A Small Favor

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Note: You rarely see Futa-On-Futa stuff on Literotica it feels like, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Second Note: For those of you who are unaware, a "futa" is a person (generally feminine) who possesses both genitalia.

E N J O Y!


"God, why don't you two just get married already?"


It was a bright, sluggish Monday afternoon. Currently, I was sitting at my college's cafeteria, enjoying a freshly cooked plate of eggs and bacon. The other tables were fairly full, but mine had just two idiots sitting at it. Idiot #1 was me, of course, idiot #2 was Chris.

From an outside glance, I doubt anyone would think we'd be friends. Chris was the quintessential surfer dude, tall blonde hair, blue eyes, abs, sleeveless shirts, all that shit. You know who I'm talking about, the dude that walks into a class and without a word sits in the back and falls asleep. That dumbass happened to be a good friend of mine.

But, well, I did not look like that. No, I had straight cinnamon hair, big eyes and I'd never worked out a day in my life. On the bright side, that gave me a huge rack! Sadly, it also meant I was very flabby. Still, I tried to make it work. So, how did a nerd like me and Chris end up as close friends?

Well, it was mainly thanks to the girl we were talking about right now. We'd met through her and somehow, we ended up with the opinion that each other's company was marginally better than being alone.

"We're not... We're not into each other like that."

"Really?" Chris lifted a brow and took a messy bite out of his eggs. Then, with his mouth full of food (gross, I know) he said, "well, let's go over the list, shall we? You kiss each other on the mouth."

"Just for a second or two, just pecks."

"You two spend more time together than most pens and notebooks."

"We like each other's company."

"And every time you say goodbye, you say "love you", ugh." He said with a sickly sweet tone.

"Well, we do love each other... But not like that!"

"Christ. And I thought all those dense anime protagonists weren't real."

"A n y w a y, as I was saying," I cut him off, "she asked me to come over tonight so I can't make it to Pizza Mon-night."

Yeah, Pizza Mon-night. It was this thing me and Chris had where we'd eat pizza to get the week started off right.

"Fine, fine. I'm just saying, the sooner you two fuck the sooner you can start posting disgusting couple pics on Twitter for clout. That's all I'm saying."

"Agh, fuck off." I launched a piece of my eggs at him and he swatted it away lazily.

"Oh?" Some random girl made a sound like she'd just discovered the moon. "Chris! Hi!"

"Huh? Hey."

And just like that, Chris started having a conversation with a random girl who was really in the mood for surfer dick this evening. God, I am so glad I'm a lesbian since it means I don't make dumb faces like that at every dude with more than ten hours spent in the gym.

This moment did give me the opportunity to respond to my best friend's messages, so I went to do just that.

Except, when I was about to get my phone out, a hand fell on my shoulder. Then an arm wrapped itself around my torso and I was being hugged by someone who was just a little too warm. I moved to see who it was and my jaw dropped.

"Hey, Allie."

There she was. Luna. Wearing pink hotpants and a tank top, a brown-skinned girl with long hair dyed white with an hourglass figure, perfect boobs a toned ass, and okay, listen. I know I sound like I'm gassing her up a lot but she deserves it. She really does look like a Greek goddess!

And, okay, if I'm being honest sure. When we first met like ten years ago when I thought Finding Nemo was the greatest movie I'd ever seen (not that it's not good, but, you know), I had a little, minor, totally irrelevant crush on her.

But, as we grew closer and closer, that crush faded. And, yeah, maybe the fact that my heart was beating a little bit quicker because she was so close to me was a sign of something but, listen, it's okay. It really is!

Totally nothing to be worried about.

I turned around in my chair and, yeah, as Chris mentioned, our lips met in a two-second "hello" kiss. But, listen, it was just friendly. There was honestly nothing sexual about it. We hugged for a long time. Every time we did, I would lose myself for a little bit in her warmth.

When we separated, a smile bloomed on my face as I saw her brown eyes looking back at me.

"Doing good?" She asked.

"Better now," I replied and Chris gagged in front of me. Of course, I ignored him.

"Cool." With that, Luna took the chair behind her, turned it around, and sat with the back of it to the front, her legs spread and her body leaning into it. We were so close, I could drown in her vanilla-scented perfume. "You should consider yourself lucky."


"If dying of boredom were actually a thing, I'd be fucking wiped. Chemistry was such a pain."

"I like chemistry!" I declared with a grin.

"You would, nerd."

"Oh, come on. Liking chemistry isn't nerdy. And, you're one to talk, Ms. Biology Major."

"Hm... Nah, you're still a nerd."

"Fuck you!"

"Take your flirting somewhere else!" Chris (politely) threw pieces of egg in my way and I leaned forward, beckoning Luna to shield me which she did, blocking the thrown food like a pro basketball player.

Just to piss Chris off, I wrapped my arms around Luna and sang out: "my hero!" like a damsel in a cheesy old school fantasy flick, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. Luna smugly winked at Chris and the surfer rolled his eyes.

"Anyway," Luna said, "you're free next period, right?"

"Yeah." I nodded.

"I'm saved!"

"What? Why?"

"I wanted to skip but I didn't wanna be alone." She let me know. "Wanna go to my place? Next period was your last class, right?"


"Come over! I have..." She leaned in conspiratorially and her lips brushed against my left ear. Any shivers that were felt were simply because she was entirely too close. "La-sa-gna."

"Shit," I mumbled. "That is pretty convincing."

"I know! So come on, let's chill."

In all honesty, she didn't even need to do any convincing and I'm sure she knew that. I would say yes, pretty much no matter what. Just so you know, I lived off-campus at my parent's house, but she had her own dorm on the college grounds. If someone were to calculate my hours precisely, there was genuinely a chance that I spent more time at her house than my own.

The longest I'd spent was like two weeks straight or something. She had a Biology exam and needed help studying for it, and I was there for every step of it. Spending time together wasn't really the kind of thing we had to ask each other about. I think she did it just to play around.

"Awesome. You wanna leave now?" She asked me and I turned toward Chris.

"Hey, we're-" I started, but Chris waved me away.

"Go hang out with your girlfriend, it's okay."

"Dude!" I barked out and he shrugged.

Luna smiled and pressed a kiss to my cheek.

"More like my trophy wife," Luna stated and I nearly blushed. I was lost for words. Just as their eyes turned onto me and things were about to become awkward, someone called out in the distance.

"Luna! Aye, come over!" A tall, handsome guy in the middle of a group of more tall handsome guys beckoned my best friend and she quickly left my side and went to join him. And, well, after just a few seconds I saw exactly the reason I couldn't let myself feel more for Luna than I was now.

He slapped her ass and kept his hand there while they all laughed at stuff I couldn't hear from here. Then, she got on the tips of her toes and kissed right next to his lips. Okay, I can imagine a million questions just came up in your mind from hearing that, and listen:

A) I didn't know if that was her boyfriend or not. In fact, I didn't know if she was dating anyone. I tried not to assume anything, but as you might have realized by now, Luna is a **very** flirtatious person. And okay, I'm not that jealous of a person, but I do think there's a line when it comes to this kind of stuff and the question is: would she stop the more... over the line stuff if we were dating? I had no idea.

B) I didn't even know if Luna was into girls. Much less if she was into futas. She'd had a lot, and I mean a LOT of boyfriends over the years, but I never saw her with another girl. And, yeah, she was like this with me even during those relationships.

That was pretty much all the confirmation I needed to understand that she didn't see me in that kind of way. And, as much as Chris might not agree, that was fine. I was fine with it.

After a minute of me being in my own head, she walked back to me.


"It's fine." I shrugged. "Let's go."

We were close enough to the dorms that we just walked there. It did take a few minutes though, and in that time Luna confided a few things to me.

"Allie! It was terrible!" She cried out playfully. "My dick got hard mid-class! Then the professor asked me to stand up and say something. It was something straight out of a fucking sitcom."

By the way, that was one of the things that contributed to us being as close as we were. In a world where futas (perfect hermaphrodites) were about 5% of the population, we were lucky enough to meet. Two dumb futas just trying to survive.

"Oh my God, what did you do?" I asked, trying not to focus on how the sun reflected off her brilliant skin.

"I told him my knees were sore or some shit, but I was so scared. And then," she put a hand on my arm and leaned in like earlier, "a girl looked over at me and I think she saw my bulge."

I belly laughed. I actually cackled at that.

"It was terrible!" Luna yelled with a grin.

"That's amazing!" She smacked my shoulder as we both laughed along the cement path.

After a while, we were talking about something else. Something I was, um, surprised by, to say the least.

"So... You and Chris?"

"Hm?" I looked over at her.

"Are you two... You know, a thing?"

I scowled.

"You mean, like, dating?"

"Yeah." Her tone was softer. The smile hadn't left her face, but it didn't quite reach her eyes anymore.

"Hell no." I shook my head so hard it almost hurt. "No, no, no, no, no."

"You have been spending a lot of time together lately," Luna added and I rolled my eyes. "How should I know? You never talk about guys and shit." She pointed out.

In my mind, I said, "and most of the time we're talking about YOU, so..."

You know, let's pause for a second.

Think back to big moments in your life. I don't know, confessions, getting jobs, being fired, whatever. Let me ask you something. Did those moments have a big, shining preamble? If they did, what happened next was not one of them.

"Luna, I'm not into dudes," I announced. I hadn't even realized that I said something important until Luna's eyes widened.

And, in case you're wondering "well, you're best friends! How come you don't talk about who you want to fuck every day?" And, the answer is, we did... A few years ago. Back when I thought because a dude looked objectively handsome it meant I might have a crush on him. But... As my actual crush on Luna grew in strength, I started shying away from those kinds of talks. What can I say? It made me feel a little weird every time she brought up something romantic.

"Oh!" Luna said. "Oh, shit!"

"Sorry to kind of just drop that on you."

"When... When did you realize that?" She asked.

"A couple of years ago."

"DUDE!" She yelled. "And you didn't say anything?"

"I... It never really came up." I said.

"Wow... I must have been so annoying." She said with a look of ominous realization and I laughed a little, bringing her close.

"No, no. It's on me. I should have said something."

Luna wrapped an arm around me and patted my back. "Can't wait for the lasagna! We need to celebrate!"

"Celebrate what?"

"You joining the team!"

"What team?"

"The 'thirsty bisexuals' team!"

"Oh, I'm not into guys though," I noted. She made a funny pensive face and in a hushed tone said:

"I'll let you into our society anyway, we'll just keep that part of it under wraps."

"Society? What, this whole time bisexuals have been plotting to take over the world or something?"

"Mhm. Our time is coming, Allie. You'll be alright though, you got me on the inside."

As ridiculous as our conversation was, it made me feel a little better. Luna was taking everything in stride and...


I thought, "did she just say she's bi? Does that mean she's into futas? My heart can't handle this!!!"


Well, that crush was a minor big deal now.


A few minutes later, we were sitting in the middle of her living room. The tv was playing in the background while we sat on her couch, snuggled up together with lasagna on a small table in front of us. The sun was starting to recede, casting everything in an orange haze.

Luna's head was on my shoulder and I was leaning into her about as much as I could. I felt so insanely happy. For a few seconds, I decided that my crush didn't matter. As long as I could have this, I'd be okay with everything.

For a few seconds anyway.

"So..." Luna started with a soft voice. "Any girls you're crushing on?"

"Took you a while," I said and she shrugged. Looking up at me, her eyes shone with interest as I gulped and answered.

"Um... Not really."

"You're a terrible liar, Allie." She laughed, brushing a bit of my brown hair aside.

I shook my head and thought the conversation was over, but she kept going.

"So, you mean you haven't been interested in anyone lately?"

All of a sudden, my head felt several times heavier. My chest grew tighter, and as Luna waited for my answer, I felt my heart beating against my chest.

"Well..." I don't know what gave me the bravery (or stupidity) that made me say this. "There is one girl..."

"Oh?" Luna raised her brows. "Do I know her?"

I nodded.

"You, um... Know her pretty well."

"Really?" A smile blossomed on her face. She was so close her lips could almost touch my cheek. And, well, I made no move to get away.

"Then is it..."


And right there, her phone buzzed.

I was about as pissed as you must be right now.

"Huh?" She leaned over, away from me, and grabbed her cell. After a bit of swiping, she made an "oh" face. "Allie! Allie! I just got a really cool idea!"

I looked over and saw she was currently on her Insta notifications.

"What do you mean?"

"Can you do me a favor?" She asked. "Just make a vid with me, real quick."

"Huh?" I raised a brow.

"Just to show off a bit, you know?" She smirked and shifted on the couch so that she was now sitting on my lap. "I want to let everyone know I'm currently hanging out with my favorite person in the whole world."

At that, I choked on my own saliva and coughed a few times.

"Um... Sure." I said after a few seconds. Luna was pretty popular online, so she did like to do this stuff from time to time. Actually, some times when we'd take pictures together or whatever people would ask if we were dating and Luna would always joke around in response. What if they did that now that she knew I liked girls? Although, I guess I didn't make it clear I was into futas specifically too. My bad on that.

"Here, I'll start in a second, ready?"

"Nah, let me put on a dress and some eyeliner."

"Too bad." She replied and as we both chuckled, she aimed her camera at us and pressed "record".

I instinctively moved to hug her, holding her close and she placed a hand over my arms. Even from behind, I could just barely make out that she was grinning. She didn't say anything. Instead, in place, she turned her head back and barely caught the corner of my lips in a kiss.

Automatically, I moved to return the gesture and kissed her, but I didn't miss her lips. I kissed her square on them. It was normal for us after all. She turned her whole body to where her shoulder was between my breasts and our faces were now so close our noses were touching.

I saw her mouth "I love you" and she moved in and kissed my lips lightly. When we separated, there was a louder smack then usual and I smiled at that. She licked her lips, looking down at mine, and moved in again. The camera was on us the whole time.

This time, because she had just licked her lips, when we kissed a strand of saliva remained for a split second, connecting us. We giggled for some reason and then she peppered kisses on my face in a flurry that made me burst out laughing.

Then, she caught my lips again but... I think I messed up. My mouth was still open from laughing and, well, her lips intertwined with mine in a way that was, uh, less than chaste. I was so distracted, I almost didn't notice. I was too focused on how her eyes were locked with mine.

When she came back in, I leaned forward, expecting the usual, but she had a different plan. Instead, she stuck her tongue out. It dragged between my lips and left them wet when it left. I was gaping at her.

Finally, as she proceeded to tilt her head and give me the first real kiss we'd shared, I realized what was happening and pulled her in.


**Luna's POV**

**Just before she came to the cafeteria**

I was lying on my back at the college's rooftop. You know, everyone has something a little superstitious that they believe in, right? No, I don't mean religion, Lord knows I want nothing to do with that, I mean like jinxes. "No, don't say you'll do great on this test, you'll fail!" "Oh no, it's raining, that means today's gonna suck!" That kind of stuff.

For me, it was watching the clouds move across the sky. It always had a way of letting me know things were going to be alright. Like, no matter what happens, the world keeps on spinning.

Still, I couldn't ignore the barrage of messages my phone was receiving for much longer. After a little while, I looked at them.

Chris: hey, I'm with your girlfriend at the cafeteria if you wanna come around.

I snorted. It sounded like he was taunting me. I hadn't talked to him about it, but ever since I introduced him to her, it had to be obvious I liked Allie, right?

Below that, there was another message from a guy I'd slept with last week.

Tyson: you left your sandals over here

I was so drunk I must have walked home barefoot. Shit.

Me: Keep them.

After a few more brief responses, eventually, I arrived at the last message Allie had left me.

Allie: heeey! save me this class is killing me

Attached to the message was a picture of Allie with her head in her arms on her chair, looking at the camera with a sleepy smile.

You know, if you asked a hundred people who their dream S.O. was, I wonder how many of them would be able to say "my best friend". And yet, that was the position I was in.

"Jesus, Allie," I muttered. She was the single most adorable person I'd ever met. Damn, I can still remember that first time we laid eyes on each other. Nine-year-old Allie asked nine-year-old me if I'd ever seen a blowfish before. That question was the beginning of a friendship that I could feel would never end.

But, that wasn't enough for me. I wanted more. I'd always been a greedy person, okay? In everything. I was the girl who leaned across the table to take the last slice of pizza, I was the girl who'd never turn down anything free, and when someone in a mall offered me a free sample of food I'd take it quickly. Also, I was the girl who'd sleep with anyone and everyone I wanted to.

Taking things was in my nature. But, with Allie, it was never as simple as just trying to make her mine. Because, unlike all those other things, I cared about her. I never gave a shit if I rode a dude's dick and that guy happened to be married, or if I fucked a girl in a bathroom and her boyfriend was in the room next to us. I didn't think any of that had anything to do with me.

But with Allie, I cared. I cared so much it hurt. I cared so much that every time I leaned in to press my lips against hers, I worried if today was the day I'd go too far. I'd been lucky enough to keep her by my side throughout all these years, but what if she just... Got tired of me?

That was a large part of why I slept with so many people. Now, don't get me wrong, I love sex, but it helped that it made Allie think I wasn't as in love with her as I was. Because if she knew would she leave me? Allie was so understanding and so caring, but I didn't want to risk it.

I dunno. Maybe I should have just let her reject me and move on with my life... But, in my heart, there was a little seed of hope that refused to die out no matter how many winters it had been through.

I scrolled through my phone, looking at the photos I'd collected. Most of them were just selfies where I was alone, but in a lot of them, she was there. In a few of those, I'd have an arm wrapped around her with my lips connected to hers. She probably just thought it was us being friends, but to me, I was savoring every bit of closeness we had.

In my mind, it was the closest we'd get to ever being a thing. So, I took advantage of every second with her.

After a few more seconds of moping, I stood up and started walking down the building's stairs. Every couple of seconds, someone would say hi to me. I responded as blankly as usual, with a slightly forced smile and a wave, until I got to the cafeteria.

Then, I saw Allie with Chris. I breathed in. They really did look like a good couple. Opposites attract and all that. Whatever, if Allie ever got together with someone, it would just mean I get to move on that much faster.

But... Strangely enough, at least, as far as I knew (and I'd like to think I'm an authority on what Allie does/likes) she never dated people. She did have a few crushes on guys back in High School, but over time she stopped talking about them. Eventually, I was the only one talking about anything sexual or romantic. I never really understood why. She could have pretty much anyone she could, she was beautiful.

"Hey." I started and Allie looked over at me. My heart melted. Allie had this way of looking at her friends like they hung the stars in the sky. I adored that about her.

Chris was getting chatted up by some girl I knew wanted to go out with him. Giving them some time, I sat behind Allie and subtly forced her to turn in my direction. Then, we just talked for a bit. But, it was just as relaxing for me as watching the clouds move.

Until a random dude called me over.

In my mind, I sighed but I went anyway.

"Hey, Luna." A girl started. "We're heading to the mall after this, you coming?"

"Nah, I'm just gonna hang out with Allie for a bit." I was honest. Everyone knew we were best friends.

"Wow, I'd swear you like her more than me." A dude I'd (regrettably) fucked a couple of months ago said. He put his hand on my butt and I forced a laugh, trying not to make things awkward by telling him to back off.

He didn't even know how right he was.

They said a bit more but I tuned it all out to be honest. Eventually, I gave a goodbye and went back to Allie.

"You wanna leave now?" I asked after a bit and Allie turned to Chris and said:

"Hey, we're-"

But Chris cut her off.

"Go hang out with your girlfriend, it's okay."

I wish.

Still, a little bit satisfied that apparently to Chris we gave off that impression, I smiled and kissed my girl's cheek.

If only that were actually the case.


Later, we were walking back to my place and we were just talking. But... something happened. I got a bit brave, so I asked Allie if she was into anyone and she said:

"Luna, I'm not into dudes."

And, just like that, everything I thought was true about us was shattered.

It was like a ray of divine light hit my mind. As I reacted to what she'd said, so many moments between us replayed in my head. The way she'd spoon me tightly in sleepovers, the way her eyes glowed whenever I kissed her, the way her excitement would die a little whenever I'd tell her about someone I was doing things with.

And... One small thought appeared.

"Do I have a chance?"

We kept talking, but in my head, that was all I could hear. That one question, over and over again. "Do I have a chance?"

I am a greedy person. When I see something I want, I go after it. So, then and there, as that question appeared in my head, I decided I'd do everything I could to make Allie mine. If she rejected me, I'd gulp the pain down, live with it and hopefully, we'd keep being friends.

But, fuck it. I was going to try.


**The Present**

**Allie's POV**

While we kissed, Luna turned her camera off, ending the recording. Still, we didn't put any space between us.

No tongues had touched yet, but our lips were moving in a way that just didn't happen between friends. We were kissing like lovers. It left me a little out of breath and I took a second to back off and just look at her.

In my mind, I asked: "where the hell did this come from?"

Allie was giving me a look I'd never seen from her. Her eyelids were low. She was looming over me like a predator, her eyes were lust-driven. Just seeing her make this expression was giving me shivers.

But, that expression faded for a split second as, I guess, sanity made its way back into her head for a moment.

I thought she'd jump off me and run out of her own house, but instead, she asked:

"Are you okay with this, Allie?"


"Are you okay with this?" She asked again.

"I... What are we doing?" I asked in return.

"... whatever you want to do." She replied. With her brown eyes looking into mine, she leaned in and softly placed a kiss on my lips again. Both our lips were becoming slightly swollen from so much action. She backed off to gauge my reaction and when she saw that I wasn't about to stop her, she leaned back in.

Finally, she stuck her tongue out and with it, asked for entry into my mouth. This was it. There was just no more pretending we were being friendly after this.

Closing my eyes, I opened my mouth and let her in. And that's when things turned hungry. As our tongues danced with each other, as her mouth and mine became one, I let my hands roam down her back and rest at her hips. She was straddling me now.

I was wearing jeans, so I had a bit of a shield, but she was wearing hotpants. And, yeah, she was hard. Her cock was poking just below my bellybutton as we french kissed. At this point, I was starting to lose myself. I let my hands give her incredible ass a firm squeeze and in return, she bit my bottom lip and pulled it back.

Now, when we stopped and looked into each other's eyes again, she was the one who looked surprised.

"Wow." She mumbled. "You're so beautiful."

"Not as much as you."

"More." She disagreed. "You're the cutest thing in the world."

I couldn't find anything to say, so I kissed her again, stuck my tongue out but this time, she caught it and bobbed back and forth, sucking on it. When she let it go, even with the jeans I was wearing, I could feel her pussy with my dick, and, based on how she looked down, I could see she felt it too.

Then, she got off me and took her tank top off. In the blink of an eye, she was naked. Holy fucking shit she was hot. Her body looked like a sculpture.

"Well..." She said.


"Aren't you going to..."

"Oh!" Clumsily, I tried to get up and nearly fell in the process. Luna visibly bit back a laugh and I blushed as I took my clothes off. We were naked in front of each other in a moment's notice.

She strode forward and, with her arms around my body, she pressed her forehead against mine. Our dicks, both of which were about as hard as could be, were poking into each other. I could tell that hers was just a little longer.

"You don't know how long I've wanted this, Allie."

"Seriously?" I asked in disbelief. She laughed.

"I, uh... It looks like we've both been pretty stupid for a long time." Luna stated. "I never even bothered to ask if you were possibly into girls or futas. Even though I was."

"I never said anything so..."

"Yeah, it's both our faults. We," *kiss* "could," *kiss* "have been doing this a long while ago. So," she smirked. "How about we make up for lost time?"

And before I could react, she got on her knees.

That sight, her face next to my dick, it was something I'd seen in so many dreams but now it was real. The brown-skinned girl started dragging her tongue along my shaft and I felt my knees go weak.

She put one hand below, playing with my pussy while her other started giving me a small handjob. At the top of my cock though, she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked it.

Just this was almost more than I could handle. She teased me for a while until eventually, her hands went behind my body and squeezed my butt. My eyes widened and I looked down, only to behold her putting all six inches of my dick in her mouth in one large plunge.

She deepthroated me in an instant. Her nose touched my shaved pubes and I moaned so loudly, if anyone was outside they must have heard me. Luna had the most self-satisfied look ever as she bobbed back and forth from that position. Her mouth, cold and moist, felt so good. Her tongue slid on the bottom of my shaft with every pump.

I'd never received a blowjob before. It was mind-shattering for a first-timer like me. Luna didn't let up. She went at it like a pro, moving quickly and efficiently and massaging my shaft with her tongue the entire time.

"L-Luna!" I moaned out and her eyes connected with mine. "I, I'm gonna... AH!"

She squeezed my butt so hard I was sure it would leave a scratch or two as she took as much of my cock into her as she could. And, in that instant, I emptied myself in her mouth. I could see her throat moving as she quickly swallowed as much as she could, but even then, a bit made it out of her mouth, dripping down her chin.

If I were an animated character, I'd have heart-eyes right now. My body was trembling. I couldn't believe cumming with someone else could feel this good. She licked her lips and opened her mouth, letting me see that there was a bit still in her mouth.

She stood and before I could react, she kissed me. By instinct, I let my tongue out and it touched hers. Which is when I realized she still had my cum in her mouth.

I leaned back because instinctively, the idea of tasting my own cum seemed gross, but she didn't let me. She put a hand behind my head and one on my back, keeping me in place as my cum went into my own mouth.

It didn't taste as bad as I thought it would. Slightly sweet with a hint of salt. But, mostly what surprised me was the feeling. Kissing with liquid in our mouths like that, it felt like drowning but in the best way.

I gulped down what she gave me and like before, we were just looking at each other.

"I love you, Allie." She announced.

"I love you too."

"There's... There's so much I want to show you. So much I want to do with you. But, for now, we'll just have to settle for this."

Then, she turned me around and pushed me forward. I tripped and I ended up bent over with my butt sticking out in the air.

"H-Hey!" Before I could complain though, something cold touched my pussy. "Oaah!"

I understood that it was her tongue immediately. Bringing my knees up to the couch, I arched my back as she ate me out. Her lips smacked against my pussy as my toes curled.

Then, she went up. I wasn't ready. She put her tongue on my asshole and my whole butt tightened, trapping her tongue between my cheeks.

She laughed, but as I relaxed, she started giving my ass the same treatment. I thought getting your pussy eaten felt good. This, maybe, felt even better. It felt so slutty, so much... Unlike me, that I felt like I was dreaming. But, no. My best friend really was behind me, licking my ass as deeply as she could.

"I've wanted to do this for so long." She admitted during a pause before resuming her rimjob.

It didn't last anywhere near as long as I would have liked it to. I couldn't imagine why she would stop so quickly after introducing me to that, but then, as something harder, something that felt mysteriously like a dildo, pushed against my ass, I understood.


"Trust me." She said. "It'll hurt a little at first, but then... You're going to get to know heaven."

I couldn't say anything to that. Instead, I pressed my head against her couch as she pushed. Yeah, she wasn't lying. It did hurt quite a bit at first. I nearly pushed her off. She whispered words of comfort into my ears as an actual tear came out of my right eye from the pain.

But, then, once she was well and truly in, it started. It started softly at first, a small tingle of goodness. Then, as she reached deeper, it became bigger. And bigger, and bigger until it finally felt good. Fully good.

After a few seconds, Luna was fucking me, moving back and forth and pushing and pulling her dick from my ass.

"Oh... God!"

"You feel so good!" Luna praised me as she sped up. Her cock fucked me hard and my own swung back and forth, fully erect as she screwed me. I was so lost, I didn't even realize I had brought one of my hands to my own dick, jacking myself off as she kept fucking me.

All of our time together flashed before my eyes. All those days of pining, all those years of unrequited love. Knowing that it all led to this, being fucked by the girl I loved, I grinned.

"Faster!" I asked suddenly. Luna sped up instantly. "Oh, Christ!"

"Allie, I'm going to cum!"

"Do it, do it, do it!" I begged her. I needed her in me. All of her.

"I... FUCK!"

With one glorious pump, her thighs clapped against my butt as she reduced the distance between our bodies to 0. She came in my ass. I came again, on the couch (hopefully she wouldn't be too mad at that).

She pumped once or twice again, but soon she kept her dick buried in my ass.

After a second or two, she finally separated and I could feel cum slipping out of my ass and rolling down my leg.

She flipped me over and we kissed one final time.

"I love you so much." Luna said.

"I love you too."

"Allie," she started, "I know we're like, sex-high right now, but do you want to go on a date?"

My eyes widened.

"Yeah." I said. I wrapped my legs around her body and kissed her again. "Yeah, I'd like that."
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