Poppers at the Adult Book Store

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Kendra Massive

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No one in this story is under legal age.

I have been to the Book Store several times. I would get sucked and I had sucked some cock and eventually got fucked. The police would raid the place so getting fucked or fucking might end up with a night in jail.

I remember one day a man came into the booth It was after the touch and feel his pants and underwear dropped to the floor. He was on his thirties I was in my twenties. He also handed me a little brown bottle and told me to sniff it. Always the adventurer I took the top off smelled the peculiar odor. He said it would get me relaxed. He took it back from me and said this is how you do it. He put bottle up to his nose and put a finger on the nostril that did not have the bottle, inhaled deeply and then held his breath for as long as he could. It was my turn again. I put the bottle up to my nose and inhaled with finger pressing opposite nostril. I held my breath. Oh my I was not ready for what was coming. It got dark, I felt hot, light headed and my heart was racing. It only lasted few minutes however, in those few minutes it was pure bliss. I took his six inch cock and sucked it. I was dizzy but coherent enough to finish what I had started. He came a good bit.

The more I used it the better I could learn how to use it for maximum benefit. I also looked it up and it also is supposed to help relax the sphincter muscle. This was a different day. I met a guy in his forties, I was in my thirties. He was definitely a top was putting his hands on me and really rubbed my butt. He slid his hand down my pants and cupped my behind. I pre lubricated myself. He pulled out the popper. He gave it to me I could see a bulge in his pants. I grabbed the bulge and started rubbing while i was inhaling, I handed him the bottle and continued holding my breath. I was lightheaded and dizzy. He did the same he gave the bottle back to me. He had at least a seven inch cock and it was thick with a smaller mushroom head. I kept sniffing the bottle as he kept pushing his head further in me. It still hurt initially when he got past sphincter he started pumping in and out. Faster and faster. It started to feel good. He said Im going to cum and I pushed back and he blew his load in me.

There is a rush when a person, you do not know, comes to a booth with glory holes or stand alone rooms and want to have casual sex. The poppers have more than once helped me with butterflies.

After the police raids had came to a temporary halt.

I went to the bookstore. They had remodeled the rooms. They added private rooms with no video equipment. There was a tall man in his fifties as was I that would put a dollar in a machine turn it on gay porn stand outside the door of booth and play with his cock. We made eye contact, he followed me to the booth. I went down on my knees. He unzipped his pants pulled his underwear down revealing a six inch cock. While he was pulling down his pants I pulled out the popper inhaled held it got dizzy. I took his cock in my hand it started getting hard rapidly. I in my him in my mouth and went down to the base, wet sucking he was moaning he came in no time. Another figure had come to the room to see what we were doing. The man was in his sixties He was stroking his cock. He was on his sixties I was in my fifties. I sucked his average sized cock and finally he came. While I was taking care of him another chap in his thirties was watching and stroking when I swallowed he stepped up. He was short, however he had a good seven inch with a thick cock. He went for a few minutes, he had precum that would come and go. Finally he came and came a good load. He patted me on the back and told me that was awesome. I began to feel like I was going to suck the entire population at the Book Store.

Another day a different Book Store. I bought the ticket and got the tokens went through the beaded doorway. There was a lighted box that had the boxes to the movies that were playing in the booths. It was busy and I had a few drinks before I had gotten there. Saw a man come out of a booth he was in his forties and I was in my forties as well . He had started balding right on top. He was taller than me. He went into another booth as he was closing the door he motioned for me. I quickly went to the door and entered. He locked the door behind me. This booth had no glory hole which gave us more privacy. He put some tokens in and I did as well. The movie started up. He moved closer to me and I could see a bulge in his slacks. He pushed on my shoulders and I went to my knees. He unzipped and unbuckled his slacks pulling them off as well as underwear and put them on the seat. His cock was much bigger than mine and was thicker.

He put his cock in my mouth and it went back further in my throat than most. He was teaching me to deep throat He told me to take a breath and relax my throat because of my gag reflex. I had to learn how to breathe while his cock was down to the base and his balls would hit my chin when he was fucking my throat. This went on for minutes. He finally started getting rigid and I knew he was going to cum. And came he did down my throat. No resting in between he picked me up and started undoing my pants and pulled them down as well as underwear. I was glad I always pre lubed before he put his cock in my ass. I grabbed the poppers and took a drag and held my breath. He pushed and let it sit, pushed more and let it sit, when he was past my sphincter he started pumping me. It hurt initially and then started feeling good. He totally obliterated my ass. I was pushing back and enjoying the ride. He was. Pumping in and out feverishly and I was telling him " Oh yes." He finally came inside me.

Now when I use poppers it smells like sex to me. It helps with the butterflies of meeting people well as gets me horny and relaxes my sphincter.
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