Tobias's Pleasing Release Dinner

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It was a Friday night when I had asked you to come over for dinner and drinks.

"If you're a good boy I might release you from your cage," I had said.

It was an unexpected call, but you had instantly become excited at the thought that I might release you and let you, finally, cum. It had been seven long days since our last encounter. Without hesitation, you said, "Yes! What time?"

"Six pm and don't be late." I knew that

you were never one to be late ... ever.

I heard a knock at my door at precisely six. I opened the door, wearing a black tight bodycon dress, and there you stood, so handsome, wearing tight jeans and a black sports coat a beautiful bouquet of yellow flowers in one hand.

You kissed me and said, "Hi Eden, I've missed you."

I replied, "I bet you have," with a smirk. "How is my cock feeling?" I asked as I rubbed my hand along the front of your jeans.

"Eden, I need to feel your touch on my cock. It's aching for your attention."

I replied, "Patience, my love. Patience. Now follow me."

I led you to the dining room. We had dinner by candlelight, and you sat down at the table as we ate and had a few drinks. After you finished, I stood up.

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, it was delicious," you had replied.

"What's for dessert?"

Slowly, I moved closer to your face and grabbed it and licked your lips, then bit your bottom lip just a little. I then proceeded to move the dishes in front of you, off to one side. I moved to face you, perched on the edge of the table while I lifted my dress and pulled my red silky panties to the side. "This is your dessert... now enjoy," I whispered.

Your eyes had grown big as you slid your tongue all around my pussy and sucked on my clit; then you had proceeded to tongue-fuck me, and it had felt so good. I'd started to moan while I massaged my breasts and my nipples had grown so hard. I'd grabbed you by your hair and gasped, "Don't stop." Your tongue was working magic on my wet pussy.

"Oh my god," I had moaned over and over. It felt incredible. I had then placed my fingers in your mouth and made you moisten them with your saliva; then your sweet digits had proceeded to play with my clit alongside your tongue.

I next wanted to lick your dick.

"Get up, now," I had told you as I slowly began to pull down your pants. Your dick was pressing hard against its steel cage. I got on my knees and started to lick the head and use my finger to rub the tip to slide your pre-cum all around; then I licked it up.

Helpless, you were moaning. I heard you repeating, like a mantra, "Eden, let me out, I beg you."

"Patience, my love," I had replied.

I started to suck on each of your balls while tugging on the cock cage.

You had moaned harder, murmuring distractedly, "It feels so good." I had started to bite your balls slightly: your moans had become even more prolonged.

Grabbing you by your hips, I had brought you up to a standing position, and had then turned you around. You had to bend over while I'd pushed you against the kitchen table. I pulled your head back by the hair as I'd whispered in your ear, "You're going to enjoy this."

I'd then begun to spread your legs apart, and I'd run my nails up your inner thighs then pushed your back with my palms so that your chest was laid flat on top of the table.

Slowly I'd used my hands to spread your ass cheeks apart; as I began to lick the top crack of your ass softly, you'd started to make ungodly sounds, moaning incessantly, which had caused my pussy juices to roll down my inner thighs. I moved my tongue slowly down your ass, licking it till I got to your hole. I could tell you were scared as it started to pucker. I licked all around your puckered hole and backup your crack, then I slid my tongue in your ass as far as I could and then pulled it out and then back in and out quite a few times. You were loving it. Pre-cum poured from your cock as you were begging me to cum!

"Please, Eden, let me cum." How your voice had ached.

I'd then pulled you back up to stand before me, and had licked along the back of your neck, and said, "Soon, my love."

Turning you around, I'd made you put your caged dick inside me. "Fuck me," I told you firmly.

This was driving you crazy, as you had wanted desperately to be released. I instructed you to look at your dick while you were thrusting inside me. I had loved watching your face ... your expression had been so helpless. I had almost come right then, but I'd told you to stop, and walk into the living room in front of the fireplace.

A massage table had been set up there, and I'd told you to lie on the table, face-up. Obediently climbing up and lying down, you had said, "Eden, I can't take much more. Oh, Eden...."

I had then decided to tie your hands to your thighs. I attached a dildo to the table in front of your cock. I sat on the dildo facing backward to you. That way, each time I moved down on it, your cock had rubbed against my ass. You were dying with pleasure: every time your cock rubbed against my ass, you had moaned. My pussy, too, had felt ready to explode. I'd then got up and positioned my pussy over your face. As you eagerly ate me out again, I had started to cum all over your face. I had then got up and started to clean you up, licking your face and transferring all of my juicy cum in your mouth.

You said, "Eden, how can I please you more?"

I had replied, "You will, " as

I untied you from the table. The cage key was tied to my ankle, and I untied it and put it between my lips, it was then that you had realized what was coming. The smile on your face had been undeniable as I grabbed your hand and led you to my bedroom.

Once there, I had looped two thick leather straps around the top part of your thighs, then tied a four-foot-long piece of rope to each 'O' ring along the outer part of your thighs.

I took the key from my lips, then unlocked your cock and gently slid the cage off. It had grown so big, and you were moaning as I stroked your cock to help with the blood flow.

"Oh, Eden, please may I cum?"

"Almost time, my love." I'd kissed your soft lips.

I had lain back on the bed and grabbed a rope with each hand. Pulling, I instructed you to push yourself inside me now.

As you mounted me, I'd tugged on the leather straps to pull you deeper into my pussy, and you'd let out moan after moan.

"Hold it," I had ordered. Then, "Go faster and faster," as I yanked the ropes harder, wrapping them around my hands, making the rope shorter until you were begging and pleading to cum.

I could tell you couldn't hold it anymore, so I told you to shoot your cream all over my pussy, which you instantly did. You let out a roar yelling, "Eden of fuckin' Eden" while you almost collapsed atop my breasts.

I had rubbed my fingers all through your cum, then placed them in my mouth, then did it again and put them in yours. We passionately kissed, swapping and swallowing your cum. After a few minutes, I got up and grabbed your hand..

"Let's shower." Then I told you that you were fuckin' amazing.
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