household cooks tailor his diet to aid with regularity, and ****istered appropriate treatment when necessary.

"Did you have any troubles going?" She prodded further.

"Um... yeah," he admitted sheepishly.

"When was your last movement?"

"It was, uh... the day I arrived at camp," he said to his feet. It had been one day shy of two full weeks.

"You must be very uncomfortable. Come with me, young man, we're going to take care of this right now," stated the maid, leading her young master by the wrist.

"N-now?" he stammered.

"Yes. I will have the butlers bring the rest of your luggage up to your room."

The pair entered the main floor bathroom. Designed with entertaining in mind, it was the most luxurious bathroom in the estate other than the master en-suite. With its heated floors, imported marble and live plant wall, the space was very spa-like.

Eva sat down on a plush chaise lounge and patted the tops of her thighs.

"All right, over my lap, bum up," she instructed.

"I'm not a kid anymore," Max scoffed. "I turned nineteen last month!"

"Do you want my help, or not?" asked Eva matter-of-factly. She'd always known about Maxwell's little secret; it was obvious to her that he enjoyed anal stimulation. Rectal temperatures, suppositories, and enemas... she'd witnessed his feeble attempts at hiding his arousal throughout his teenage years.

"Fine," sighed Max as he undressed from the waist down, then d****d his slender frame across Eva's ample lap. She took notice of his growing hardness, barely concealed even when he tugged his sweatshirt down. She found his insecurities surrounding his less-than-average endowment to be adorable.

"That's a good boy." Eva's praise elicited a deepening of the blush that climbed up the back of Maxwell's neck and ears. "Now, just relax for me."

Eva opened the vintage-style first aid box beside her that she'd retrieved from a linen closet on their way to the bathroom. Donning a pair of tight-fitting medical gloves, she opened a jar of her signature cream concoction. The lovely scent of Eva's special cream never failed to comfort Max by bringing back pleasant childhood memories.

With one hand she spread Maxwell's bum cheeks, and with the other she scooped out a generous dollop of her special cream. Using her index finger she gently massaged the cream on and around his anus. Once she felt him begin to relax, she slowly pushed her finger inside.

"Mmn" he moaned softly as her long digit entered him. He flushed an even deeper shade of red when she began to probe around.

"Push out for me, dear," she instructed

"Nnh!" As he pushed, he felt her finger plunge in even deeper.

"There we go," cooed Eva when she came into contact with the large, hard mass lodged in Maxwell's colon. "Hmm... it's very big, no wonder you've been having troubles. You're so plugged up I don't think I'd even be able to get an enema into you. I'm going to need to dilate you for a while if we're ever going to get this thing out."

A second finger joined the first up Maxwell's butt. Eva relaxed and stretched his anus and rectum by making circular motions with her digits. Every once in a while she pulled them nearly all of the way out, then plunged them back deep inside before continuing her massage.

After a few minutes of this, she slipped her fingers out to scoop up more cream. At this point, Max was practically reduced to a liquid state in her lap- clearly the cream's calming agent had taken effect.

This time the maid pushed three fingers into her young master's awaiting butt. She smiled at his breathy moans and the way his rock hard member pressed up against her thigh.

"You're doing so good for me, sweetie. Just a little more."

Slipping her pinky finger in with the rest brought a deeper moan out of him, despite his attempts at silencing himself by burying his face into the chaise and biting down on the hem on his sweatshirt. The squelching of his asshole and his soft little mewls were like music to her ears. She continued working her four digits in, out and all around his ass until she felt him spasm in her lap and his dick pulsate against her leg.

"Oh my," she exclaimed devilishly. "And we've hardly started with your treatment."

Once the young master had calmed down, Eva slid her fingers out of his bottom and replaced the cream-covered glove with a fresh one.

"I'm going to give you some suppositories to soften what you've got stuck up there," she explained while she rummaged about in the box. "Then I'm going to put a plug in you so that you'll stay nice and relaxed back there while the suppositories do their work."

Spreading Maxwell's cheeks once again, she slipped the first suppository up his butt with ease. She made sure it was in as far as possible before adding a second, then a third.

"Do I... really have to wear the plug?" Max asked meekly. Eva knew this attempt at reluctance was all for show.

"Yes. You will keep it in for 30 minutes," she instructed as she gradually worked the large plug into his bottom. "I'll call for you when it's time for you to return for the rest of your treatment. In the meantime, you can unpack your bags and get settled in."

"Ahhn!" Max let out a light gasp when the plug slipped into place.

"You may get dressed now. Be a good boy and keep that plug right where it is."

Part 2

After nearly 40 minutes had passed (Eva purposefully let some extra time go by just to make the young master squirm) she called Max back into the bathroom.

"Did you keep it in the whole time like I asked you to?"

The boy nodded shyly.

"Let me see. You may rest your elbows on the vanity while you show me."

Max removed his bottoms and bent over the marble countertop, fully exposing himself to his maid. The plug was still snugly where she had put it.

"That's a good boy," she cooed. "Now, push it out for me."

Placing her hand just beneath his butt, Eva instructed Max to push. He struggled a little with the widest part of the plug, but otherwise managed to push the toy out and into her hand with little difficulty.

"Very good," she praised as she massaged more cream into his relaxed bottom. "By now your stool should be soft enough for you to push out. Sit on the side of the toilet, please. You may hang on to the counter if you need."

Max positioned himself on the left edge of the toilet seat and leaned against the vanity counter while Eva retrieved a small stepstool from beneath the sink. Plopping herself down on the stepstool next to the toilet, she had full view of Maxwell's bottom.

"I will let you know when to push and when to squeeze. Your stool is very large, so you will likely need a few tries in order for your bum hole to open up for it. You do know what I mean when I say 'push' and 'squeeze', right?

"Um, y-yes," Max could feel the hot flush of his embarrassment radiating from his face and ears. Despite his feelings of shame, his small member stood painfully at attention. He also sensed a peculiar longing for his now empty butt to be filled up again.

"Tell me, please." Eva grinned sadistically.

"Um, okay. Well, um... when you tell me to, uh, 'push', I'll... I'll strain to uh, you know, get it out." Max stammered. "When you say to, uh, 'squeeze', I'll um... tighten... to, um, to pull it back in."

"Exactly! Very good, I'm glad you understand what you need to do," relished Eva. "Now, let's get started with a good push."

The boy strained. Nothing happened.

"Try again," instructed his maid. "A little harder this time."

He strained harder. Still nothing.

"Harder," commanded Eva.

Gripping the sink countertop, Max grit his teeth and pushed as hard as he could.

"Nnnngh!" He felt the familiar sensation of a mass descending into his rectum, giving him a more intense urge to 'go'.

"Good, keep pushing!" Encouraged his maid.

Straining some more, the head of the large mass was finally visible just inside of his gaping hole.

"Very good, you can relax for a moment now," said Eva, gently applying more cream around and just inside of his anus with a gloved finger. "Okay, let's try again. Give me another good push."

Max could feel his ass widening as he strained. Just when he thought he'd encountered the peak of the mass's girth, his ass stretched open a little more. Pushing, straining and stretching, he eventually came to an impasse.

"Now squeeze."

Clenching his butt, Max squeezed his ass in an attempt to pull the mass back up into his rectum, but it wouldn't budge.

"I... I can't get it," he panted.

"Try again," encouraged Eva, but this time she placed her gloved hand on the base of the mass protruding from Maxwell's bottom. "Squeeze it in."

He pulled and Eva pushed until the mass gradually retreated back up into his ass, his anus slowly closing around it.

"Good boy," Eva praised while once again applying more cream. "Let's see if you can push it out further this time."

Max gripped the countertop with white knuckles as he strained and strained, his asshole widening to what felt like an impossible diameter.

"Hhnnnnnggg!" Embarrassing sounds escaped from between his clenched teeth as he shook with effort. "I don't think... I can... get it any farther."

"That was a good effort," praised his maid. "Try squeezing it back in again."

This time he was able to squeeze and pull the mass back up inside of himself without assistance.

"Your poor bum must be getting worn out," Eva cooed as she massaged the boy's dilated anus with more cream. "Let's see if you can push it all the way out this time."

He pushed hard, then pushed harder, and then pushed even harder. Is this what it's like to give birth? He thought as he strained and strained.

"You're doing so well," praised Eva. "Keep pushing."

Max leaned further forward to hang off of the counter, putting his entire body into one last big push.

"Hhnngg-AAAaugghh!!" He cried out as the huge mass emerged from his asshole at its unbelievable full width, sliding out of him and landing with a large splash.

"Very good job!" Praised Eva while her boy hung, panting, from the side of the sink counter. "That must have been very hard on you, but you managed to do it. Now let's get you cleaned up so we can move on to the rest of your treatment."

"The... rest of... my treatment?" panted Max, just as bewildered as he was worn out.

"Yes, you're not done yet. I'm going to give you a few enemas to make sure you're all cleaned out. We don't want to have to do this all over again, do we my dear?"

"No, I... suppose not," muttered the young master. Deep inside he looked forward to his maid's enema treatment; he'd enjoyed her enemas from a young age.

"You go rest on the chaise while I prepare your first enema," she instructed while she cleaned his bottom with a warm cloth.

On shaky legs, Max stood up and went to make his way over to the plush chaise- but before he could even take a single step, Eva effortlessly scooped him up into her strong arms.

"Hey!" he cried out, but did nothing to resist. Even at nineteen he was still much smaller than his maid.

"You just rest up, hon." She plopped him down on his side and went to retrieve the enema equipment from one of the cabinets.

Part 3

Max watched as Eva prepared his enema at the sink. He'd never had any real attraction to girls other than friendships, and had accepted and embraced the fact that he was probably gay years ago... but Eva was different. He really loved her. Not in a romantic way, though. The love he felt for her was more akin to that of a mother figure. In fact, he was much closer to Eva than he was to either of his parents. Perhaps his time away from home had made him appreciate her even more.

"Okay, time for enema number one, " announced Eva, interrupting Maxwell's thoughts as she hung a bulging enema bag from the intricate wall sconce above them. "Back over my lap, please."

Max did as he was told without question or protest. Spreading his cheeks apart, Eva plunged two lubed fingers up his ass with ease.

"Mmm, good, you're still nice and relaxed," she praised as she probed in, out and all around. "I'm going to have to use the big nozzle to keep you from leaking."

Retracting her fingers, she attached a large nozzle with a flared bulbous tip to the end of the tubing and rubbed lube over its surface. She then primed the tube with a few quick pumps of its one-way bulb valve.

"Are you ready?"

"Mmm-hmm," he nodded.

"Mmm-hmm?" she repeated, grinning. "Mmm-hmm what?"

"I'm... I'm ready for my enema," responded the young master, flushed red once again.

"Good boy," Eva praised, and slid the nozzle up his ass in one fluid motion. "Here it comes."

She began squeezing the bulb, slowly pumping hot liquid into her boy's bottom.

"Mmff," Maxwell moaned into the chaise once a few minutes had passed.

"We're halfway there," encouraged Eva as she glanced up at the bag. " Take your enema like the good boy I know you are."

The more she pumped, the more he squirmed in her lap. His hard-on rubbed shamelessly against his maid's leg.

"My poor boy," she cooed, pumping the last bit of liquid into him. "It's okay honey."

"Nn-AAahh!" he cried out in both surprise and pleasure as Eva gripped the base of the nozzle and began to gently move it around. In turn he thrust and rubbed himself against her soft thigh.

"You can let it out," she said softly as she fucked the nozzle in and out with a rotating motion to reach his prostate.

"Aah-ah-AAAAAUGH!" he exploded in her lap.

"What a good boy," she praised quietly, watching his asshole pulsate around the thick nozzle.

"You may use the toilet now," said Eva, disconnecting the tube from the nozzle, which was still buried deep up Maxwell's butt. Scooping him up again, she positioned him on the edge of the toilet and herself on her seat behind him.

"I'm going to remove the nozzle. Squeeze your bum for me," she instructed.

He squeezed as she gradually pulled the bulb-shaped nozzle out of his butt; a small amount of fluid **** out from behind it.

"Okay, you may release."

"Nnnhhh!" The young master's ass gaped open as a big spurt of water came gushing out. It stopped once a large, round mass plugged up his hole once again.

"Aren't you glad I gave you an enema?" Teased Eva. "Now, squeeze it in, then push it out."

The mass disappeared as the boy clenched his bum, and then gradually emerged again when he pushed.

"Hhnnnnnggg!!" Pushing hard, the large mass eventually came out along with another gush of water behind it. The rest of his enema came out with a copious amount of more recent material.

"Good, you're really emptying out," said Eva, cleaning Maxwell's tired bottom. Once he was clean, she carried him back over to the soft chaise. Stroking his smooth face, she looked down affectionately upon her young master. In a way he was the son she never had, however the pair had a special relationship that was outside of familial bounds. She loved him like a mother, but also wanted to please him similar to how a lover would.

"I need to give you another enema. Do you think you can take it, my dear?"

Max nods 'yes' with a grin.

"That's my good boy."

Part 4

Eva didn't retrieve the enema bag and hose she's used earlier- instead, she brought out some different equipment. She returned from the vanity with a large fine China bowl filled to the brim with warm water and a dash of her special relaxing herbal mixture. An enema bulb with a thick, curved nozzle bobbed at the surface of the solution. She sets the bowl on a side table next to the chaise lounge upon which Max was resting.

The enema bulb was much larger than the one Eva had used on Max throughout his childhood- it was almost comically large. Then there was the nozzle: it was as thick as two of Eva's fingers and suspiciously phallic.

"Alright, back over my lap my dear," she says, sitting down on the chaise and patting her thighs.

Max obediently climbs into her lap and rests his arms leisurely over the side of the chaise. Eva fills up the large enema bulb and lubricates its thick nozzle.

"Are you ready for your second enema?" she asks devilishly.

"Mm, yes," Max moans sleepily. Not wanting to disturb the young masters contentment, Eva foregoes her teasing.

"Okay, here it comes." She slipped the thick, dildo-like nozzle up Maxwell's butt with hardly any resistance.

"Mmnnn." Max couldn't help but moan as the thick nozzle penetrated him. It felt amazing.

"Very good, stay nice and relaxed like that for me please," she encourages. "I'm going to start your enema now."

Max felt the warm solution shoot up inside of him as Eva slowly squeezed the bulb.

"Alright, now I need you to squeeze for me," Eva instructed once the bulb was empty. "I'm going to slide the nozzle out of you so that I can fill it up again. Ready?"

Max nodded.

"It's coming out now." Eva slowly withdrew the nozzle from Maxwell's bottom and filled up the bulb once more.

"Are you ready for another dose?"

"I'm ready," responded Max, eagerly awaiting the nozzle that was pressing against his hole to fill him up once again.

"Very good. Here it comes." Eva gently inserted the nozzle all of the way in and squeezed the bulb. She repeated this process three more times until the bowl was empty.

"Good boy, you took all of your enema so well," she praised. "Now I need you to hold it in for ten minutes."

"I... I don't know if I can hold it that long," admitted Max, squirming in his maid's lap.
"Don't worry my dear, I'll help you hold it in." Eva soothed. "I'm going to put the nozzle beck inside of you to help you hold your enema. Would you like that?"

"Y-yes please."

"Alright, here it comes." Eva pushed the nozzle back up Maxwell's bum and held it in place. "There we go."

Reaching around with her free arm, Eva gently massaged Maxwell's bloated belly to calm any cramping.

"You held your enema so well," she praised once ten minutes had passed. "I'm going to slide the nozzle out now, so I need you to squeeze for me. Ready?"

Again, Max nodded.

"I'm pulling it out now." Eva slowly slid the nozzle out of Maxwell's ass and dropped the enema bulb into the now empty bowl. Only a few drops **** out.

"Good boy, keep squeezing that bum for me," she encouraged as she picked up the young master and carried him back to the toilet.

"You may release now," she said as she placed her boy back on the edge of his porcelain throne.

Max felt instant relief as the enema gushed out of him. This one was easier to evacuate than his first, but there was still material inside of him that needed to be flushed out.

"Good boy," Eva praised as she cleaned him up. "I think one last enema should do the trick. Why don't we do this one in the shower?"

Part 5

Eva prepared a makeshift bed out of plush bath sheets in the spacious shower stall, onto which she placed Max. She positioned him on his side with his bottom aimed toward the drain.

Max watched as his maid retrieved more supplies from the cabinet- just how much enema equipment did she have?

This time Eva emerged with a long hose and some sort of valve. She re-entered the luxurious shower stall and began to explain Maxwell's next enema as she went about setting it up.

"This enema is going to come from the shower. This special valve lets me control the water pressure so that I can fill you up nice and slow. It even has a little meter that tells me just how much water I've put into you," she explained as she replaced the little handheld showerhead with the valve.

"This enema is going to be a big one, so you may stay laying down like you are and release right into the drain."

Next she picked up the soft, flexible hose and hooked it up to the valve.

"This enema hose will let me fill you up nice and deep so that we can get you all cleaned out," said Eva as she lubed the entire length of the hose.

"W-wait, you're going to put that entire thing up me?!" Max inquired incredulously, eyeing the intimidating hose. It was nearly as thick as the ones the gardeners used!

"Don't worry my dear, once I get some water into you it will slide in with no problem. You might even find yourself enjoying the feeling of being penetrated so deeply." Eva grinned devilishly, causing Max to blush deeply once again.

"Alright, let's get started." Eva began by thoroughly lubing Maxwell's ass inside and out. Then, she adjusted the temperature and flow of the water to her liking.

"Are you ready for your next enema, my dear?"

"I-I'm ready."

"Ready for...?"

"...I'm ready... for my enema."

"That's my good boy. Now, just relax for me. Here it comes."

Max felt the pleasantly warm water flowing from the tube as Eva placed its rounded tip against his anus.

"I'm putting it in now." Eva slipped the hose in with ease.

"O-oh!" Max let out a gasp as his maid slid the hose in deeper than he'd expected he could take right away. The warmth of the enema spreading across his abdomen felt nice as he slowly filled up.

"See? Not so bad, is it," soothed Eva as she gently backed the hose out a bit before plunging it in even deeper than before. "We'll have this entire tube up you in no time."

Eva repeated the process of backing out and pushing back in until just a few inches of the hose protruded from Maxwell's bottom. His belly had become quite distended with the large amount of water he had taken in.

"Good, almost there," cooed Eva. "You're doing so well."

"I don't think I can take much more," Max shyly said.

Eva checked the flow meter on the control valve: so far he'd taken 2.6 liters of water. She wanted him to take a full 3 liters.

"Just a little more, sweetie," she encouraged, pushing the last bit of hose up inside of him. "You can do it."

Eva gently massaged Maxwell's belly as she watched the flow meter gradually climb. 2.65... 2.71... 2.73... 2.78...

"Aaugh, Eva, I'm so full!" Exclaimed Max desperately.

"Alright, let's take a little break," said Eva as she shut off the flow valve.

Eva ran her fingers through Maxwell's hair affectionately, propping his head up in her lap. "You've been doing so well for me, my boy."

"Since when did you have so much... stuff?" Max inquired, looking up at his maid.

"Oh Max!" Eva giggled, petting the young master's head. "You can't hide much from me. I've known you've enjoyed my remedies for a very long time."

Pouting, Max turned his head away from Eva's gaze, muttering something about misunderstanding attraction and sexuality.

"It's okay honey, I know." Eva soothed. "You and that boy from the biology department seem like a great match. No matter what, I'll always love you forever, okay?"

"Mmkay," Max sniveled into Eva's lap. He had yet to come out of the closet at home, but apparently he didn't need to with Eva, as she'd already known all along.

Gently, Eva wiped the tears from Maxwell's face. "Why don't we finish up your enema and send you off to bed?"

Max nodded in agreement.

"That's my good boy. Now, I'm going to open up the valve again to let the rest of the water to flow into you. Are you ready"

"I'm ready."

"Good! Okay, here it comes." Eva slowly opened the flow valve attached to the shower hose, letting a slow trickle of warm water flow up her boy's ass.

"Mmmnnh," Max groaned at the fullness as the flow meter gradually climbed up to Eva's magic number. When the meter hit 3.0, Eva closed the valve.

"You took it all in. Well done, I'm proud of you," praised the maid. "You may let it out now. The hose will come out naturally as you push."

Max gripped one of the soft bath sheets beneath him as he pushed. The long, thick tube slowly emerged from his ass, along with a few dribbles of water.

"That's it," comforted Eva. "Push when you feel the urge."

"Nnnnngh," Max bore down as he felt a strong urge to push. This time the tube slid out of his ass about halfway, accompanied by a large gush of mostly clear water.

"Good," Eva cooed.

"Hnnn-AAh!" Pushing again, Max cried out when the rest of the tube shot out of his ass followed by a long stream of liquid.

"There we go."

Max pushed a few more times, each effort consecutively producing less and less fluid.

"Seems like you're all cleared out," said Eva as she cleaned her boy's bottom. "You did so well for me, taking your treatment like a good boy."

Once she was finished cleaning him, she scooped up another generous glob of her special cream and spread it all around his worn out ass. Using two fingers she massaged his anus for a bit, then pushed them inside. Rotating her fingers and rubbing all around the inside of Maxwell's butt, she ensured every inch of his rectum was coated with her cream.

"This will help with any soreness you might be experiencing," she explained. Once she felt she had sufficiently massaged his butt, she withdrew her fingers and set about cleaning up all of her supplies.

"Let's get you ready for bed. You must be exhausted," she said sympathetically as she d****d the enema bag and hose over a towel bar to dry.

"Um, Eva?" asked Max hesitantly, still lying in the shower on his pile of bath sheets.

"Yes dear?"

"Before I go to bed, could you... um..." he trailed off, blushing a deep crimson.

"What do you need, honey?"

"Could you, um... could you put the plug back in?"

The maid grinned ear-to-ear, absolutely delighted. "Of course I can!" she exclaimed, retrieving the butt plug from a sink of soapy water. Kneeling back down next to Maxwell in the shower, she lubed the toy.


"Yes. I'm ready for you to plug me."

Now it was Eva's turn to blush. She had not been intending to tease Max like she had before his enemas. Regardless, she was delighted that he'd remembered.

"Now that's my good boy," she praised as she slipped the plug back up his ass. Picking him up, she carried the young master off to his bedroom, where he swiftly fell into a deep slumber.

Still blushing (how uncharacteristic of her!), Eva retreated to her own chambers, looking forward to engaging in her own personal "treatment".
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