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I currently run the PTA meetings at my sons elementary school and have to deal with the moms that volunteer their time to the committee. It was clear that they needed a night out with their husbands without the kids. I decided to hold a night where the school provides a night care service watching the children from 6 to 9pm. They loved the idea and so we held it the next day on Friday. The only difference was that all the moms wanted to have a MNO or "Mom's Night Out" without their husbands. This led to another idea I had, that the husbands for once would participate in a PTA meeting as it would be nice to hear from a different audience other than just the mothers.

Friday night finally came and I decided to get dressed up for the husbands attending the PTA meeting as I always appreciate the attention.

My tight pink long sleeve I wore was showing the strain of my bra straps created from the weight of my heavy breasts. No matter how conservative my outfit choices are, I always have a bit of cleavage happening. Below that was a gray plaid pencil skirt fell just above my knees with a slit on the side revealing a peek of my tan colored nylons. This was all held together by a thick black belt that my large breasts slightly poured over.

The broken thermostat was on the fritz and permanently set at 78 degrees in the classroom so it was definitely uncomfortable to sit there for a long period. My make up was heavily applied and my hair was up, but sweat kept pouring down my forehead and trickling down between my cleavage.

The men started to slowly shuffle into the classroom, not knowing many of the other dads or me for a matter of fact. There were some that would glance at my glistening chest and then meet my eyes before looking away immediately. I found it charming and would just smile at them.

As I began introducing myself I could hear some of the men's lewd comments about my physical appeal and compliments about my generous bosom. Although my wardrobe choice was hugging every inch of my mature curves, they needed to pay attention as to why they were here which was to brainstorm different ways to help the school.

I paused as I needed to gain their attention in a different way. "Excuse me gentlemen, eyes up here please."

One of the men raised their hand and made an observation, "you have to admit that your outfit is perfectly hugging your voluptuous body..." I smiled with my toothy grin. "Well thank you, but let's get back to the agenda shall we?"

As I paced throughout the classroom explaining the agenda at hand I could see them concentrating on my huge tits jiggling within my cardigan. I've been known to attract cocks and theirs were stiffening as they watched my curvaceous body wiggle throughout the classroom. The visible shaft outlines in their pants made me so horny just thinking about it.

They didn't try hiding that they were obviously ogling my huge jugs as they bounced passed their desks. I was slightly wobbling on my heels as they have trouble supporting my cumbersome amount of tits and ass. I purposefully adjusted my bra and shirt to expose more cleavage. This was becoming a huge turn on for me knowing that these sex starved men all wanted to take me right there in the classroom.

I decided to do a role play exercise that I knew would get them going. "Can I please have a volunteer?" Nobody seemed excited at this request so I continued to explain. "I need you to come up here and demonstrate on me what inappropriate dancing looks like at a dance and when to separate the kids."

"Uhhh okay." Mr. Peterson gladly volunteered and positioned himself behind me. He firmly grabbed my wide maternal hips as I could feel his semi hard dick press into my asscrack. It was so warm. I swayed my wide hips, grinding my plump ass further into his crotch.

He hiked up my skirt to reveal my huge fat rump to the rest of the husbands and planted both hands on each cheek. He happily exclaimed, "Holy shit you have a huge ass."

I let out a faint moan. "Mmm yeah...just for you baby. Can I please get a few more volunteers to also show me what is considered inappropriate dancing and groping?" At this point all them almost fell out of their chairs running up to me with lust in their eyes.

I quickly reached for the bulges in their trousers and they were already rock hard. Hands immediately were grabbing at my tits through my tight blouse feeling it's shape and heft. All the while their cocks were pressed up against my voluptuous body. "Oh my! You married men love my huge tits and ass, huh?"

My ass crack had Mr. Peterson's hand immediately shoved in between my cheeks happily devouring it into its deep crevasse. His hand was was warm and my sweaty ass gave him enough lube for his whole hand to go deep and finger my tight asshole.

"Mmm...ohhh yeah baby, shove those fingers into my sweaty ass crack!

He was knuckles deep at this point. I could feel my creamy white cheeks pouring over his greedy fingers while sucking them in further towards my asshole. He tried moving his stubby fingers in and out of my lengthy ass crack, but his hand was crammed in there tightly.

"Yeah that's right! Take it you fat slut!"

I reached back towards his trousers and felt how stiff my 55 inch wide ass had made him. Gripping his manhood tight, I began jerking his cock through his zipper as he kept his fingers shoved in my ass crack.

Mr. Johnson hungrily pulled my cardigan up over my mounds of tit meat. Then he observably said, "God damn your body was clearly built for satisfying many men."

I had a beige bra on, where each boob was struggling to stay contained. This wasn't an issue anymore when he yanked my bra cups down and began lifting, sucking and mauling my enormous sagging breasts.

"Holy shit look at these juggs!" I heard him announce as my tits were swaying from side to side, uncovered for the first time. He was dying to find out so he asked, "how big are they?"

I replied back while looking down at him, "38 F, hun! I bet you can't wait to cum all over my enormous mom bra!"

Mr. Peterson pulled down his zipper and exposed his cock through his boxer shorts. After tearing an entry of my pantyhose, he thumbed my fat ass cheeks apart and slid his cock straight into my very wet pussy. Meanwhile, Mr. Cortez nudged Mr. Johnson aside and began groping my juggs, which poured over each of his hands.

I moaned with pleasure, as I squeezed two other husband's pricks through their slacks.

After a nice tit message, Mr. Cortez buried his face in my chest and licked each one, until my chest was coated with his saliva.

"Oh God yes! I yelled and threw my head back to give him my all. "Ohh mmm yeah! Keep sucking my huge white tits, Mr. Cortez!" He was intent on saturating my bosom, to the point where he could no longer hold my slippery breasts.

"Holy shit! This teacher is a nasty slut!", someone yelled.

"Mmm yeah boys! I'm such a fat slut!"

It was a big turn on to act in this submissive way and getting called a slut. Here I was, a married woman all dolled up in a classroom with eight sex starved husbands with the intention of getting my tits plastered in their jizz. I definitely deserved the title of slutty mom today.

The dirty talk from these husbands made me feel like I was in a porn film. I was hearing them making comment like, "a curvy slut like this needs multiple cocks!"

And another man chimed in, "her fat ass is so fucking sweaty!"

They positioned me on all fours on top of my desk, as I presented them with my big, pale ass. I was now getting fucked from behind by Mr. Singh while I had Mr. Jackson's cock between my tits. Every time my fat ass got pumped, the other man sitting in front of me slid his cock in and out between my tits as he held them tightly molded around his hard on. I also was jerking two hard dicks in each hand, and had one that was slipping in and out of my mouth. At this point, I was satisfying five men simultaneously while the others kept their cocks stiff with fast jerking motions.

I could hear the perspiration from my massive ass getting plowed by a rock hard cock. His balls were slapping against my cellulite covered ass cheeks and caused a ripple effect every time he slammed into me. The juices from my pussy and ass crack added to the musty aroma in the classroom.

My hefty hips had a new pair of man hands pulling my plump ass back and forth into their huge 8 inch dick. There were definitely a pair of pink hand prints on each of my ass cheeks after he was done plowing my my milf sized booty.

Each husband took turns pumping my fat ass, while I deep throated the lineup of cocks. I wrapped my fingers around a couple other hard dicks and jerked those as well.

There I was, squatting on my heels with my head bobbing back and forth between cocks. I was sucking them greedily while two more dicks continued to pound my pussy and ass.

After several more minutes of being used, I had eventually fucked and sucked them all. I slid back, motioning for them to gather around me. "Okay, boys, I'm ready for you to cum all over my big tits...."

Mr. Johnson quickly pulled out of my pussy and yanked the condom off his dick aiming it towards my heaving chest. Mr. Cortez, Mr. Peterson and the other husbands followed suit and positioned themselves circling around me.

They tugged at themselves with their eyes focused on my well endowed target.

"Oh yeah boys! Jerk those cocks!"

"Mmm yeah baby! Are you going to do it?" I squealed. I looked at Mr. Johnson's hand urgently yanking his veiny member and then glanced at his face all twisted with the effort.

His head rolled as he gurgled a, "Oh fuck Mrs. Bottoms! I'm gonna drench those huge tits!"

And then he tensed and grunted, his fist moving in quick bursts, jizm flicking out of him to spatter between my breasts. Semen rained down on me, a sticky goo that glistened my pale skin, and my breasts smeared with the stuff.

"Mmm oh yeah boys! Shoot your hot loads all over my slutty tits! Your wives would be so jealous!"

Each husband was stroking their cock while aimed right at my huge mounds of flesh.

Mr. Singh was the second man to cum. Right after I pulled my mouth off his manhood, he let out a roar. "Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum on your fat tits!"

"Mmm yeah cum all over my huge jugs honey!"

A steady stream of creamy white liquid splashed onto my upper chest and soaked both of my huge tits.

A third shot from Mr Peterson went right into my mouth and dribbled down my chin.

Mr. Cortez stepped up behind me while I had Mr. Smith in my mouth and splattered my ass with his hot load.

I turned my chest to him and got a second huge shot of cum on my tits before I could get my mouth on his big cock.

"Come on baby...give it to me...give me your cum...squirt it all over my tits... "

Oh God, I'm cumin. I'm cumin" Mr. Rodriguez screamed, as he yanked his ejaculating dick out of my mouth. Grabbing the back of my head with one hand, Mr. Rodriguez sprayed fresh semen from one side of my tits to the other and back again. My juggs were continuing to be coated in cum while a couple other men were in line to tit fuck me.

"Fuck my big tits with those rock hard cocks! Mmm yeah I want you to cover them in your cum! Oh yeah give it to me boys!"

The rest of the other husbands came all over me at the same time, coating the rest of my heaving chest with stream after stream of semen.

Cum was pouring down the rest of my body and was all over my low hanging tits. I asked the men while rubbing their cum all over my tits if they liked what they saw. They grinned knowing they just used me like a common slut and I loved it.

I can't wait until the next Mom's night out!
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