Submissive in Training

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Our first texts were tentative, a gentle back and forth of getting to know one another. Steadily the amount of texts we exchanged increased and the topics got a little more suggestive. Your requests for me to 'send nudes' had gone from a downright 'no' to me actually contemplating if I could do that. I had never sent a risqué photo of myself, not even to my husband, and there I was wondering how to capture the best part of me for you. The first picture I sent I waited for you to see the photo and then deleted it from the chat.

The teasing messages continues; until you manage to get through my defences, and I admit to what I really wanted to try but my husband wasn't willing. I wanted to know what it was like to be blindfolded and tied to a bed, to be at the mercy of him as he teased me to within an inch of my life.

But he had drawn a line under trying it so here I was telling you instead. I put my phone on the table, biting my lip. Maybe this time I had gone too far. The phone lights up as you reply.

'I can do that for you if you want?'

We exchange a few more messages, you question what I want, whether I want to have a whip or flogger used on me, or did I want sensual dominance, just toys and play and no pain. My heart is racing as I message back.

'I want you to leave marks on my body from the flogger.'

So, we set a date for the scene.

Throughout the day I find it hard to concentrate, my mind keeps wondering at what you are planning, what was going to happen. As I drive to your house and park up, my heart is racing and my knees feel weak, I don't know how I made it to your door but somehow, I am standing there. I raise my hand and knock. I can hear your footsteps on the other side of the door before it opens. You smile and I step inside.

You look the door and I feel you stand behind me; your hands fall on my shoulders pulling the coat from me, it drops to the floor. Your hands stroke down my arms as your lips nuzzle at my neck. I close my eyes, enjoying the sensation that spreads through my body at the simple touch.

"Are you sure?" You ask.

I open my eyes and nod. "Yes."

"Safe word?"


I cry out as you grab my ponytail and yank my head back, your other hand circles round my throat, squeezing slightly, my breath rushes through my lips as my heart races. Your hand lowers from my throat, cupping my breast, first one then the other. You release me and turn me to face you.

A grin spreads over your face. "Strip for me."

I kick my shoes off first, I unbutton the shirt I am wearing allowing it to fall off my shoulders to the floor. I can't decide if it's the sudden cold air over my bare skin that makes me shudder or the predatory gaze you are aiming my way, either way my fingers fumble as I try to unbutton my trousers. Your fingers help and push the waistband over my hips, they slide down my legs to the floor. I step from them; suddenly shy I refuse to look at you. I swallow past the hard lump in my throat as I unhook my bra.

You push me against the wall, your thumbs brushing roughly over my nipples as you capture my mouth, forcing my lips to open and allowing your tongue entry. I moan against your mouth as your fingers tease my nipples, my back arching towards you. I feel your laugh against my mouth.

"Bend over the sofa." You pull away and guide me to the back of the sofa. "Brace your hands on the back."

I do as I am told as a blindfold is slipped over my eyes. I want to tell you it doesn't matter; my eyes are closed anyway. Your fingers run gently down my spine and I move from their ticklish touch. You place a single kiss on my shoulder blade before my knickers are yanked down and your hand slaps my butt. I jump, shocked at the sudden sharpness of the pain, but also intrigued by the sudden rush of heat flowing through my body, pooling at my centre. Your hand strokes over the spot you had struck. You curl my ponytail around your hand and pull my head back, arching my back slightly. The second strike is harder on the other cheek, before your hand gently caresses it again, reducing the sting of the strike.

"Let's see how wet you are."

I moan as your hand cups my pussy, your fingers pull my lips apart, I feel your finger run the length of me and I push back into your hand.

"So wet." You release my hair and my head tips forward. I feel your breath on my neck. "I can feel how much you like this." Your finger traces figures of eight from my clit and round my opening. "Imagine how much more exciting this will be with a flogger. Stay here."

You move away and I suddenly feel exposed, but I stay there, waiting for what seems an age. Doubt slowly begins to creep up on me. What was I doing here? Was this really the person I wanted to be? My breathing becomes shallow as I worry about what I was starting by being here.

The first strike of the flogger is enough to chase the thoughts from my mind, this was what I wanted, the excitement of feeling the sting of pain lick across my body, that steady glow of warmth flooding through my core. I bite my lip against the groan that wants to escape. Your hand rubs over my butt, smoothly the pain away. The second and third strike happen quickly, one after the other, no soothing caress from your hand this time. I lose count of the strikes, but by the last one I can no longer hold in the cries as the pleasure flows through my body.

"Stand up."

I push myself up straight, hoping you don't notice how my knees shake or how my breathing comes in short gasps. You remove the blindfold and I blink at the sudden brightness of the room. You hold your hand out and I take it. I ignore the slight discomfort of my butt as I follow you. I wonder how red it is.

You lead me to the bedroom, the bed is already set out, restraints at each corner. I look nervously at you, bending over with no restraints were one thing but could I do this? I know this was what I wanted to try, but had my husband been right in saying no.

You brush a strand of hair from my face behind my ear. "Get up on the bed and lie on your back. You know what to say if it gets too much."

I nod and follow your instructions. My head is to the bottom of the bed and you start by fastening my ankles into the restraints first, as you tighten them it pulls my legs open, you run your fingers up the inside of my leg.

"I can see how much you enjoy all this; your body cannot lie to me." You secure one arm then the other. "Are you okay?"


"Have you decided if you want me to fuck you after I have finished teasing you."

I bite my lip and you laugh.

"One step at a time." You grab the blindfold and pull it over my eyes.

I lie there for what seems like hours, waiting, wondering what you are going to do, my skin tingles at the heightened sensation of losing one sense, remembering what you did to me the last time even if it was only moments ago. I try to breath normally. I hear a metal chain and my head turns in your direction. I hear you walking towards me, passing the chain between your hands, teasing me with your new toy.

You stand next to my head and your fingers run lightly over my breasts, you pinch my nipples and I release the breath I didn't know I had been holding. Your tongue replaces your fingers, the warmth of your breath as your suck and tease my nipple makes me sign and I relax.

The sudden shock of the nipple clamp pinching my nipple makes me cry out, your tongue still teases the other and I am stuck between enjoying the sensation of pleasure on one nipple and the heaviness of the clamp on the other. I am not surprised when your tongue is replaced by the other clamp and the cold chain joining them together lies across my stomach.

I feel you climb on the bed, nudging my legs apart as you settle between them. I jump as I feel the wand start up on my clit, the chain is lifted, and I feel a soft tugging on the clamps. I try and move forward to ease the pressure, but the restraints stop me. You release the tension in the chain before pulling it taunt again. Between the aching the clamps cause the slow vibration of the wand it is not long before I am short of breath, small groans escape my mouth, part pleasure, part frustration of wanting more.

The chain is release and you strike across the clamps with the flogger, I try and twist from the sudden sting of the hit. The flogger flicks against my skin again as you turn up the vibration on the wand, my mind shuts down as my body reacts to the sudden onslaught of sensations. My skin tingles in anticipation as the first wave of pleasure passes through my body, settling low in my stomach as I get closer to orgasm. My breathing comes in short, shallow gasps between my moans. My hands have twisted around the restraints and I hold onto the rope as though it is holding me in place.

You pull the wand away and the build-up to my first orgasm suddenly stops.

"You shit," I hiss breathlessly, trying to wriggle my body anywhere to get the release it had been promised.

Your finger rubs my clit, too softly for my liking before sliding into my wet pussy. I can feel your hot breath on the inside of my leg as you kiss from my knee to my core. All the time your finger slides slowly in and out. You slide another finger in and I groan, your tongue flicks over my clit and I thrust my hips up.


I didn't care. "Fuck me," I beg.

Your fingers slowly slide from me and are replaced by the head of your cock. You pull at the chain to the clamps as you slide your cock into me. I tip my head back groaning as you slide out and thrust hard back into me. It is not long before I feel the pleasure building again, I thrust my hips towards you, the heat now building to a fire wanting to release from my body. I can't help the shout that passes my lips as I orgasm, my body tingles in pleasure as you continue to fuck me. You groan as you pull from me and I feel your hot cum squirt over my stomach.

"Stay still."

I can't do anything more as my body recovers. I feel you move from the bed and my ankles and wrists are released, but still I cannot move, my body feels too weak. You wipe the cum from my stomach gently before removing the clamps and blindfold.

I squint up at you. "Hi," I say shyly.

You hold your phone up showing the picture you took of me. "You wanted to see yourself marked."

I look at the picture, the red marks over my breasts, the cum over my stomach, I like seeing myself like that. I bite my lip and push myself into a sitting position wincing only slightly from the abuse.

"When can we do it again?"

"Next time I won't be so gentle."

I grin. "I'm counting on it."
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