Red Lipstick Princess

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The first time I saw Ashley, I knew she was special. As a Manager of a city bar and restaurant, I'd seen plenty of lovely young waitresses come and go. But there was something different about Ashley. She came to us four months ago, at 20 years old, looking for a summer job during college. Long dark brown hair framed her heart shaped face, and her perky C cup breasts pulled in twice the tips of the other girls. Thank god our restaurant had a staircase, because watching her walk up to the DJ booth on the second floor was a highlight for everyone at the bar. Her ass was juicy, round, full, and everyday in the summer she wore cutoff booty shorts that left the bottom free to feel the breeze.

One day in september I was doing inventory on my laptop, and got distracted watching her walk up the stairs. She turned around, saw me staring, and winked with a sly smile. I quickly went back to work. Later That day, Ashley approached me at the bar to ask a question.

"Hey, Danny, I was cleaning a table and I found a purse full of make up that someone had left. can I have it?"

She looked up at me with her dazzling hazel eyes, sparkling with youthful joy at finding some free stuff. I noticed the race car red of her pushup bra peaking out of her unbuttoned uniform, and decided to make this one harder for her.

"Ashley, That belongs to someone! You can't just take someone else's purse."

"But Please! They were so salty, didn't even leave a tip!"

"I don't care Ashley. Also, you should button up your uniform. Red is a very noticeable color."

Ashley Pouted and walked away in a huff. I followed her exit to the kitchen, her gorgeous curves dancing away from me, her small uniform hugging her tight little waist.

Later on in the evening, I noticed Ashley was getting a lot of attention from our regulars. more than normal. Then I noticed that she had not only not buttoned up her shirt, but she had BRIGHT red lipstick on to match her bra. and not only that, she had lowered her shorts so her red lacy panties were peaking out the top. I had to pull her aside.

"Ashley, come with me right now."

I pulled Ashley into the storage closet, where she gave me a sly smile with those juicy red lips.

"What now Danny? I'm making such good tips! Everybody looooves my service. aren't I making you proud?"

I couldn't help but get distracted by her round tits. They were perfect. And she knew it.

"No Ashley, You took that lipstick from the purse, didn't you?"

"Yes Danny, I did. It's a noticeable color, Red, isn't it? you noticed!"

"Ashley, I told you that you couldn't have that makeup!"

"I know Danny. I've been a bad little waitress"

I was stunned. what did she mean? she answered my quizzical look by reaching into her pocket and pulling out the lipstick.

"Here, Danny, this is the lipstick I stole. Now you have two options, you can either get a tissue and take it off my naughty little lips..."

Then she unbuttoned her uniform, one button at a time, and opened up her shirt to reveal her lacy, hot red bra clutching her perfect round handful tits.

"Or, we could have a little fun and use up the rest of it together."

"What do you mean Ashley?"

"Well, I like to play dirty sometimes and walk around with slutty words on my body. It's so naughty, I know, but it gives me this sexy confidence knowing I've got red lipstick writing on me. Maybe for the rest of the night, I could walk around with something fun and creative written on my tits?"

I couldn't believe it. She was a temptress, for sure, but this was crazy! What if it rubbed off on her uniform... what if someone saw it... what if...

"Don't worry Danny, nobody will see. well, nobody but you, of course. And you do want to see, don't you?"

I did. So I took the lipstick, and I wrote something fun. Ashley giggled with glee as I drew the letters across her chest, just for her, just for me.

"Okay Ashley, tell me what letters you feel when I write them."

Ashley giggled and nodded.

"D... A... D... D... Y... S... S... L... U... T..."

"good girl." I said, looking her over and admiring my work.

"Thank you daddy, and now You have to write something else right above my tight pussy, okay?"

I happily obliged, and unbuttoned her shorts, pulling down her panties to reveal her perfectly shaved pussy. I pressed my cheek against it and closed my eyes, then leaned back and wrote again.

"One more time baby girl, tell me the letters."

"Hehe okay daddy... F... U... C...K... M... E... hehehe, so hot! are you really going to?"

"Maybe later on. Turn around Ashley, I want to write something above your ass."

"Okay daddy, you want to give it a hot red handprint to go with all this slutty red lipstick?"

"Yes baby."

I grabbed her by the waist and spun her around, pulled her juicy ass apart, and rubbed her wet pussy. I pulled my arm back and slapped her left ass cheek, and she let out a gasp.

"OH! oh danny, oh my god, that felt so good. I'm such a dirty little slut aren't I?"

"Shhh, The customers are going to hear you! You can't be so loud!"

"Sorry Daddy, I want you to pull out your hard cock and pound me. drive my tits against the door and muffle my moans with a bar towel."

Oh my god, Ashley was a fucking whore! I was in shock and awe and so turned on. So I grabbed a bar towel from the rack and covered her mouth with it in my hand, then unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. she reached back like a seasoned pro and unbuckled my pants, sliding them down behind her. She fumbled for my cock but I beat her to it, and with my free hand pressed it in between her legs. I slid into her, gently, slowly, all the way, pressing her hershey kiss nipples against the door of the closet.

"Mmmmm! Mm my GHHD!!!"

She was still too loud, even with the bar towel in her mouth! I figured It was pointless, so I threw it to the ground.

"Oh daddy. fuck me, fuck me harder please! I'm a dirty whore daddy, fuck me hard as you can!"

I couldn't stop pounding her harder and harder. At one point I had to recharge, so I pulled out, slapped her ass right where the handprint had formed, and picked up her red panties off the ground. I spun Ashley around and kissed her hard, her red lipstick smearing all over my face. I took both her wrists in my left hand and held them over her head against the wall, and lifted her legs up over the counter. then I took her panties and used them to tie her hands to the hook on the shelf above the counter. The "FUCK ME" in red lettering above her pussy was still perfectly intact, but the "DADDY's SLUT" I had written on her tits had smudged and rubbed off. Ashley looked down and giggled.

"You fucked me so hard I'm not daddy's little slut anymore!"

"We can fix that." I said. I took the lipstick and started writing on her tits again, while I read the directions above her pussy and followed them.

"Oh my god! It's so fucking good, What are you writing daddy?"

"You tell me princess."

"D... I...R...T...Y... W...H... O... R... E... oh my god daddy! I'm you're dirty whore now!"

"Fuck yes you are ashley. now get down on your fucking knees, I'm about to cum!"

"I can't! you tied me up to the shelf!"

I had totally forgotten, but I didn't have time to untie her. I pulled out my winekey and cut her panties off the shelf, she jumped down and opened her mouth wide, sticking out her tongue, and started begging for my cum.

"Please daddy, please cum on my slutty little red lips. I keep this pussy tight just for you, you can fuck me in this closet whenever you want, you're the best manager ever!"

I Jerked off in her face, but right before I came, I bent down and wrote one last thing on her forehead.

"Hehehe, okay let me guess... C... U... M... S... L... U... T... hehe, I am! I'm a total cumslut. cum all over my face and my tits Danny, I want it all!"

And I finally did. Most of it landed on her cheeks and her lips. and it dribbled down her chin on to the "DIRTY WHORE" written on her perky breasts. As she stood up and wiped off her face with a bar towel, she looked up at me and smiled.

"That was so much fun. and you totally destroyed my favorite panties! I guess I have to go commando for the rest of my shift. I don't think I should wear a bra either, it got all dirty on the floor."

"Dirty, just like you, isn't that right you little cumslut?"

"Hehe, yes daddy, thanks so much. When you're closing up tonight, I'm gonna suck your cock behind the bar while the last customers trickle out, and you can cum right down my throat."

"Good girl." I said. And we walked out of the closet together.
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