Jane - Clamped, Tied, and Tailgunned

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Jane knew that this was an order, not a request. She unfastened the buttons of her white shirt, then shimmied out of her denim skirt and panties as one, allowing them to drop to the floor. She felt self -conscious. The clamps held her nipples erect, the Y shaped chain connecting them, the single part descending to her clit which was also clamped. The Count looked on and smiled.

Earlier in the pub, he had reached between the buttons of her shirt, found the chain and tugged, leading her as they left. The other drinkers had looked on astonished as her breasts were elongated by the tautness, the extra tug on her clit had her senses swimming. They had kissed passionately in the street, the Count's hand goosing her pussy which was swimming from the stimulation the clit clamp was giving. He had promised her a good fucking when they returned. It had seemed to take ages before they arrived back at the hotel. But it is all in the expectation, isn't it?

"Put on the blindfold, and lay face down on the bed."

Jane knew that this was an order, not a request. Naked, she felt exposed.

"Spread those legs. I said spread them. Wider you slut. Don't pretend that you have not had enough practice."

She now felt very exposed. Her pussy and starfish were on show. Which did he want? What new humiliation did he have in store? The blindfold ensured total darkness. Total vulnerability.

A hand grabbed her left ankle. She felt a strap being buckled, then the tautness of the rope as it tightened against the bedstead. Obediently she offered her other leg, then her hands. The Count worked quickly. Soon she was rendered totally helpless.

She heard it first, a shrill rushing sound, then she felt it, the sharp sting of a cane across her buttocks. She tried to move, to escape, but she couldn't. Four more strikes bit into her butt. At first she had felt pain. Then fear as she struggled to escape. Then a sense of rising euphoria, an euphoria that needed completion, that could only be satisfied by a man. A man with a stiff cock.

"Did you like that? You took that well. Now I have something else for your ass, something that you want, that you want badly."

She felt him climb on the bed, heard him slick his cockhead with his spit, then felt the pressure as he pushed against her starfish. Then drove home, without warning, but with a lust filled grunt.

"All the men in that pub wanted you. What sort of slut goes into a bar without a bra and wearing nipple clamps? They were so hard and protruding you could have hung a coat hanger on them. You should have seen the looks on their faces as I pulled on your chain. They all wanted you. Perhaps we should go back now and I can auction you off for a back alley shag. You would like that wouldn't you?"

All the time he was fucking her ass. He reached under body and tugged at the chain, pulling at the clit clamp.

"Jeez, yes, Count. Let them gang bang me. As many as want me. Let me be the whore I am. Oh, fuck, I am cumming."

That took the Count over the edge, Jane slumped forwards still spasming. He withdrew, and sprayed his load all over Jane's ass.

"You dirty bitch, there's a lot more for you to experience before I am finished with you."

Jane simply lay there. Tied. Blindfolded. Five thin welts rising across her ass cheeks. She heard his voice come nearer, then felt the ties loosen. Her blindfold came off, but the room was darkened. The Count lay naked on the bed next to her, a smug smile on his face. The smile of a man who had taken what he wanted. His hand reached over and gently rubbed the pool of spunk across the stripe marks. Soothing her. His cockhead glistened with spunk and anal fluid, his cock now semi-stiff. And she was overwhelmed with emotion for this ma. This masculine male, with soft body hair, and a power she had never previously experienced.

She nuzzled into his chest, her soft breasts pressed against him, then started licking his nipples. Instinctively she reached down, cupped his balls, then started to wank his cock. It immediately began to respond in her hand. She knew it would not be long before it was in her pussy. She wanted that.

"Good girl."

He had her now.
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