The Proposition to Jenny

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Allie was deep in thought. She couldn't get the new girl in the coffee shop out of her mind.

She first met Jenny three weeks ago while taking in her daily caffeine break, and her mind had been spinning since.

Jenny is a mid-20s girl of Vietnamese background, maybe 5 feet 2, with a very athletic body; her breasts are perfect. Actually, Jen may be one of the most attractive people Allie had met in a long time. Allie was the opposite of Jen. While very pretty, Allie was 35 years, tall, thin, European, with a very short blonde pixie haircut. Opposites attracting was true in this case.

Allie decided to go down to see the object of her lust this afternoon, and maybe get the courage to talk about some things she had been thinking about.

Jen was busy with customers, running around with a reckless abandon, when Allie walked in. Allie thought that was a good

thing, as it gave her time to get her head together.

When the young woman finally had time, she came over and gave Allie a big smile, showing her brilliant white teeth. "Hey Al, how are you?!!"

Even after knowing her for weeks, Jenny still took Allie's breath away.

"I am great, and good, Jenny!! How are you?" said Alliie, tripping over her words

"I'm fine, but I have to take off a bit of time to take care of the family problem I told you about, and that's not a good thing because I need all the money I can get."

There, Allie had her glorious opening.

"You know, I wanted to talk to you about that. Maybe I can help, money wise. You know I am not hurting in that area, and I don't want my favorite coffee girl leaving me."

Tears welled up in Jen's eyes and she then started crying, trying to be discreet in her workplace.

"Allie I can't take your money, but you cannot know how much that means to me!!"

"You can and will take my money, but don't worry, you are going to work for it."

Jen blinked away tears and seemed confused. "Work for it?"

"Yes, can you come over my apartment later so we can talk? Maybe 8?"

Yea, sure, but I do not know what I could possibly offer, and this ordeal is insanely expensive."

"Just come over and we will talk. see you then."

Allie left as the Asian girl was staring blankly and obviously thinking furiously.

At 8 Allie answered the door to find Jen, who had definitely been crying again.

"Come on in, Sweetie, and please stop crying."

Jen apologized. "It is kind of hard not to, but this time I was crying happy tears, knowing my family can finally rest a little. That is if I can do this job for you, and I am not sure I can."

Allie looks Jen over, having second thoughts while considering Jenny's innocence. But the Asian girl's pert body, beautiful face and long silky hair put that to rest quickly.

"Come in and sit down. After the girl sat, Allie paused and said "I am going to get right to the reason i brought you here."

Allie took a deep breath and asked Jen the question: "Have you ever been with a woman?"

Jen looks stunned, and her mouth moved wordlessly but she finally spoke. "I kissed a girl once in school, but that is it. Why?"

"Jen, I want you to be a personal assistant to me, but in a way that would satisfy my desires, sexually. I know this is awkward and of course you can walk out and I wouldn't blame you. But if you do as I say, you will have the money you need and more. I require one month of service for the initial payment, and if you stay with me after, we can talk about the terms of our relationship."

Jen sat quietly for a few minutes then finally answered. "When do I start?" Surely knowing the answer.

Allie didn't think Jen looked too excited, but she agreed to the job. Allie was wet just thinking about this beautiful girl between her legs. "Right now is good for me," replied Allie in a somewhat predatory tone. "Stand up , Jen."

Jen stood and Allie stood up in front of the scared girl, looking down, as she had a good 6 or 7 inches inches on the tiny Asian. Allie kissed Jen and didn't stop for several minutes.

It took Jen some time to loosen up, but she ended up being a good kisser. Allie finally broke the embrace, and her head was spinning.

"That was great, now get undressed and then take off my clothes, too."

Jen hesitated, but then started taking off her clothes; soon she was naked. "Now me," Allie demanded, a little more roughly than she intended. Jen did as told and soon they were facing each other completely unclothed.

"What now?," Jen asked nervously.

"Now I am going to lick your pussy the way I want you to lick me. So pay attention, because you need to learn." Allie started to kneel on the floor, but added one thing. "Do not touch me as I pleasure you. That is something you must earn. Do you understand?"

Jen nodded, almost hypnotically. "Yes, Allie."

"Ok, sit on the couch and spread your legs."

When Jen was in position, Allie started kissing her thighs and slowly worked her way directly in front of Jen's pussy. Very slowly Allie started to lick around her lips and gradually was inserting her tongue deep into the girl's wet pussy. Allie previously wondered if she could get the girl off, but Jen was definitely enjoying this and she soon had a very loud climax.

"I would ask if you liked that, but you clearly did." Allie said that with a devilish smirk and a wink.

"Your turn." Allie stood in front of the girl.

"On your knees and lick me."

Jen complied, and put her hands behind Allie's ass. Jen looks up at the blonde woman. "I really hope I can do this well, Allie."

Allie was so aroused she just put her hand on the girl's head and firmly pushed her where she needed to go. "Lick. Now."

Jen was tentative at first, so Allie grabbed a handful of Jen's hair and pulled very hard.

"Lick that pussy!!"

"Oww!!" Jen yelped, but she did as told.

"Look at me while you lick!!"

Jen looked up with her pretty almond-shaped eyes and Allie almost came right there.

Good girl," Allie said in a more delicate tone.

Allie repositioned her right hand and inserted her fingers deeply into the girl's hair at the top of her head and made a tight fist. Doing that made it easy to control Jen and to put her where Allie wanted her to lick, but it brought another squeal from Jen.

"Shit!! Ouch!!"

Jen raised her hand to her head but Allie slapped it away.

"Keep licking and do not stop."

Jen responded, but it was just muffled grunting.

The girl needed more time to perfect her craft, but looking down at Jen, with a hand firmly gripping the girl's lustrous hair was almost enough for Allie.

"Do you like my pussy, Jenny?" Allie pulled Jen's head back so the girl could reply.

"Yes." She answered meekly, briefly having her mouth removed from the wet pussy. Then Jen added "Can you loosen your grip on my hair, Allie? Please, It hurts."

Jen looked like she was going to cry, so Allie sighed and loosened her hold slightly on the girl's shiny locks.

"Just keep licking, slut."

Allie was surprised by her own words and tone, almost embarrassed. Almost.

"Yes, Allie."

Allie was going to cum soon and it was going to mess Jen's face. She warned the girl of this so it wasn't a shock. As her climax was nearing, Allie gathered Jen's hair, pulling it into a tight ponytail.

"Don't fucking move your face, I am going to cum now."

With that, Allie lets out a gushing stream directly onto the Asian girl's mouth and face, soaking her with sex. Allie finally lets go of Jen's hair and sunk to the couch, exhausted.

After a bit of time, Allie spoke to the girl.

"Are you ok? I know you never expected that side of me and our relationship has changed. You are mine for now, though, so you better get used to it. Do you understand?"

"Yes Allie, I understand."

"Ok Jen, that is enough for today, but I want you here tomorrow, same time, and plan on staying the night."

Jen nodded, dressed and left without even fixing her hair or washing her face.

While alone, all Allie could do was think of things to do to Jen next. She had some ideas.
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