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This takes place after the Wanda Chi-Town stories and "Big Headlights"


As a favor, Julie had agreed to train his friend Jacob Harper in boxing. Jacob wasn't really interested in competing, he was really just interested in keeping fit. Jacob had been locked up in county jail at the same time as Julie. Jacob's father was a prominent attorney famous for championing liberal causes. When Jacob had been busted with a small amount of weed the powers that be had taken the opportunity to house the young college student with the roughest charges in county lockup at the time. It was payback for is father costing some important people money.

While in lockup Jacob had been predictably targeted by a dangerous pod mate who had every intention of shanking him in the showers. Jacob being a suburbs kid had no way of defending himself against the hard-edged thugs he found himself jailing with. Julie was also a suburban kid too but made up for it with eighteen years of boxing training and a freakishly strong physical prowess. Julie stood up for Jacob and in the process smashed the face in of an up and coming drug dealer making a powerful enemy for life.

On the flip side, Julie had earned Jacob's friendship and the services of his father Stetson Harper.

Stetson's partner in the crusade for justice was a black lawyer named Gideon Bench. They were best friends in law school and both had sons the same year who had grown up as close to brothers as possible. Gideon's Son Solomon trained with Jacob under Julie's watch. While Jacob shared the crusading spirit of their fathers Solomon was a little more business-minded. Jacob wanted to go to work for the fathers' firm, while Solomon was headed for the prosecutor's office to learn the tricks of the trade so he could counter later when he became a high paid defense attorney.

Both were fit enough to compete in the ring. Jacob might have really had a chance to make some money with his long reach and solid jab. Solomon was kind of on the short side for a boxer. Although he had a very strong physique his muscles didn't translate into punching power. Neither one of them had much stomach for taking punches. They were both on the prettier side of good looking. Jacob had kind of a blonde-haired surfer boy look. Solomon had a smooth well-groomed appearance. Neither had a hard time attracting the ladies.

Julie had them doing alternating one-minute drills on the heavy bag when his wife Wanda and her cousins Tanya and Diana entered to pick their daughter Alexis up after Wanda's nursing classes.

"Wow, I thought silicon valley was in California." Solomon said when he saw the size of the breasts on the trio of ladies.

Jacob tried to signal his friend to stop by shaking his head but he was way too distracted by the boobs to notice.

"Huh?" Julie asked not getting the joke.

"With tits that big you know, they can't be real. I wonder if they got a group rate on implants." Solomon laughed.

"I'm pretty sure those are all real." Julie said with a slight smile that let Jacob know he wasn't mad that Solomon was commenting on his wife.

"No offense Julie, but you should stick to fighting cause you don't know shit about titties." Solomon said.

"Really, I'll bet you anything those girls all have natural boobs." Julie said looking at Jacob with a knowing look.

"A hundred bucks says not only are they fake but you don't have the balls to ask a single one of those girls." Solomon replied.

"You're on." Julie said as Jacob couldn't hide a giggle.

Solomon was stunned when Julie pointed at Wanda and yelled.

"Hey you, girl, come over here a second." Julie yelled across the crowded gym.

Wanda gave him a confused look but complied with her husband's request. Wanda stopped in front of the group at the heavy bag.

"I don't mean to be forward but can you clear something up for us? My friend here thinks you and your friends have implants. Can you straighten him out?" Julie asked.

"What am I supposed to do let him cop a feel to see if I'm artificial?" Wanda asked.

"You can tell by feeling them?" Julie asked.

"You're such a virgin." Wanda kidded him.

"She's got your number." Solomon laughed.

"I can shut her up anytime I want." Julie said.

"Really?" Solomon and Wanda asked at the same time.

"Jinx. Now you got to buy me....." Solomon said before being cut off by Julie grabbing Wanda's arm and pulling her in for a kiss.

Wanda didn't love when Julie acted overly macho but he was usually well behaved enough that she could let it slide every once in a while and just enjoy the kiss.

"Virgins don't kiss like that, do they?" Julie asked.

Solomon looked confused by what was unfolding in front of him.

"Sol, I'd like you to meet my baby momma, Wanda. Wanda this is Solomon Bench he's Jacob's brother." Julie said.

"Brother?" Wanda asked noting the obvious difference.

"My brother from another mother." Jacob said with a grin at the old joke.

"Well, your dad likes to sample from the whole crayon box then." Wanda said with a playful smile.

"Alexis is up in my dad's office sleeping. My mom just got back with her from buying party stuff." Julie said.

"O.k. hun." Wanda replied.

"You know my mom really wants you to come." Julie said to Jacob.

"Come to what?" Solomon asked.

"My mom is turning 40 on the 14th." Julie answered.

"Your moms a Valentine's baby?" Solomon asked.

"Yeah, that's how she got her name." Julie said.

"I thought her name was Tina?" Jacob said quizzically.

"It's actually Valentina." Julie explained.

"Oh, I didn't know that." Jacob said.

"Anyway, she has been bugging me about you since the wedding. She thinks you're a good influence on me." Julie said getting back on topic.

"This guy?" Solomon asked gesturing at Jacob with his thumb.

"He's a respectable guero (white) lawyer." Julie said.

"Law school student." Solomon corrected.

"In my family, he might as well be the Pope." Julie said.

"Your mom sounds easy to impress." Solomon said.

"I wish. So, Jacob, my mom is turning forty this year and is going all out. She really wants you to come. My pop is letting her throw a huge bash. It's going to be a mess of aunts cooking up a storm, tequila and salsa dancing." Julie continued.

"Sounds like fun." Solomon said.

"You can come too if you drag this guy with you." Julie responded.

"Are your wife and her two friends going to be there?" Solomon asked.

"Sol! You're gonna get your ass kicked." Jennings sad stunned.

"What?" Solomon asked.

"Asking about Julie's wife's breasts like that." Jennings said.

Dude, her two friends are the two babes she came in with. But you can tell where your head is at for sure." Solomon replied.

"Those are her cousins, Tanya is the dark one and Diana is the other one. And yeah, they are gonna show up for sure. My wife will make them go." Julie replied.

"Then we'll be there for sure." Solomon said.

"For the sake of being honest, Tonya is seeing somebody." Julie said.

"Not for long if I have anything to say about it." Solomon cracked.

"She's dating my boss." Julie said.

"You can't keep your mouth shut can you?" Jennings said shaking his head.

On the day of the party the atmosphere was kind of unusual. Ceasar had invited several of the fighters from the gym to the party. They were having an odd effect on the festivities. The large men who fed on violence were giving off a weird sexual energy. They were way too into the salsa dancing female members of the family. On more than one occasion Ceasar or Julie had to pull a fighter off an unwilling cousin or niece.

Julie's mom Tina was not happy about the behavior of Ceasar's guests. It was fairly obvious that Julie was going to end up fighting someone before the day was over. The tension was becoming more and more obvious as the party wore on. Julie was less upset about the dirty dancing with his family members than he was about the fighters ruining his mother's birthday party. That Ceasar didn't put his foot down and ask the rowdy boxers to leave the party was really making Tina mad.

It was into this atmosphere that Jacob and Solomon entered the party. They knew several of the boxers from the gym and didn't sense the change in energy in the air. They had never been around the fighters when they had been drunk and on the make.

Wanda and her cousins Tanya and Diana came in about twenty minutes later. The addition of the busty trio of black women was like dropping blood into a shark tank. Wanda didn't drink but her cousins were eager to start the evening off right. Margaritas quickly filled their hands as they made their way through the party. Every few feet they were stopped with an invitation to dance or take a shot of tequila. While the trio would have preferred hip hop music the driving Latin beat coming from the speakers was starting to have an effect.

Tanya wasn't worried about her relationship with Julie's boss. She was perfectly capable of shutting down any unwanted advances on the dance floor.

Julie had gained a quiet respect from the fighters in the gym since he had dismantled a former world champion in a street fight. Where before it was possible to write him off as just the son of the boxing gym's owner, now it was pretty hard to dismiss his tough-guy credentials. No one would be foolish enough to press up on Wanda while Julie was around.

That left Diana. While she was single and open to new experiences the boxing gym guys weren't really her type. The hyper-masculine alpha male macho type guys just didn't do it for her. She never really understood what her cousin Wanda saw in Julie. Sure he had big muscles and he made her feel safe but he had big scars and no real interests outside of boxing and his job as a bounty hunter.

Unfortunately for Diana she had caught the eye of one of the fighters from the gym. Diana remembered him from Julie's bachelor party. The trio had provided the entertainment because Julie wouldn't permit any real strippers at the party. This particular fighter had gotten several lap dances from Diana. It crossed the line from fun to creepy. Diana might have found it mildly flattering but the fighter jumped at the opportunity to get a lap dance from her sister too once he realized her damaged thong would probably come apart during the crotch grinding.

Diana shuddered as she recalled the fighter grabbing her hips and forcing her to grind on his erection. She barely managed to escape his lap before he blasted a load in his pants.

Julie's friend Solomon the law student didn't know about anything from the bachelor party and didn't notice the intense creepy vibe the rejected fighter was giving off as he watched Diana on the dance floor. Solomon was just too distracted by the breasts. Ever since the three cousins had come by the gym Solomon had been thinking about the trio's breasts. He had almost become consumed with getting his hands on a couple of them.

Tanya had already shot him down. Solomon could read women well enough to tell he had no chance with her. Diana became the focus of his attention. He did not realize how much his dancing with Diana was upsetting the fighter who had become so infatuated with her. After a particularly close grind session on the dance floor, he asked Diana to step outside with him so they could talk.

On his way to the door, he received a stiff shoulder check from the rejected fighter. The move was so blatant he couldn't mistake it for an accident.

"Excuse you." Solomon said to the fighter.

"Fuck you. Watch where you're going." the fighter said to him stepping into his personal space.

Solomon was not street smart enough to realize how outmatched he was by the fighter staring him down. Solomon went to shove the fighter out of his face. Before his hands could make contact with the fighter's chest., the fighter came over his hands with a double jab and right cross.

Solomon had never been hit by a guy who knew how to plant his feet for maximum power. He was stunned by how hard the fighter punched. The only thing that kept him on his feet was the wall he bounced off of. The fighter then went low ripping a hook to his chest. Solomon crashed to his knees with all the air leaving his lungs. He thought he was about to die when he was hit again in his unguarded face.

His friend Jacob latched on to the fighter's neck in a chokehold. It was enough of a distraction to keep Solomon from getting his head caved in. Jacob didn't have a good enough hold to keep the fighter from ripping an elbow into Jacob's ribs. Jacob released his chokehold and ate a five punch combo that left him bleeding from his left eye. Still he refused to take a step back and risk the fighter returning his attention to his still on his knees best friend Solomon.

Just as the fighter was about to start another combination on Jacob, Julie caught his fist with his right hand. Julie stepped forward and brought a left uppercut from the floor that took the fighter off his feet when it landed on his chin.

Diana was screaming and covered in Jacob's blood as Julie was separated from the out on his feet fighter. Jacob and Diana went out to the garage bathroom to get Jacob cleaned up.

"That was pretty brave of you to step in like that." Diana said to him as she dabbed his face with tissue paper.

"I had to he was gonna hurt my brother." Jacob said.

"That other guy is your brother?" Diana asked with the predictable disbelief of everyone who heard the continual brother from another mother joke Jacob and Solomon made.

"Solomon's and my dad were best friends in college and law partners. We basically grew up together. He's my best friend." Jacob said skipping the standard brother from another mother joke, not wanting to do a bit for this girl he was realizing was more pretty by the second.

"You're dads are lawyers?" Diana asked.

"Yeah, my dad is sort of Julie's lawyer. That's how we got the invite." Jacob replied.

"I hear your dad's pretty good. He supposedly saved Julie's ass once or twice." Diana said.

"It's the least we could do since Julie literally saved my ass in county lock up." Jacob said.

"What do you mean?" Diana asked.

"I got locked up with some pretty rough guys. As you could see from before I'm not really a fighter." Jacob answered.

"More of a lover I'm guessing." Diana quipped looking at Jacob's blue eyes.

"Ummm..." Jacob started distracted after noticing how close to his chest Diana's massive breasts hung.

Diana noticed his nervousness as a line of sweat ran down his cheek. Jacob felt his cock harden in his slacks. Despite his liberal background and close friendship with Solomon, Jacob had no experience with black women.

In the small bathroom, Jacob couldn't help poking Diana with his erection. Diana was only surprised for a second. Her hand found its way to his cock. It seemed smaller than what she was used to but she was more impressed with his bravery in taking on a trained fighter to protect his friend.

Jacob's eyes were wide with shock. He couldn't believe this was happening. He had always been an admirer of Julie's wife Wanda and her amazing rack and had gotten off on her and her cousins' performance at the bachelor party. He had masturbated several times to the memory of their giant tits but had never seriously entertained the thought of being with one of them. Now as his hand approached Diana's massive right breast he was in extasy.

Diana sucked air through her teeth as Jacob cupped the bottom of her huge breast.

Jacob locked his thin lips with Diana's full pouty lips. their tongues swirled around each other as Jacob moaned in her mouth. Diana arched her neck away from his lips and Jacob took the cue to trail a line of slow kisses down her throat.

Diana was stunningly wet when his tongue hit her collar bone and his chin grazed the tops of her full chest. Jacob tugged her scoop neck blouse under her left tit. His eyes bugged at the hint of areola peeking out of the edge of her red bra cup. Diana started to get annoyed at him for stretching her blouse when his tongue hit the dark puckered edge of her cocoa nip. The heat hit her and sent a shiver through her body.

Diana pulled her bra cup under her massive tit and Jacob pounced on her thick nipple. Diana felt her pussy tighten as Jacob rolled his tongue over her engorged tip. Diana had a mini orgasm from the breast play. Jacob was her first white partner and she was stunned by how fast she had gotten heated up from the attention her breasts were receiving. She was far from a virgin but the black guys she had always been with were way more into her ass.

"Not in the bathroom." Diana said prying Jacob off her chest.

"Baby I kinda need you now." Jacob said.

Diana pulled Jacob out of the bathroom and into the garage. Jacob tried the back door to the Cadillac and was pleased to find the door unlocked.

"After you." Diana said.

"Oh no, ladies first." Jacob replied.

"Age before beauty." Diana said with a smile.

"Do you know if I'm older than you or not?" Jacob asked.

"Do you want to continue this conversation or do you want to get in the car?" Diana asked.

"Point taken." Jacob said climbing into the back seat of the car.

Diana followed him and pushed him to his back. Diana straddled his pelvis. Jacob slid his hands under her blouse and caressed her giant breasts under her bra. Diana reached for Jacobs belt and fly.

As Jacob kneaded her huge tits, Diana pulled her panties to the side under her skirt and placed Jacob's hard member at the entrance to her pussy. She meant to tease Jacob by slowly gliding down his shaft but he couldn't control himself and violently thrust up.

Diana gasped as she took Jacob's entire shaft all at once. She had no chance to recover before Jacob again hammered his member in and out. Jacob had a driving intense style of lovemaking she hadn't expected.

Not one to back down from a challenge Diana began thrusting back with all the force she could manage in the cramped back seat. Diana was surprised at how fast she was approaching orgasm. it usually took longer for her to get worked up.

As Jacob showed no signs of letting up after she had climaxed Diana was quickly dragged over the finish line again. Jacob continued to plug away.

Diana wanted to push Jacob over the edge and peeled her shirt and bra off. She reached over her head and switched on the car's dome light. Now her huge breasts were out in their full glory.

It was at this point that Wanda walked into the garage. Her cousin was lit up by the car's interior light. The occupants didn't notice Wanda standing in the shadows.

Wanda was surprised at how turned on she was at the sight of her cousin riding a man. She was unbelievably jealous. Julie never let her ride like that. While Julie was a masterful lover Wanda was always in the passive role when it came to sex. As she watched and longed to make love with the control her cousin showed, Wanda found herself fondling herself under her loose sundress.

She imagined herself grinding on Julie the way her cousin rode Jacob. As she was doing this she was spun to her side and lifted into the workbench she was standing next to.

Wanda found her self staring into the star-shaped eyes of a luchador wrestling mask Julie's dad had been gifted years ago.

"Make a noise and they will know you were watching." a man whispered behind the mask.

Wanda's dress was pulled up over her chest. The masked man roughly mauled her bare chest with soft hands.

Wanda was in shock. She didn't want to alert her cousin to her presence. A finger worked it's way into Wanda's panties.

"Christ, you're wet." the man whispered to Wanda's shame.

The man took her hand and placed it around his erect cock.

"Stroke it." he ordered in her ear.

Wanda shook her head no. The man pulled her panties to the side and placed his cock at the entrance to her womanhood.

"I'm getting off one way or the other. You can jerk me off or you can get stuffed it's your choice." the man whispered as he pressed against her pussy.

Wanda wrapped her hand around his erection and started pumping dryly. The man stopped her and pulled her hand to her mouth.

"Spit." he commanded.

Wanda didn't understand and shook her head.

"Fine, I know how to lube up." the man whispered rubbing his hard-on against the slickness of her vagina.

Wanda shuddered as his cock brushed her swollen clitoris.

"Next time you don't do what I say, I'm gonna cram this to the base." the man threatened as the tip penetrated her lips ever so slightly.

Wanda gasped as she thought the whole thing was coming. The man pulled her hand back to his now slick shaft.

"Stroke." he commanded again.

Wanda complied. She heard a soft moan escape from under the mask as her hand went back and forth. The man returned his attention to Wanda's huge tits. Wanda stifled a pained squeal as he twisted her nipple.

Wanda paused from the pain and the masked man thrust an inch inside her. Wanda's eyes went wide with shock wondering when this actually crossed the line from a hand job to actual sex.

"Next time you stop, its going all the way in." The masked man threatened pressing just a little further so she knew he was serious.

Wanda felt her resistance slacken like her body wanted to take the masked man. He almost slipped past the half way mark before he was able to pull back out.

"Damn, you're wet." Whispered the man in her ear.

Wanda's hand was now gliding rapidly over his shaft. Wanda was shocked by how well lubricated she had gotten his cock.

From the car, Diana arched her back in orgasm. Her massive chest stuck way out.

"Holy shit, the girls in your family have huge tits." the masked man said to Wanda.

Wanda knew she should be offended, but she couldn't resist the urge to spread her legs wider.

"Oh shit!" the masked man exclaimed as he accidentally buried his erection all the way to the base.

Diana heard the man and saw two people in the shadows of the garage. She screamed at getting caught. The masked man ran out a side door lighting up Wanda on the work bench.
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