Client Privilege

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Jesus Christ I should have gotten a different lawyer.

Not the best time to be thinking this as I sit in the waiting room of Wagner Easton. I probably should have just canceled the appointment when I was on the website and saw her photo. And definitely should have canceled it once I sufficiently stalked her online.

To distract myself, I look around the swanky office. I had a feeling it was going to be nice. I should have dressed better. Actually, forget that. I'm paying her. I need to remember that. I'm paying her. Anything outside of legal counsel is not happening.

Not that she'd be into it anyway. I saw her photo. She's hot but she looks every bit the part of a buttoned up, heterosexual lawyer.

She probably has a husband at home who works in software and takes care of their two kids.

None of this is my business, I have to remind myself. I'm here because my boss told me she's the best. And I need the best.

She's also the most expensive. Which isn't a problem, in fact, for me it's a good thing. Lawyers can only charge as much as they're worth. Or that's what my dad says. He's a lawyer.

There are various employees walking in and out of conference rooms. It's a busy place. And they all look they came out of some law show. There are too many good looking people in suits. My god, even some of the men are attractive. I mean, for men.

I tell myself to focus on why I'm here and to stop ogling these poor junior associates.

I pull out my folder so I can review it all again. I have all my financials laid out clearly. I even printed out texts, phone records, and friend testimonies — everything that will help support my case. I'd rather not waste time with some introductory meeting where this place can charge me $400 for an hour.

Looking at all this makes me sad. It always does. I'm not in love with her any more. But I was. And I married her. And now we're here. Well I'm here. She's at some other law firm doing this same thing.

I guess nobody knows how things will change. But we really were happy for a few years. Or I thought we were. She apparently didn't.

But after five years of being with someone, you think you know a little about who they are. And I never thought Mia would go to this level. For money.

Which is crazy since she has no need for money. She's a highly sought after project manager in the tech space and money was never one of our issues.

Plus her new boyfriend isn't doing too badly for himself either. He owns some construction type company that has its hand in a lot of Los Angeles projects.

I'm relieved to be pulled out of the road my mind is taking me. I don't want to think about him. Or my ex for that matter.

The receptionist lets me know that Ms. Parker is ready.

Natalie Parker.

I don't know much outside of what she looks like. I know that she's a partner here and is very young to be one. And she's won some awards that I know nothing about. She specializes in LGBT law, primarily focusing on marriage and adoption rights.

My boss, who's very well connected, knows her through some high profile judge in the LA court system. Natalie Parker came highly recommended.

The receptionist leads me through the building until we reach a large conference room that looks out on the smoggy downtown area. The room could probably seat 30 people, but this meeting is just with the two of us.

"Can I get you some water?" the receptionist asks me as I choose one of the many seats.

"Yes, please."

I wait some more as she brings in the water and sets it next to me.

"Ms. Johnson, hello," I hear as I look up to see Natalie walking in to the room. She's holding a file, most likely full of the things I had sent her prior to this meeting. But I can't even remember why I'm here.

The first thing that goes through my mind is that her photo online does not do her justice. This woman is beyond beautiful. In a tight grey blazer, matched perfectly with a slimming black pencil skirt, she looks like she's walked off a print ad showcasing a lawyer's office.

The second thing I notice are her eyes. Her eyes are the color of nature itself, the exact shade of amber. But it's not the color that makes me pause. It's their intensity. She seems to be assessing me with the same unsubtle hunger that I probably showed when she walked in.

Before I can even process it, she's sitting down, and smiling calmly at me from across the conference room table. The hunger in her eyes is gone, replaced instead by a calm professionalism.

The silence draws on for a second too long to be comfortable and I'm about to break it when she speaks.

"Thank you for coming in Ms. Johnson, I wish it was under better circumstances, but people never seem to come here for that."

"You can just call me Reese."

"Reese it is".

"And thank you for seeing me. I know you're busy. But I've been told you're the best."

She smiles at that as she looks over the file she's now opening.

"I don't know about that, but I'll take the compliment."

In a way, she's not what I was expecting. I mean, she's even more beautiful than I thought. But there's something else. When I saw her photo, I saw this almost arrogant air about her. Someone who drips confidence when she walks in the room. Natalie changed the air in the room the second she walked in, but she's not that arrogant lawyer I was expecting. She's calm, but warm, and maybe even a little nervous.

"So for this first meeting, we'll only take about an hour. I have all the info you sent over and have been through it. But I'd love to ask some questions and get some answers from you directly. My assistant has let me know the retainer and disclosure forms are all set. So we can begin today if you want to move forward."

She doesn't break eye contact as she talks to me. And her quiet intensity is so alluring, I have to remind myself not to lean forward as she talks.

"I want out of this marriage. If you can do that, then please, let's do it."

"Great," she replies. And there it is. There's the smirk. I feel myself redden slightly at my slip of words. But I swear, she does too.

"So, Reese. We don't need to go through all the details. I know them. What I want to know is, what does success look like for you? Walking away from this, what do you want?"

I'm almost taken aback. I figured she'd make me go through all the things I already sent her, like most corporate monkeys. Or maybe I'm just super judgmental.

"I don't know. I mean, I want out of this marriage. But I also don't want to give her everything she's claiming she deserves. I worked my ass off for this family for five years. I'm not trying to screw her, I just want it to be fair."

"The good thing is you made comparable salaries. You weren't supporting her. So her claim that she should receive more is not logical. Anything else Reese?"

I suddenly notice her tongue catches on the "s" of my name a little. Almost like a lisp. And it's so fucking cute I have to squeeze my legs together.

"Actually she makes more than I do. Plus, I put more in to the house. Because when we bought it, she didn't make much money. It wasn't really my money, but it was my parents' money."

"You have a solid case. I don't see any reason why you won't get what you deserve. I hope this can be resolved through mediation."

"And if it's not?"

"We go to court. But again, she really has no case against you. She makes claims, but she doesn't support them in her declaration with any proof."

"Right. She's saying I cheated on her."

"None of that matters to the court, Reese. It can't turn in to a 'he said, she said'. Or 'she said, she said'. It's based on facts. Financials."

"Ok well there's just one thing that's important," I say.

She raises her eyebrows urging me to go on.

"My dog. Our dog. Well he's technically my dog. She has him still since she's in the house. But I want him. She doesn't even care about him. And he's...I care about him."

"Your dog. I think I saw something about that in here," she says looking down at the file. "Dogs can be tricky, sometimes people almost treat them as children. Will she fight for...?"


"Albus? As in Dumbledore?"

"Not the real one."

She lets out a quick laugh and closes her mouth as if it almost surprised her. And I feel an unjustified amount of pride in being able to make her laugh. I want to hear that sound again.

"We can bring that up in mediation. If she fights for him, we'll go from there."

She looks down at the folder again as she thinks. As she does, she casually put the tip of her pen in her mouth. I can't believe I didn't notice her lips before. She's not even wearing lipstick and yet the color of her lips are an unnatural pink. I can't help thinking about kissing those lips. Pressing mine against them and opening them with my tongue...

Lawyer. Lawyer. Lawyer. I repeat to myself over and over again.

"Reese? You ok?"

She's smiling at me as if she knows where my head was. Maybe she does? Fuck. Where was I even looking just now? I was so distracted by that mischievous glint in her eye.

"Uh yeah. Fine. So what happens now? We just prepare for mediation if they agree to it?"

"Yes. Hopefully they agree to the date we throw out. If not, we go to trial. But I don't want you to worry, she has no case. And I've never lost."

The arrogant smirk is back. And I'm finding that I don't hate it. It's kind of sexy.

"So that's it for now?" I ask.

"At this point, the less you see me, the better for your wallet. I'll send out the mediation request and we'll go from there."

She stands up and gathers her papers into the folder. I take this as my cue that the meeting is done and stand up. We both walk to the door of the conference room. She pauses at the door before opening it.

"We've got this, Reese. Mia will regret the day she didn't value you." She flashes me a smile as she opens the door. "Thank you again for coming in, my team will be in touch soon."

She reaches her hand out to shake, which is actually the first time we've touched. I reach my hand over and try to control my voice as I feel her warm skin touch mine.

"Thanks again, Ms. Parker. I appreciate the time."

"Natalie. Ms. Parker makes me feel old."

"Well, you're actually surprisingly young."

"Am I Reese? For what exactly?"

"I think of most lawyer as old, white 50 year old men I guess. And you're definitely not that."

I realize what I said after it comes out of my mouth. But she simply smiles and continues the banter. Or is it flirtation?

"We have some of those if you want me to find you one."

"No thanks. I get attached easily. We've already established something," I smile back at her.

"Well in that case, I will be in touch soon. Have a good day Reese."

Natalie walks the other direction, leaving me in front of the conference room confused. I'm pretty sure I just had a full-on flirtatious conversation with my lawyer, 33 floors above the city.

I quickly leave without looking back. I mumble a goodbye to the receptionist as I head to the elevators that take me down to the lobby.

There is no reason I should feel this turned on after a meeting with a lawyer. But she was so sexy. And I would put money on her feeling the same about me. There was just something in her eye. I obviously know that can't happen, but a friendly flirt at the tune of $300/hour isn't the worst thing.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

As I put the final touches of my make up on I can't stop myself from thinking about her lips again. Why does the most beautiful woman I've ever seen have to be the most untouchable? Most likely she isn't even in to women and this is all a moot point.

But deep down I know she is. I saw the way she looked at me at times. This is an award winning lawyer, I have to assume that's out of the norm for her.

My phone buzzing takes me out of my thoughts. I put the mascara away as I look down at the text from Dillon. She's always paranoid I'm going to bail on these parties. Which to be fair, is usually what I do. I'm not saying 33 is old. But I feel old when I'm at a club with 22 year olds trying to get laid and find their "authentic" selves.

But its Dillon's birthday and I promised her I would go. Dillon's been my best friend since I moved to LA. I dated one of her best friends for about a week and met her one night out. We both are graphic designers and she helped get me a job at her company. We've been close since.

Her text is letting me know she'll be here in 10 minutes. Dillon doesn't drink, so she's usually the designated driver, I've offered numerous times since that seems unfair, but she always insists.

I finish getting myself together and head out to the curb to wait for her. It's a warm night so I didn't even need to bring a jacket.

As I wait, I begin to rethink my outfit. I went for a dress because of the heat and it's LA — I never know which friend of Mia's I'll run in to. It may be petty and immature but I don't want them reporting that I'm wearing cargo pants and a vest.

Tonight I'm wearing a dark blue dress that's flowy and comes down to just above my knees. It cuts in at the chest so my cleavage is noticeable. It's always gotten me compliments before and the fact is I'm still slightly turned on from my meeting earlier today with Natalie and I feel like getting some female attention.

Not that I don't usually get that. I've found I have a look that goes over well in LA. Not everywhere — in Portland I got called Skipper by a bartender at a Pride party. Who I had to be told is Barbie's little sister. Like, I didn't even get to be Barbie.

Dillon pulls up in her BMW and rolls down the window.

"How much for the night?" She calls out.

"You're an asshole," I respond as I open the door. "In no world could you ever afford this."

"You're right. I'm going to be alone forever."

I smile as she drives us off in to the night. "We can be spinsters together," I assure her.

"But you've already been married. I haven't even done that."

"That's not an accomplishment, Dill. I'm getting a divorce. That's like saying, 'it's OK that you got an F on that test, at least you took it'!"

She ignores my comment with a small laugh and pulls the car in to a spot down the street from the bar.

"How was the meeting with the lawyer? She as hot in person?"

Dillon was there when I stalked Natalie online. And has been bugging me about setting her up with said lawyer ever since. Even before I met her. Dillon can be obnoxious at times, but it's also part of her charm.

"So much hotter it's ridiculous. I couldn't concentrate."

"Well good. Maybe she can help you forget about bitch-face McGee."

I smile at the nickname. It's always a new one, but I appreciate how loyal Dillon is.

"I can't do anything about it. She's my lawyer. I think there's some rule against that."

"Good point. Which again brings me to the idea that I can date her instead!" We both laugh as we get out of the car, mainly because we both know she's being serious.

Dillon puts her arm through mine and pulls me in to the club behind her.

The Saturday lesbian party is always at the same club, Anthem. It's not a girl bar on most nights. Just Saturday's.

Our crew have been coming here for a couple years, but it's only recently that it's been as a single person.

I've dated a couple women in LA since my marriage ended last summer. But it's been fairly casual and the sex hasn't been great. There's certainly been no one that makes me want to go on a third or fourth date.

As always, we head to the bar as soon as we get there. Our friends Hayley and Jen are already at the bar holding beers.

Anthem is actually a cool bar. It has a medieval sort of feel with dark areas that look like caves. But their drink selection is limited. It's not safe to get much outside of beer, shots, and water. And I'm not even sure if the water should be trusted.

I get my beer and join my friends at our spot. We like to watch the dancers out on the dance floor at the end of the bar so we have a good view and a place to set our drinks. I don't come to hook up. If it happens, great. But I don't put my hopes in it like some women here do.

You can see them all over the club. Clutching their drink like a lifeline and darting their eyes around until they can make significant eye contact with anyone.

I'm sure I was like that in my early 20s too. I berate myself for suddenly sounding like a grandpa who had to walk to school in snow to hit on lesbians.

I mainly come to these to support Dillon, plus I love to dance. I also don't get to see Jen and Hayley much outside of our Saturday excursions every once in a while.

Jen is single and loves anything- men, women, I don't even want to know what. I actually introduced her to the other two. Jen went to my high school and moved out to LA soon after I did.

Hayley is full on gay but she has a girlfriend named Heather. Heather is a successful scenic designer and is usually traveling. She makes all these cute "H&H" crafts while she's gone as a gift to Hayley and it's disgusting.

I finally tune in to the conversation to catch Jen talking about a recent date with a firefighter only to leave him at the end of the dinner with the female bartender. Jen doesn't discriminate based on gender. Or anything really. She's kind of like Dillon in that sense.

This is pretty typical for our Saturdays now. Hayley and I listen to Dillon and Jen talk about their sexual exploits. Hayley doesn't usually contribute out of respect for her girlfriend. And they know I'm generally sad and mopey about my divorce and don't push me.

"I took you more for a cocktail kind of girl," I hear someone say behind me. A little too close than is comfortable.

I turn around ready to say something snarky to the too forward woman. But my jaw slaps shut when I see Natalie in front of me. She looks even hotter than this morning. She's in tight skinny jeans and a black tank top, her hair out of its confines and rolling down her back.

"Natalie," is all I manage to get out and I feel my face redden for no reason.

"Hello, Reese," she smiles back.

"What're you doing here?" I ask her before realizing that it may come off as rude.

Honestly, I just didn't expect her to be here. Or any lesbian bar. She sticks out here, among all the hipster LA lesbians with their half shaved head/half long hair looks.

"I suspect the same thing you're doing here. Drinking. Dancing. Conversing."

She still sounds like a lawyer. A little too formal and buttoned up, but unlike earlier where she was friendly but professional, she has some kind of glimmer in her eye. And I'm pretty sure it's attraction mixed with alcohol.

"I've just never seen you here before," I respond as I take a sip of my beer, mainly so my hands have something to do. Something was telling me this was going in a very specific direction.

"You may have and just didn't notice. I've been here a few times."

"I would have remembered."

It's out of my mouth before I can even stop myself. Natalie's eyes widen for just a second at the remark.

"So you think I'm noticeable then?"

She asks it almost nervously. Probably because we're entering into dangerous territory. But I can't help but smile back. She's just so fucking pretty.

"Am I allowed to think my lawyer is noticeable?" I banter back inadvisably.

"You can think whatever you want, Reese."

The conversation stalls but it doesn't feel uncomfortable. I look up from my drink to see her looking at me with her head tilted to the side, a question in her eyes.

But before she has a chance to ask whatever it was, Dillon pops her head over my shoulder. And I remind myself to yell at her later for being such an annoying clock block. No. Not cock block. This is your lawyer.

"Well, hello. Do you two know each other?" Dillon asks.

"Dillon, this is Natalie. She's the lawyer I told you about."

Natalie is still looking at me curiously.

"Oh shit, you're the hot lawyer. At Anthem. Very nice to meet you. I've heard all about you," she rambles out way too excitedly.

"Guilty as charged?"

Dillon laughs too loud at the cheesy joke. And I'm starting to feel like I may just slap her in front of everyone. Which I should have done, because she goes on.

"If I could draw the perfect sketch of Reese's type, you'd be it"

"That would be more flattering coming from her, but thank you," she responds looking at me with a smile.

"You're beautiful," I suddenly blurt out and this time Natalie's eyes do widen.

In the ensuing silence, Dillon obviously senses something is happening and gives an uncomfortable laugh.

"I'm gonna go check on the girls. You guys good on drinks? Yes? Great." And at that she walks away in a dramatic way.

I'm about to apologize for her but I'm caught off guard by the intense look Natalie is giving me.

"Do you want to go talk somewhere quieter?" She asks me just barely loud enough to hear over the music. Or maybe that's just my own heartbeat.

Her eyes look hungry. And apprehensive. And I can tell she tried to stop herself from asking the question. Whatever is going on here between us is obviously not her norm with clients.

"Yes," I respond almost as quietly.

I turn around and say a quick goodbye to the gang so they don't worry. I don't even wait to see what Dillon's face looks like as I turn back to Natalie.

She slowly reaches over and takes my hand to pull me behind her in the packed crowd. And I can't help but flinch at the sudden contact. Her hand feeling so warm and soft in mine.

We don't say anything as we head out of the bar. There's not much to say except "stop" and "wait" and "maybe this is a bad idea". But neither of us says that.

As we leave the bar, even the cool air hitting my face doesn't clear my mind. Natalie doesn't release my hand. But with an urgency, she pulls me to the side of the building, under the awning of a secluded apartment complex.

She gently pushes me against the door of the building but doesn't do anything. She just looks at me, the same quiet intensity she had inside.

"Tell me to stop," she whispers as she moves her eyes down to my lips.

"Reese," she says when I say nothing. Almost pleading me to stop her.

But I can't. I knew that the moment I saw her. It was always going to happen like this. Maybe I didn't think it would happen this fast, but I felt it when I saw her photo. And I felt it when we first met. I certainly feel it now as she looks at me with desire clouding her eyes.

I don't say anything back. I push myself off the door I was leaning against and lean in to push my lips against hers.

The second they touch, all apprehension dissipates from both of us. She immediately leans in to me so my back is again against the door again.

I can't help the sigh that leaves me as she pushes more firmly against me, deepening the kiss.

We break apart for a moment to breath. I can see her eyes have darkened and her lips look pinker.

"Natalie," I whisper as I lean my forehead against hers, trying to catch my breath. "Don't stop," I barely get out before she's pushing her tongue forcefully into my mouth again.

This time it's not even a sigh, I fully moan in to her mouth as she suddenly sucks on my tongue.

My hands are now tangled in her hair and I can't seem to pull her close enough. I feel her hands up my sides, moving over to cup my breasts over my dress. And all I want is the fabric to be gone. I want her hands all over me. Her mouth doing to my pussy what she's doing to my mouth.

In the back of my head I acknowledge that we're about to fuck on some random doorstep, feet away from a building holding our various friends. I use the leverage of my hands in her hair to gently push her face away.

"Where can we go?" I say so huskily I barely recognize my voice.

"Did you drive?" She asks me as she moves her lips from my mouth to my jaw line.

I can barely answer her I'm so turned on. I drove right? No, no, Dillon drove.

"No. Did you? Fuck," her mouth feels so good now sucking on my earlobes.

"No. Where do you live?" She stops her sucking as I move my hand to the hem of her pants and she lets out an almost growl.

"West Hollywood, about 15 minutes," I respond and before I even ask if she wants to go there, she's pulling out her phone to call an Uber.

She hands me the phone so I can put my address in and before I know it we're in the back of an SUV Uber and her lips are back on mine.

I was wondering why she got such a big car but now I see why. The driver can barely see what we're doing two rows back. And Natalie seems to have no qualms with PDA.

I can't think straight or I'd probably feel a little self-conscious about making out with my newly hired lawyer while sitting in some man's car. But her lips are on me and her hunger is driving me forward.

"You're so sexy, Reese. So beautiful. I had to stop my jaw from hitting the floor when I met you today," she says as she sucks on my neck.

"I had to squeeze my legs together the whole meeting, I was so wet just from seeing you and hearing your voice," she continues.

"Same. But I felt that when I stalked your photo online. I almost fired you before I even hired you."

"And why's that?"

"You're too hot. Too distracting."

She gives a low laugh at that, "I can see that."

"Shut up," I say as I grab her sides and pull her more on top of me.

The driver has to clear his throat since we both didn't notice we arrived at my apartment.

We both smile at each other as we shuffle out of the car and she gives that low laugh again. How can one laugh be so sexy? All I want to do is make her laugh now. Or fuck her.

I'm silently thankful I cleaned my apartment this morning as we walk in the front door. I put my keys down and turn around, fully expecting to push her up against the door so we can resume where we left off.

But she was looking around my apartment and it only takes me a second to see what she's looking at.
All along one side of my apartment are canvasses. Water colors mainly. Some sketches. Silly things I play around with in my spare time.

"Are you ok?" I ask her nervously, confused by her sudden stillness.

"Did you do these?" She asks.

"Yes. Just in my spare time. I'm better with graphic design."

"They're beautiful. You're talented."

I'm not great at taking compliments over my art so I simply look down and shrug my shoulders.

"Come here," she says quietly.

I walk over to her and appreciate the way her eyes rake up my body. She pulls me in to her, but this time with a tenderness she hasn't shown before.

But as our lips meet again, the hunger is back and now we don't have to worry about being in public.
Natalie let's out something akin to a growl and removes her shirt in less than a second. I shouldn't be surprised she's efficient. She's the type.

Once I really look at her body my thoughts are jumbled. She's by far the sexiest woman I've ever seen.

"Natalie," is all I manage to get out before I push into her, letting my hands finally roam where they want to. I move us to the couch and push her down onto it.

Before straddling her, I quickly pull my dress over my head and am thankful for the loose fabric I chose.
The look on her face alone shoots electricity to my pussy. She's slowly moving her eyes up my body.

Taking in my form over her, in only some panties.

"No bra?" She smirks as she overtly stares at my tits.

"Didn't work with the dress."

"Thank god for small miracles," she replies as she flicks her tongue over her lips.

I move over her body and straddle her so my legs are pinning her down on the couch.

"You can do more than just stare," I tell her as I put my chest eye level to her before moving back again.

I can feel her hands grip my hips as she rolls her hips up.

This time when I bring my chest close to her face again, she quickly puts her mouth on my right breast, taking the nipple in to her mouth and rolling it with her tongue.

I grab the back of her head to urge her to take more of it. And then I guide her head to my left breast.

"Fuck Natalie. That feels so good."

Her mouth is relentless on my tits and I can't help letting my head fall back. I swear if she keeps going I'll come just from this. Which is way too soon.

I move my hands around her back so I can remove her bra. Which is luckily an easy clasp given how distracted I am by her mouth.

I can feel her mouth vibrate against my skin as I cup both of her tits in my hands. But I want to see her. All of her. So I gently push her against the couch. She resists for only a second, seemingly not wanting to end her focus on my own tits.

"Wait. I need to look at you. I've been thinking about your body since I saw you in that fucking pencil skirt," I tell her as I gaze down at her.

"You can look all you want, babe, but I'd rather you touch."

"Take off your pants for me."

"I knew you were a top."

"Take them off Natalie," I say quietly back. More than happy to play this game.

She complies with a small smirk on her face. For some reason I felt like she'd react this way to me topping her from the few times she's gone quiet and tender. I have every intention of dominating this woman.

She's now fully naked on the couch. I have a fleeting thought that maybe we should move to the bed. But I can't be bothered to waste even a second. And something about fucking her on this couch is hotter.

"Sit up and spread your legs, please," I command. The added 'please' is really more for irony. She complies again, looking up at me and I can feel a gush to my pussy from the darkness clouding her eyes.

"God I want your mouth on me. Please. Stop teasing," she pleads quietly.

I laugh at her eagerness, partly because I'm just as eager. And it's taking everything in me to not just devour her.

"It will be soon baby," I tell her as I slowly move to the couch and kneel down.

"I want to know how wet you are before I taste you. Show me."

She looks at me and then down at her pussy. I gently take her hand and move it to her pussy to show her more specifically what I'm wanting. She gets the hint and moves a finger in to her folds, up and down so it's covered in her fresh juices.

She moves her finger up and looks at it before offering it to me. I grab her wrist and guide two of her fingers into my mouth, sucking them clean.

"Fuck. Reese," she moans out as I make sure her fingers are completely clean.

"You taste amazing. I need more. Is that OK baby?" I ask her.

"Yes. Please," she pants out. And I can tell she needs some release soon. So I stop my teasing and move my hands to her thighs so I can push them open further. Now that I'm close to her pussy I can see and smell how turned on she is.

I can't help the moan that comes out of my mouth as I dip my tongue in to her pussy. I'm so hungry to taste her that I slide my tongue down her slit until I'm able to enter her pussy. I fuck her like that, unable to get enough of her taste on my fully submerged tongue.

We're both moaning, but hers are by far louder as she encourages me along with a stream of expletives and dirty words that sound incredibly sexy coming out of her educated, proper mouth.

I move my tongue up her pussy so I can explore how sensitive her clit is. Her moans are still present, but not as deep. So I put two fingers inside of her without waring as I suck on her clit. She screams out and starts to thrust her hips up to gain more friction.

I love how unbelievably uninhibited she is. She's owning her pleasure without embarrassment and I'm glad her eyes are closed so she can't see my expression of mid-sex wonder.

"I don't want you to come yet," I tell her as I remove my fingers to her loud moan of protest. Her frustration dissipates as soon as she realizes what I'm doing. I move up so I'm straddling her on the couch.

Before doing anything else, I put my hands in her hair and pull her in for a searing kiss. She gasps as the suddenness of it but almost instantly opens her mouth to let my tongue in, tasting her pussy all over it.

"Don't you taste good?" I ask her into her mouth.

She nods as I take over her tongue again with mine. Once I need to catch my breath, I break away from her mouth and move to her earlobe.

"Are you right or left handed Natalie?" I ask and she shivers as my tongue lightly hits her ear as I say her name.

"Right," she whispers out, barely even audible.

"See what you do to me," I take her right hand and move it to my pussy, knowing I must be embarrassingly wet by now.

At first she's almost cautious as she moves her fingers in to my dripping pussy. But once she feels how wet I am, she gains some confidence and pulls me in to her with her other arm. She easily slips two fingers inside me and positions herself to she can move her fingers in and out.

"Fuck, yes. Add another baby," I tell her, wanting to feel stretched.

She moves my body a little so she can get another finger in. I let her fuck me hard for a few minutes before grabbing her wrist and stilling her hand.

"I don't want to come yet either."

I slowly get off her body but before I do, I whisper in her ear, "I don't want to push you too fast. So say no to anything that makes you uncomfortable. OK?"

I can feel her nod against me so I continue, "Baby, will you get on all fours for me?"

She moves down to the rug much slower than it would normally take. And as she does, she looks over her shoulder and smiles seductively. And I'm relieved she's enjoying this as much as I am. Because I'm not sure how I haven't come just from seeing her like this.

"Like this?" she asks as she turns back around.

"Perfect, baby."

I move over behind her and slide my hands up from her ass up so I can cup her breasts. I love feeling her from this angle. It feels like I can envelop her and if this ever happens again, I'd want to fuck her like this with a strap on.

But I can see her legs are wet. She's dripping on herself at this point and I'm going to relieve her. I move my tongue from the top of her ass and lightly bring it down. I move further down so I can get my tongue back in her pussy and she moans so loud I almost think she's coming. But then I feel her move back on my tongue, trying to drive more friction.

I remove my tongue and don't give her any time to complain as I slide three fingers in to her pussy as I kneel behind her and pull her into me with the other hand. I use my body to shove in to her deeper.

"Fuck, yes, harder, please," she all but screams.

I increase the pace of my thrusts until I feel her start to tighten around my fingers.

"Come for me baby, I can feel it."

As soon as the words leave my mouth I feel her come around me. She pushes herself down as she rides her orgasm out, moaning and not saying anything legible.

I gently pull out my fingers and she flinches as they leave her. She's now on her stomach, breathing heavily. I sit back on my heels to catch my own breath. She turns over onto her back and looks up at me.

"Reese, that was really fucking hot. I want to make you come too."

I don't say anything as I move over to where she is on the ground. I straddle her again, moving my knees to each side of her. She slides her hands up my ass and digs her fingernails in. I know how wet I am, so I move my pussy down onto her chest and start to touch my clit as I slide up and down her chest.

Her fingernails dig in deeper to my chest as she lets out some swear words, very obviously enjoying the view. I'm closer than I thought I was, and I don't want to make myself come, so I remove my hand. Wanting her mouth on me again, I move my body further up hers so my knees are on either side of her head.

I don't move my pussy to her mouth until she makes eye contact with me.

"Let me make you come," she says again.

I oblige and move down onto her mouth. I let out a long, low moan as she swipes her tongue all around my pussy. She explores inside with her full tongue for a few strokes before moving to my clit and flicking her tongue against it.

The way she's grabbing my ass and the steady, light flick of her tongue has me coming on her mouth in a matter of minutes. I have to fall forward so I can support myself on my hands as I come down from my orgasm. I feel so light headed, I swear I might from pass out from pleasure.

I move so I can lay down on the ground next to her and for the next few minutes the only thing I can hear is our mutual heavy breathing.

Given how domineering I was for the past hour or so, I get closer to her so I can press my lips into her neck. It's slightly sweaty and yet she smells like she just got out of the shower. I gently kiss her under her ear.

"Thank you that was amazing," I whisper.

She hums gently as she plays with my hair and I can tell she's spent.

"Stay the night. It's too late to go home. I have a big bed that's calling our names."

She stays silent a moment and I can tell she's thinking it through. Ultimately exhaustion wins though.

"Ok, let's go to this legendary bed."

"I said big, not legendary. Don't put too many expectations on this."

She laughs as she follows me to the bedroom. We both slip in to the covers, naked and I can see her eyes are nearly shut already.

As we start to drift off, she moves so she's in the crook of my arm. After a moment I hear her again.



"You know I can't be your lawyer, right?"

I knew this was coming. I knew this when we left the club. There are some lines you can't uncross.

"I know."

"I have many recommendations. I'll find you someone good."

"It's OK, I read a Yelp review that you're not that good anyway."

"Fuck you."

I smile at that. During sex is one thing, but swear words coming out of her mouth during any other time just sound cute.

"In the morning, baby. Goodnight."

I'm pretty sure I can feel her roll her eyes as she presses closer in.

"Night, Reese."
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