Raised to be a Femdom

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My mom is a dominatrix, she strongly believed that men must be sexually dominated by women.

When I turned 19, my mom called me to her room for a serious talk.

"I know you are not a virgin, Dana." She said. "I know you have had sex for a year already; but some things need to change now. A daughter of mine must be in control."

I blushed. I tried to keep my sexual activity private, but it seems my mom knew all about it.

"I am going to ask you some questions. Give me the honest answers Dana. No hiding. OK?" She asked, looking at me seriously.

I nodded. And the questioning started.

Mom: "Did you ever suck a cock?"

Dana: "Yes."

Mom: "Did you ever swallow the cum that the boy ejaculated?"

Dana: "Well, mom, I... hmmm..."

Mom: "Dana; yes or no?"

Dana: "Yes."

Mom: "Did you ever allow a boy to cum on your body? Anywhere? On your ass, pussy, chest, belly, or legs? Anywhere?"

Dana: "Yes."

Mom: "Did you ever let anyone; and don't lie to me; in your ass?"

Dana: "Yes, mom."

"Well, Dana, you are quite a slut, I must say. I am not against it, don't get me wrong, but you need to be in control of a man, Dana. Completely in control, if you want to have a good life." She added, looking at me seriously.

I was so embarrassed and didn't really know what to say. I was not as dominant as her. I was... well, more normal. I liked sex with me being the pampered girl. I didn't care if the guy came in my mouth or penetrated my ass. I loved it.

Mom knew that. She knew it is not going to be easy to make me sexually dominant. But she had a plan.

"Did you notice Rob, the son of our new neighbors across the street, Dana?" Mom asked me.

"I did, mom."

"He looks nice, right?" She asked.

Rob was 18, like me. He was good looking, a bit girly to be honest. He seemed to be a smart kid, the nerdy type that does not get along with girls.

"Yes, mom. I noticed him. He is cute." I replied.

Mom: "He is a virgin."

Dana: "How do you know that."

Mom: "Trust me, he is the right type for your training. Invite him."

Dana: "Mom, you can not tell me who to go out with."

Mom: "Dana, invite him. I will get you on track and he will be grateful this happened to him."

Dana: "Yes, mom."

I went across the street and knocked on the door. Rob's mom opened it, smiling. I introduced myself and asked her if I can invite Rob to our house. She seemed very happy about it and called him down. He sounded reluctant, but eventually came down.

Rob's mom introduced me and encouraged him to go with me.

"Hi, mom. I am here with Rob, the new boy from across the street. We are going to my room." I shouted, as we entered the house.

"Sure, honey. Have fun." Mom replied.

After about 30 minutes, my mom knocked at the door. "Why don't you go down to the pool, it is so hot today. Show him our pool, Dana."

"Oh, and Rob, underwear is OK. We are not strict about using formal swimsuits." Mom added.

I smiled at Rob and told him I will be in underwear as well, to make him more comfortable. He blushed and followed me to the pool.

We got undressed and jumped right in. My black panties and bra were not too revealing, so I felt very comfortable in them. After a while we went out of the water and sat in the sun.

Suddenly, my mom came out. She was topless and in a tiny white thong and sat right near us. Rob's cock grew hard immediately.It was impossible to hide that.

"Rob, dear. I see I made you hard." My mom said, as she was looking at him.

"So, you like older women? Or, is that because of the way I am dressed? Rob, tell me".

Rob didn't know what to say. He was very shy, but his hard cock was not getting soft and my mom loved being in control.

"Rob, are you a virgin?" Mom asked.

"Yes. Yes ma'am." He silently replied.

"Do you want to go to the bathroom for a few minutes and masturbate? I assume that this is what you do at home, when you get aroused. Don't be shy. Boys your age masturbate. It is OK to talk about it."

Rob nodded.

"How many times a day do you masturbate, Rob?. Tell me." Mom asked him, firmly.

Rob was very embarrassed. He tried to avoid answering.

"I am guessing 4 times a day?" Mom said, and looked at him to see how he reacts. A big smile developed on her face. "I am right, aren't I? It is 4 times."

"Sometimes, 5." Rob said, looking down.

"Good boy." She said. "I am glad you didn't try to lie to me. A boy cannot lie with a hard on, especially if he is a virgin. A woman would detect that lie easily."

"Tell me, Rob. Don't you think that masturbating 4 times, sometimes 5 times a day, is a bit too much?" She asked him, firmly.

"Yes, ma'am." Rob replied, silently.

"What would be the right amount for a virgin boy like yourself? What do you think?" My mom made it hard on him.

"I don't know, ma'am," Rob said.

"Well, if you have a lady in your life, she can decide about that for you. This is how most men know. And it is not 5 times a week, let me tell you that. It is less, much much less, young man."

I started to see why my mom said that you need to be dominant over your man. I felt the power as she was talking with Rob. It aroused me. Mom noticed that. She noticed that Rob is getting confused and obedient and I was getting aroused.

"Dana, do you think you can help Rob? By being the woman that he comes to when he wants to release himself?" Mom asked me, as she smiled at me.

"I think so, mom; if Rob wants me to be." I said.

"Rob? What do you say? Do you want Dana to hold the key to your orgasms?" Mom asked Rob.

"Yes, ma'am." Rob said.

My mom smiled widely. She seemed very pleased. Her words were chosen carefully.

"Dana, Rob, it seems you have a shared responsibility now. Rob will need to get your approval to cum, Dana, and you will hold the key to allow that." Mom said to us. "Don't get me wrong here, the key is real, you can not go back on this".

We both nodded.

Mom stood up, and told us not to move until she returns.

She returned with a black plastic device that looked like a small penis and said, "this will go over your flacid penis and lock it. It will prevent erections and orgasms, and the key will be held by my lovely daughter, Dana."

"We need to get you cleaned up for the cage. Get the underwear off."

Rob was very embarrassed, and seemed a bit stressed, but his hard on was obvious. This aroused him way beyond my mom's exposed breasts and tiny thong. I was soaked and it showed on my panties. The spot between my pussy lips did not dry out like the rest of my panties. My mom was happy to see that. Her plan was working out as she wanted.

Rob removed his underwear. He was hard and leaking precum. He had a bit of pubic hair and my mom said that it needs to be shaved off. She asked me to bring the water hose and run the water over Rob's cock, as she shaved him. The shaved cock looked a bit bigger and sexier, well... also a bit feminine, I loved it.

"Lift your legs up, Rob and hold them with your hands." Mom ordered him.

"Come here, Dana. Lets look at Rob from between his legs." She told me.

"Notice how feminine a boy looks in this position. He has a clit that is very aroused and big and just under it we have his boy pussy. So you see, a boy is very similar to a girl. Now, if he is aroused, we need to stimulate his clit and we can also penetrate his boy pussy." She pulled his hard cock down toward us till the swollen head pointed at us. Rob moaned. She used a finger to stimulate his cock a bit under his hole. She only held the cock pulled like that and moved her finger in a circular motion. Rob's moans became stronger and stronger and after less then a minute, his cum shot out and covered my mom's breasts.

"Good girl, you came so nicely." She said to Rob, as she continued to stimulate that same point. Rob was very hard and it seemed one ejaculation is not going to get him soft. His moans started to get stronger and mom pushed a finger into his ass (oops, sorry, his boy pussy). He shot again right away and more cum covered her. She kept the finger in him and added 2 more to get him to cum the 3rd time and he finally got soft.

"You see, Rob. You see how satisfying it is to have a woman drain your cum? I bet you never came so hard before?" Mom asked.

As he got flaccid, mom looked at Rob and handed him the black cock cage. "Put it in and ask Dana to hold your key".

Rob caged himself very fast, using the running water as lubrication. I became a key holder.

We sat like this for a while, until we dried up. Rob dressed and was about to go home.

"Dana, Rob will come to get his orgasm very quickly. He will think he needs to cum in a few hours. He will barely be able to cope tomorrow morning. You will not grant him an orgasm in the next 2 weeks. This is a rule. And Rob, dear. No playing with your pussy. It is forbidden." She smiled, as she looked at the two of us.

Well, mom was right. Rob called me after 4 hours, to ask to get out of the cock cage. I was soft and supportive and he calmed down. He called again the next morning, desperate, but I encouraged him to hold on.

The 2nd day arrived and he was in tears. I felt so sorry for him. I invited him over to be with me. I hugged him and we kissed a lot. it was nice and it made me feel very sexy. Rob wants to cum so badly and I realized mom is teaching me an important lesson in life. I really felt powerful. I had Rob come over for kissing, every day. I loved it.

I told mom everything. She helped me stay in control.

After a week, I wanted to give Rob some encouragement. So, I asked her about it. She told me to have him over, get him naked in my room and call her. I was very curious, so I did exactly as she said.

"Mom, we are ready, can you come to my room." I called.

Mom instructed Rob to bend over my desk and spread his legs. His balls and caged cock hanging between his legs.

"Rob, if I let Dana treat you, will you accept the punishment for not holding on the full 2 weeks?" Mom asked Rob. He said yes right away.

"Dana, lick Rob's boy pussy in a circular motion." She guided me.

I started licking Rob. He moaned so strongly, it was amazing. I never had a man like this before. He started leaking precum after 5 minutes. His hips moved as if he was fucking the air.

"Stop Dana" Mom's voice put an end to my licking.

Rob was out of control. He moaned and fucked the air. He could not stop. He was desperate to cum. Mom took his balls in her hand and slowly made him stop and relax.

"Did you like that Rob? Did you ever feel so aroused ever before in your life?" Mom asked him.

"It was so amazing, ma'am. But, please, let me cum. Please." Rob cried.

"Oh no, young man. You cannot cum, and you are going to be punished, as you agreed. You just earned yourself another week in the cage. You need to learn to control yourself better, if you want to cum anytime soon." She massaged his balls as she looked into his eyes, telling him that.

Mom left the room and we stayed, hugging each other. I loved the fact that Rob was naked and caged like this.

The 2 weeks passed slowly. Rob was very stressed and horny all the time. He just begged to get a release all the time. It was hard to deny him, but mom helped me to understand the long term benefits. We got very close as well; spending a lot of time together talking, hugging and kissing. I think we slowly fell in love with each other.

At the 3 weeks mark, Rob came over very early. He needed this release. Mom said we will do this in her bedroom, since she has all the needed equipment for this event. I didn't really understand what she meant, but we all went up to her room.

"Please get undressed, the two of you." Mom said.

"Rob, please sit on this chair, so I could restrain you properly."

The chair was quite high, with place to put both arms and legs. Rob was quite exposed. It looked like he was on a gynecologist's chair. I liked the view.

Mom tied his hands and legs to the chair, so he will not be able to move.

"Why are you restraining me like this?" Rob asked my mom.

Mom smiled and explained, "You did not cum for 3 weeks and it is very likely that you will not be able to remember your place, while Dana treats you, so this will keep you under control. And after she is done, this will make it easy to put the cage back on, because I am pretty sure that by now, you think that this is a one-time thing and that the cage is not going to be on you, after you ejaculate."

"This is a process, Rob, to have a man in the right submissive space,it takes a bit of time. You are doing very well, so far, but you have a lot to learn." Mom said, looking at Rob's eyes, softly.

"As for you Dana. Put this on." Mom handed me a strap on harness and helped me secure it to my hips. Then she took out the dildo that connected to it. Wow, it was big. It was 9-inches long. It looked amazing. I felt sexy and strong, wearing the strap-on.

I looked at Rob. He was stressed.

"Look at Rob's cock, Dana. It is pressing the cage, trying to get hard. This is your indication that Rob is aroused and wants whatever you are going to give him. It his not what his face expresses Dana. The cock does not lie. Rob wants to be fucked, like the sissy he is. Deep in his boy pussy." Mom said, as she lubed the strap-on with gel.

"I will let you two love birds have some fun. I suggest you start with the cage on and remove it after Rob shows sings of getting close to orgasm. Make him cum, without touching the cock Dana. It is important. And call me in right after he cums, so I will instruct you in how to continue. Oh, do not clean up the cum." Mom said and left the room.

I got close to Rob; aimed the tip of the strap-on to his ass hole and gently pushed in. Rob moaned, strongly. It took me a few seconds to get all the 9-inches in. Rob tried to move his hips; he wanted this. I was so surprised to see how right mom was. I started to move my hips. I was fucking a guy. It felt amazing.

After 5 minutes, Rob was leaking a lot of precum and moaning like crazy. He was getting close to cumming. I stopped to remove the cage. Rob was HARD. Very HARD. I kept fucking him and after a minute he came. His cum covered his chest completely. I never ever saw so much cum.

I stopped and took my strap-on cock out of his boy pussy and went out to call mom. Mom came in and looked at Rob.

"God lord, Rob. This is a huge amount of cum. Good thing I brought a spoon with me."

Mom took a spoon out and filled it with cum.

"Open your mouth, Rob." Mom said to him. He was surprised, but obeyed her. She fed him a full spoon of cum.

Then, she gave me the spoon to feed him the rest of cum. I fed him 2 more spoons. He didn't like the taste, but I think him and me started to realize what is the meaning of our relationship. He was my sub.

Mom helped me to shave Rob and I put the cage back on him. Then we untied him.

Mom told me to remove the strap-on and asked Rob to put it on. "It is your turn to cum, Dana."

Mom left the room and Rob fucked me with the strap-on. The orgasm was intense. I loved it. I told Rob to do my ass, as well and I came again.

We showered together and came down to eat lunch. Rob was calm after cumming, but it was clear he wanted to know what comes next.

"Rob, dear, did you enjoy your sex with Dana?" Mom asked.

"Yes, ma'am, it was amazing, like never before. Dana is amazing, I love her." Rob said and my heart was filled with pleasure.

"And how did you like your cum? I bet you never tasted it before." Mom asked Rob.

"It is not tasty. I didn't like it. But I knew I had to do it, because you demanded it". Mom and I smiled at each other.

"Because you are such a good boy, Rob, or should I say good girl, you will be granted a supervised jerking opportunity this weekend. Dana and I will guide you and you will obey." Mom said.

I could not wait for the weekend, to learn how to supervise a jerking session. Domination was growing on me.

On the weekend, Rob came over. Mom asked the 2 of us to be naked. She put the strap-on on and said to Rob that he needs to do exactly as she is doing, unless he wants to be punished, of course. She made sure Rob understands that means exactly. I was allowed to masturbate, as I watch.

Mom started jerking her strap-on cock slowly, and Rob copied her moves. She changed speed, and how she touched her cock. Rob was getting close to cumming. When he was right about to explode, she removed her hands. Rob had to do the same. He was moaning heavily and suddenly he shot 3 bursts of cum.

"How do you like your ruined orgasm, Rob?" Mom asked him, smiling.

And again, once he was close she stopped and he came again without touching. He was so frustrated.

"Do you want to cum, Rob?" mom asked him, as if the answer was not obvious. Rob nodded.

"Clean the cum first and then I will see if to let you orgasm." Mom said.

Rob ate all the cum from the floor. He was really in a hurry. It was amazing to see that. He needed to cum so badly, so he just did what she ordered.

Mom started jerking her strap-on and this time, let Rob cum. But she did not stop jerking after the cum and Rob started begging her to stop. He was so sensitive after cumming, this was torture. But mom simply continued. It was so intense to watch. Rob came again. After 5 more torture minutes. Mom stopped.

"Lick the cum, Rob." I ordered him and mom smiled with delight.

Once he was done eating the cum, I asked him to come close. I wanted to put the cage on myself.

As weeks moved on, I learned more and more on how to feminize my boy; how to be always satisfied and happy. Rob was now my boyfriend. We met a lot and had sex games all the time. I liked the fact that he is still a virgin and I had no plan to change this.

Rob was my sub. I was in full control. Mom was right and I am very grateful for the life lesson.
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